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  1. Thanks for this ....reading your blog has made me soooo ready for my cruise tomorrow ...it is easy to forget those silly/weird moments when people watching that make you laugh at how different we all are
  2. We have been Royal Caribbean before and loved it but we have not been on such a large ship before, we are willing to try them all though before judging which type we prefer...I must admit we love the Radiance class ships.. but who is complaining when we get to sail the seas and enjoy ourselves
  3. Thank you for your blog @Neesa It was fun sailing along with your family,I admire your positive outlook and wish you happy hunting for your next adventure
  4. I am so sorry at your news.You may want to consider your vulnerability to contracting Covid whilst on the ship ...it may delay your treatment when you get off due to lowered immunity if you have to have chemo/radiation.as @smokeybandit says your doctor is the only person to guide you with this decision..stay well
  5. Its all a bit circular with CAS points, thanks @twangster for your explanations ,I rang Royal in the end and was told it was lucky I did because my CAS no. was linked to my husbands but because I booked with his no. they would probably change the primary guest to his name as @AshleyDillo said earlier.I cannot imagine my adult daughters reaction in finding she was sharing a room with her dad Anyway alls well that ends well..The booking was linked to his account email (apparently Royal gets confused with conflicting email accounts ,it doesn't really matter so long as my girl and I get our cruise time together
  6. Thanks for your help I booked sailing under his no but put myself and daughter down as passengers ie 2 guests only... I have not received confirming email yet and deposit is pending in banking account so I will contact them on Monday if things do not progress
  7. I booked this in his name then put myself and daughter as guests it has accepted booking so
  8. I have just tried to book another cruise for my daughter and I using my C&A and it says it is invalid... but recognises onboard when I am onboard for next set sail when travelling with my husband...should I book this in his name then put myself and daughter as guests or just ring them and book .
  9. Could anybody tell me please, if I cruise with my daughter but not with my husband (for once)will his C&A be the same as mine next time we cruise together, or will his points always be lower than mine?
  10. We have been in countdown mode since our previous cruises were cancelled (due to the rona) hope you two have a great time
  11. I have booked this GS with large balcony on Ovation leaving in 13 days ,I think I may have a better experience than @WAAAYTOOO because it will be summer in OZ and DH and I plan to fully utilise the extra space on the balcony for mandatory nanna naps and room service breakfast /meals and If I do not get a lounger I certainly will request one
  12. I agree with you both and I am definitely #TeamRadiance I love these ships, they are elegant and the crew are special
  13. I repriced mine by calling royal myself as I booked it online ....if you have a TA they should do it for you otherwise I would look to change them for you next trip....you can check it yourself by applying the deal on the royal website and picking the same type of cabin and seeing the price that comes back...is it lower than you paid? does it include the perks ie OBC ? I do not know if the next cruise can be repriced maybe @Matt or @twangster can be of help..I think it can if it is within a certain time frame but I may be wrong....I found it quite easy to do and the staff on the phone were very helpful...good luck with it
  14. repriced my trip for jan 2024 $350 saving and kept OBC ...get in there everyone
  15. black Friday alert starts 18th for cruise planner was in my inbox today also early access for crown and anchor for bookings ...just repriced my Jan 2024 Brilliance cruise same suite, saving $350 and I got to keep onboard credits
  16. quantum out of Brisbane is doing 2 nights in Sydney and Hobart in Jan next year
  17. the OZ December Ovation entertainment can be booked from tonight as well thanks for the heads up
  18. we will always get the coffee card as it is convenient and I enjoy the selections that are served at CP. If your husband has issues with sugar the staff are always helpful and the refreshment package would probably be more expensive /wasteful for him
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