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  1. The number of "new" is very healthy and encouraging. Nice bow wave of new business. Someday will be gold and beyond.
  2. Been to all but one, but I found every step we took, could be a picture. Beautiful and historical.
  3. I uploaded my vax record 2 ways. At first I scanned the cards. Then I discover I could upload the VAX proof OCR from my doctor's office. The OCR was getting approved almost immediately, whereas the cards could take a few hours or couple of days. Either way, still had to do the terminal visual inspection of them. I'm fine with the terminal check.
  4. Found that frustrating. You uploaded your cards, they approved them, then you still had to carry it for inspection before boarding. Guess they may want to add vacs card to travel docs if they hadn't already.
  5. Excellent - my wife goes to the Park to get one as soon as we board.
  6. Prime time Windjammer can easily be overcrowded. We avoid it for primary meals (prefer sit-down venues) - we'll use it "off" primetime for snacks and desserts.
  7. Saw those a while ago. Its worth it to some people, others its not. To each his own. Everyone has their own opinion of value and price point for some value. "Is it worth it?" can only be answered by the person asking the question.
  8. Did you go to the casino cash desk? You ask to charge your room for a play ticket (min is $20). You can't pull credit from the machine.
  9. When we sailed on Azamara Quest last Dec (from Miami), we had 2 guests tap out at the terminal pre-test. I think only 368 or so sailed at that time. (At that time, Azamara was testing everyone just prior to boarding). By the end of the 15 day cruise, there were around 19 guests who where infected and in quarantine cabins. The Capt was good at keeping everyone informed of "the numbers". Sailed Celeb and RCL since then and no idea how many have tapped out prior to leaving.
  10. Actually capacity is limited by the number of spots on the escape craft (both motorized and inflatables). So cabin capacity can actually be on the high side, but with excess escape capacity.
  11. Also depends on the "training" of the security staff.
  12. Has anyone spoked to RCL customer service regarding Coco Cay options still not up on cruise planner? I'd like to make things perfect.
  13. We joke about just leaving the coffee pot on the burner all day --- by the end of the day you've captured the taste of Starbucks.
  14. But its the same menu . Unless you really like it.. IMPO - once was enough for a few years.
  15. We're booked on Wonder the week of 15 Jun 23 and still no CocoCay excursions on the cruise planner.
  16. One thing you won't find is a frozen banana daiquiri , which I find interesting as Celebrity stocks it. A bartender on Liberty tried using a banana liquor in one attempt, but it was not very good.
  17. "Prior to 2020, did you ever go on a cruise with cold like symptoms (not requiring prescription meds or Dr visit)?" "If so, did you social distance, wear a mask, and/or use other mitigation strategies to prevent passing it on?"
  18. Has anyone done this excursion and does it really take 4-hrs or it just the allotted time? The description reads like a scavenger hunt.
  19. Yes, its been sliding for a while. It was 1 to 1.08 US when we visited Europe in June. Surprised when I looked at it today.
  20. You're spot on, but any forward looking "optics" is welcome.
  21. Yes. But who knows if he has internal clout anymore, especially as he's been out a while with the bug (with published set-backs). When a controversial leader announces retirement, the underlings start jockeying for notoriety and position. Could be someone just pulling a trigger early.
  22. Plentiful in St. Maarten if you happen to have a port call.
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