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  1. pretty sure there is bingo every day. I am not Sure of the cost though.
  2. Personally the water and cookies are good enough for me, not worth calling in for anything different
  3. that looks like the Izumi sushi menu for kids
  4. I have but only days 4-7 as I didn't get days 1-3. These are from 2 weeks ago
  5. Best thing to do is google ship name and deck plans! this will show you where the cabin is on the deck you are looking at.. hope this helps!
  6. I was just on liberty and it AMAZED me how many people were vaping wherever they wanted to, usually at bars such as the english pub and schooners. and one person who was vaping at the pub was complaining how people were not following the rules at adventure ocean!!
  7. I am also on this sailing. I am also solo, as I usually am. I am still rehabbing from knee replacement surgery a couple of months ago. This will be my first time on Liberty.
  8. the last two times I went to Izumi Hibachi, I was NOT charged the 10 dollars. not sure why though
  9. yup, I have the same issues at my office restroom
  10. yes, never a problem getting a reservation, just may not get the time i wanted. Last cruise on Wonder, all I could get was 9:00 pm every night
  11. ha! the two places I went to required them, a cheese shop and a rum distillery
  12. We needed them last month for indoor locations, such as stores and restaurants...
  13. plus it sounds like they missed the boat
  14. cabins are usually ready by 1 or 2 o'clock
  15. I thought it was very good! I went there twice last week
  16. I am booked! I made the booking on my own, but will Transfer to Kelley at MEI as soon as she email's me!
  17. Impressive - I also had full knee replacement in December, and was concerned that my Cruise in March (12 weeks post surgery) would be a challenge. looking back, I shouldn't have been worried as at 12 weeks, I was about 95 percent healed and had no limitations on any activities (except running, and high impact type stuff). My leg was still "tired" after a long day or a lot of walking on board and on excursions. It never occurred to me that there was a service to help someone in your situation! glad you had a good time!
  18. My first time having reservation issues with the dining package was last week on Wonder. I had an 11:30 boarding time and was at Giovanni's at about 11:50. the earliest reservation I could get for dinner was 8:30 any night, most nights I was only able to get 9:00 pm. This was across the board for any of the restaurants I was trying to book. I am not in Favor of eating dinner that late, but it was my only choice last week.
  19. the starboard side aft elevator bank on Wonder was awful last week...
  20. I was just on that sailing and that is about the same as what I was told - I asked at the front desk and they told me 4975 with about 1000 kids.
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