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  1. Madhatter with a mask - just not right... He should get a waiver, the mask diminishes his role play.
  2. Received Royal-Up email bid request today. Must be getting closer.
  3. Seeing the same thing. I read from another blogger that it may be due to the change in final payment date (o 30 -days prior). Not sure if us who already checked in (and had sea passes) have to check in again. The only remaining step was the health check the day prior.
  4. Easy. Just go through electronic finger printing, photo, and they just ask basic screening questions on whether you've been convicted of crime. As you noted it gives you pre-check. ( I did it when it first came out, you had to list where you had lived etc.) Its through CBP as opposed to TSA and its really handy when you have to come through customs. Gets you to a shorter line when you return.
  5. Its a great starting point. Think about getting there a few days early to tour the city.
  6. Bring layers. A light weight (roll up) rain slicker is a good add as it does rain / mist in that area.
  7. 6 months is not bad under today's circumstances. Our locale has seen many new builds stretching beyond a year! Timing is everything. Enjoy the land suite!
  8. There are wind limits for dinner service, so some cruises won't see it. Thought it was a nice bar venue and practical to aid with tender operations (if you had to use a tender). We'll be on Apex next year and will be curious if they added additional or higher glass to reduce wind across the area. Even if you're out there with drinks, one gust takes away your cocktail napkin. Also we noted they would not give you a straw/stir stick unless you asked, as they didn't want them ending up in the water. I find it a "curiosity" but not necessarily a practical addition to a ship. They have other interior innovations that don't get as much attention but really add value to the experience.
  9. Gimmick. Human bar tender is faster and much better company.
  10. If it keeps "snow balling" , may want to think about taking a refund. Minimize the bow wave of the FCC as things remain so uncertain. One of the attributes I like about cruises is how (if you want), you can plan things to the greatest detail ahead of time, then just show up and your vacation just happens. That concept is totally trashed with the ever-changing rules and added difficulty or discomfort associated with travel to get there.
  11. From what I remember, Skagway didn't have a lot of restaurant choices. There was Skagway fish co I think. We went to the microbrew (Skagway brewing) . Juneau has a couple of places Tracy's and Twisted fish. It's still pretty pricey even there, but it's the "tourism area". You'll want to have King Salmon if you haven't tried. (Although if you're going in May, its before the big run.)
  12. Wish they'd make the $18/pp/pd deluxe beverage package "mistake" again.
  13. Curious if any updates will be made before getting home-ported in Galveston. Despite being Oasis class, for the kiddos, it might not quite measure up to the the toy chest of the competition in Galveston.
  14. Great - those canal sailings book up fast too. Smart move (book early, book often).
  15. Great!!! NICE savings too !! Forgot to ask - what ship?
  16. If you don't mind deck 17 - you get muster station G2 meaning you can take the steps to 16 then take the Ultimate Abyss to Deck 6 to the Aqua Theater G2 muster station. Makes it all worth while.
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