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  1. More cheery news - NOT https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/6676/?et_cid=3509161&et_rid=216816920&et_referrer=Boards_WAR_CC
  2. Yeah! https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/26539-galveston-sets-expansion-course.html?fbclid=IwAR3uVRNBUGWGv8hLN_9sBoM-0zX7CouA6X8-u02Gv3ujNDIjM2AmTyIjazE
  3. Curious if the Chef's Table format (seating all at one large table) will be altered due to spacing. We were on a "normal" chef's table in November (single large table). In late December, all the parties were placed at separate tables (Azamara), which dampens the social atmosphere and banter. We'll see what happens in March.
  4. We're booked on Allure early March. As we've successfully weathered 22 days on ships between Nov & Jan 22. We'll continue to push through these trying times unless we finally test out of it.
  5. Catalina a nice place to walk around. The town is Avalon and there's a circular structure called the Casino on the beach (not gaming). Boutique eateries etc. They raise bison on the island and you used to be able to purchase bison burgers, but been many years since I've been there. Can't comment on Ensenada.
  6. With uncertainty in weather and crew related cancelations and delays, we always travel day prior. As we live near a major airport hub, we also purchase direct flights. I have family members that cruise every month (casino users) and they travel "day of" to avoid hotel expenses. They've had exceptional luck in not missing a cruise traveling from VA to FL or TX.
  7. Anyone visit the "Yoda Guy" in St. Maarten?
  8. I sail in March and June. Wary about ordering tests that may expire before the March date. Everyone getting tests with more than 2 months of life left on them? I saw a couple that were good until Dec 22. If that's the norm I'd order just to get ahead of it.
  9. It’s critical for the crew to be healthy- especially the ops teams and hospitality teams. If you can’t operate the ship, no point on having passengers. This just happened to the QM2 in Barbados. Too many crew positive to continue operation. Until the severity of infection is a factor for continuance, we’ll see this swirl.
  10. Royal- up emails are out for those who are interested
  11. I’m sailing now and feel the conditions are lower risk than being on shore - especially safer than air travel.
  12. Our ship was tested immediately before boarding. 1 person of 519 positive. Two removed, left 517. After 6 days everyone tested, 12 cases asymptomatic (crew good). Day 8 , 1 crew +, 3 additional contact isolation. Visited 4 islands so far, 2 with bubble requirements. StLucia operator technically broke bubble when returning to ship. Mayreau Grenadines cancelled day 8, Barbados next stop is a go. We’re getting the QM2 parking spot tomorrow. Inside masking entire cruise. This ship was GREEN prior to starting this 15 day cruise.
  13. Just heard from our Capt on the Quest that the QM2 docked in Barbados has a crew breakout that will prohibit continuing that cruise. So they’re going to end cruise and fly guests home.
  14. Currently on the Azamara Quest. 100% vaxed and all tested at embarkation. Everyone tested on day 6, and 12 positive cases (no crew cases). So no stopping it even with mitigations including masks. All 12 asymptomatic. I think we all test again before Barbados. (517 passengers on board)
  15. We boarded Azamara Quest yesterday for a 15 day Caribbean over both holidays. This line requires testing at the terminal prior to boarding. Worse embarkation process we’ve ever experienced. Due to insufficient staffing, they brought in some RCL and Carnival staff to pinch hit for in processing. Third party Rona test company fumbled big time. about half the passengers waited up to 2 hours for results to be released in a relatively small waiting area. Only 1 passenger was turned away for a + test. About 518 on board, capacity about 700. So far service and food fantastic.
  16. Would like to see the statistics of those who tested positive and flew to the port city. Is the 2day test requirement too long? Should it be 1 day or day of?
  17. Thats because omicron is alot smarter. It sneaks in through your ears.
  18. Just as we get a glimmer of normalcy, another excuse slaps the process down. On our next cruise (next week), any excursions were booked through the line (as I'm reading many of these islands have prohibited private touring (which of course the lines honor). The entire travel/hospitality industry is being diminished. I'm curious if RCL and other lines move to bring all the ships back is prudent with the stop n go policies that will continue well into 2022.
  19. IMO - I can't figure out why Royal is still messing with cards No reason you can put 15 coffee credits onto someone's account (just like electronic drink vouchers for Diamond and above).
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