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  1. Hi! By coupons do you mean like the Diamond drink vouchers? If so then not during happy hour and not during regular opening hours for wine, beer or champagne. If Radiance has a Chops, Grand Suite and higher can eat in Chops for breakfast complimentary.
  2. Holee molee you're stepping ALL the way up! Welcome to the suite life. my answers to your questions in Bold below.
  3. OnPoint was also was JJ Cruise used a bit ago and they also had issues with it. TLDR Onponit changed the appointment time and the only notice they sent was well after/before business hours so JJ didn't know until they logged on for their original time and saw it was cancelled. Idk if they ever got their refund - at the filming of the video they were stilll trying to get it back.
  4. I decided to tackle this question with what I would do if I was taking my own first timer - specifically my godsister. First thing I'd do is book a show together for all of us, so they have something to look forward to already. On Wonder I'd pick the aqua theater because it should appeal to everyone since it has so many fun aspects. Second would be a casual walk about of the ship. On such a large ship, I think it's easy to get overwhelmed and turned around so it may make them not want to venture too far on their own. A walk about would let them see things first hand that they may want to do (together or separate) and give them some idea of their bearings. Third, I'd take them to at least one or two of the chiller events like trivia or a game show. I think a good showing of the different levels of what can be done would make sure the first timer gets a good all around experience on the ship. (in a similar vein, I once took an ex to his first anime convention and he didn't know what to do but I had so much on my plate I couldn't show him around. For him, the first time was really boring and hectic because he could only follow me as I ran from photoshoot to photoshoot. Fortunately he came back a second time and with a bit more confidence/experience, he was good to go around on his own and said he had more fun getting to do calmer things. From this experience, I realized not everyone goes to places for the same experience and it's best to let them taste all the different ways they can have fun so they can choose their best flavor)
  5. Honestly if I was answering this before my cruise last month, my answer would have been different. Somehow, when we first boarded Odyssey and I had my phone on airplane mode, connected to the WiFi but BEFORE we could access the room to get login instructions for our package...I was still able to get FB messenger notifications. It blew my mind and I have no idea if it was a glitch or miracle but...didn't have the same luck on Allure last month so whatever it was is gone now Lol
  6. Nope. You definitely need an internet package to use web-enabled messaging services.
  7. No private elevator. You just use the regular aft elevators. When we caught it from deck 10, we didn't really have too many crowds and most people cleared out between 14 and 15.
  8. Pretty sure breakfast is walk-in only. I actually don't know of any venue that takes reservations for breakfast.
  9. I would probably say it's a waste. Liberty doesn't have Freestyle so you're limited to what's at the bars which is: Coke Diet Coke Sprite Tonic Water Seltzer Water Fountain Water If you're not going to down at least one of those options like a camel, I'd skip it and take your own bottle to fill with the free WJ water/juices/enhanced water (fill by pouring from their cups into your bottle) and save the $8.99/day for something else
  10. So what do we think is going on in the space that's normally the solarium? We know it's too high to be the theater and it doesn't look like it could be a pool to be like an aqua theater....maybe an aerial theater? or circus-like venue?
  11. From what I hear around this site, when it comes to a guaranteed room you should: be okay with the worst possible room in the category. It's not a sure thing that you will get it, but guarantee rooms are generally filled after all the self-picked room are gone. Meaning you get what other people probably didn't want. So if you have a balcony you may end up with an obstructed view balcony, or one on a lower deck, or one where there may be more noise/less privacy. You could end up all the to the front or back, having to walk longer distances. Or you could end up with a perfectly nice room with nothing at all wrong with it. If you can honestly be okay with potentially the "dregs" of the category, then do it. know you may not get your assignment until a week or two before the sail date so there may not be room or space to upgrade. I've seen countless threads posted here asking when they'll get their assigned room because the sail date is coming up and they still don't know. Basically, you are promised a room in whatever category you get for the price you paid. It's a little bit of a gamble but not one where you lose too much if you "lose".
  12. I also just want to mention that Oasis ships can split the boogie board flowrider with a big balloon tube like thing which helps the lines go faster since they can have two people using one at the same time. I never saw it overwhelmed when I was on Allure last month. So that will also help with the lines.
  13. So...I'm the person who turns off mobile data, roaming AND puts my phone in airplane mode as soon as we start drifting away from dock (if not earlier). I wouldn't want to risk it.
  14. Boarding times are made available 45 days before your sail date and are chosen by customer on a first-come first serve basis. Most people really aim for the earliest times so opting for one that's in the middle of the herd should mean you're able to grab something with minimal stress. I would also like to add to what smokey said about boarding times varying. On our trip on Allure recently, the earliest boarding time slot seemed to be 11 or 11:30 AM. But went as late as 2:30. So "middle of the herd" will vary.
  15. Odyssey cicra 2021. The tables behind us also had windows so I think you're pretty darn guaranteed to get a window view. And it. is. beautiful!
  16. I second crew stairway or storage I managed to rustle up someone walking on the other side on deck 14 and you can just barely see a doorway in that general area (@ 1:18) Motion sickness warning - this is THE shakiest cam of all shaky cams. Even I was getting dizzy watching.
  17. I mean..even for a one-and-done post I thought I'd at least get to enjoy a poorly told story of woe.... but no...just...one grammarless sentence...
  18. If you right click on a computer or long press on your phone you can open it up in a new tab with l which gives full size
  19. Ah. No specials that I recall seeing. We did get prodded by staff a lot on the first two days and they didn't mention anything either. Just pushing the standard 3+ night dining packages. As far as I recall, any drink package discounts may show up in the last half of the cruise but it seems to vary based on how the sales have been so far. Your best bet for the best costs are definitely the cruise planner
  20. I *think* they need to be 18 or older for anything that requires payment. ...I THINK. I have no kids
  21. I am also team paper. Took CruiseTipsTv's suggestion of a cruise binder last year and have not looked back. For the passes, I've found that it moves the line faster than flipping through the set sail passes on the phone and the staff there really seem to appreciate it. I'm sure it has to do with how large and easy to read/scan everything is. It was even more handy with all of the extra documents we needed just a month ago (negative tests, vaccine cards). I think even in the future, I'll still print them out to be safe - you never know what may happen on your app/phone that could get in the way of a smooth check in.
  22. aww...so basically just people hanging around talking? yeah...no thanks...I'm FAR too shy for that
  23. man...I was really hoping to see WHAT had made it the worst experience ever....guess I'll never know
  24. Follow-up question - has anyone gone who might be able to give some insight on what happens at these? I've been curious but nervous to go.
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