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  1. you will get a refund back to your card for unused RC visa rewards
  2. Honestly, even ships that do have freestyle machines, I rarely use them, but I only drink Diet Coke when I get Soda. There are far more Bars on a ship than the freestyle machines
  3. Not really a hidden Gem, but the campfire cookie at Playmakers is my favorite. and Ben and Jerry's Ice cream on Liberty!
  4. I was on liberty in July - yes the screen was broken, but I would hardly say the ship was in a state of disarray. It definitely could use a refurbishment, but its condition was fine to me and I still had a great time aboard.....
  5. wonder if you have an FCC from a cancelled cruise that was booked with a TA, but your next cruise you self booked on the website. I wonder how you could use the FCC towards a payment on the self-booked cruise? I guess call?
  6. I only got the Emerald one in my cabin. First cruise as a Diamond and I never got that one either. I went to the Diamond Lounge and asked for it and she gave me the pin.
  7. definitely. I travel a lot both for work and personally so the lounge access is a big plus!
  8. My Amex card reimburses me for TSA PreCheck so it really doesn't cost me anything
  9. read this - everything about Galveston in one place!!
  10. you don't actually need a reservation for MTD, you can show up and be seated as soon as a table is available. but Reservations guarantee you may not have to wait very long.
  11. That is what I do. If they have the openings it won't be a problem. Idid have an issue a few months ago where the only reservation times I could get were around 9:00 pm. and I was at the kiosk at 11:30 am
  12. I have apple Air tags on my luggage. Easily tracked by the "Find MY" app on my phone.
  13. I tested positive in May also. I took 3 antigen tests since and all have been Negative. I cruise on July 17th
  14. I would definitely prefer Playmakers, they have a good variety of food: Nachos, burgers, chicken sandwich, wings etc. and two awesome deserts, the Campfire Cookie and a massive ice cream sunday
  15. I rather enjoyed Saturday Night Fever on Liberty, Mama Mia was good for the music but the story is corny.
  16. I am doing TA Next April on Odyssey. I Think that will be perfect for a Trans Atlantic.
  17. Agreed! Just got mine yesterday for my 7/17 sailing!
  18. the campfire cookie, nuff said
  19. I never even bothered looking for a studio cabin. I cruise solo and just book a regular room. I like the additional space...
  20. yup, either the 22nd, 23rd or 24th
  21. According to the App for this weeks sailing it is open from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
  22. true. I know when I had Covid last month, I had the symptoms for 2 days before I tested positive (I used home tests each today until it popped positive.
  23. MIne just opened on 6/6 for a 7/17 cruise
  24. Ive never had to make reservations for Playmakers. I don't think they take them...
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