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  1. I noticed the first sailing of Liberty of the Seas cruise compass did not include their production of Into the Air. Does anyone know if or when they will bring this show back onboard? I know other shows around the fleet are planning to return eventually post shut down (ie. Flight on Symphony).
  2. We were on Sovereign of the Seas years ago and were lounging at the pool. There were a very large couple lounging with heaping plates of chicken balanced on their stomachs. After eating their entire plates of fried chicken they both set down the bone plates, walked over and got into the pool. Crumbs and a grease slick emerged as other swimmers quickly jumped out of the pool. They had to drain and clean the pool and needless to say the crowd was not happy with the chicken eaters using the pool as their bathtub!
  3. Great news. Thank you and I really enjoyed Flight as well and look forward to seeing it again!
  4. I looked at some new Cruise Compasses for Symphony and did not see it listed? Did the cancel Flight? Or perhaps postponed due to distancing?
  5. Our first was Rhapsody of the Seas out of Galveston in 2002. We had booked a balcony for all 4 of us (the kids were pre teen then). At check in we were told they needed to move us to another stateroom. It turned out to be an Owners Suite! We were hooked on cruising ever since, 38 cruises later!
  6. Can see folks boarding on the webcam! Sounds like a party in the background! Have an awesome cruise!
  7. I just received my invoice switching my cancelled 8/29 Liberty to Indy. They upgraded my stateroom to a balcony! Sweet!
  8. FYI, New Itinerary! Sail away Coco Cay Sea Day Cozumel Sea Day Freeport Coco Cay Due to rules of only one ship in port at a time. Everyone should get an email.
  9. A sail mate confirmed by phone with Royal that you can indeed use your drink vouchers on Coco Cay!
  10. I wonder if you will be able to use the vouchers on Coco Cay?
  11. I just confirmed with Royal Caribbean that my August 29th sailing on Liberty will be automatically moved to Independence! All the reservation except different ship! So excited to still be sailing from Galveston in August!
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