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  1. I do hope they go back in 2022...I know things are crazy but I hope they don't make an executive (read: financial) decision to stop going altogether....I really like Labadee and I felt good knowing that the private section was helping some of the locals too....
  2. wow...that's crazy to hear about the cabanas. I would imagine that anyone who goes to cococay would know the cabanas are an extra cost and therefore wouldn't bother the people there....but wow..i guess rude people really do anywhere....
  3. I hope you have fun! I was too scared/cautious of random turns or what not to really push it to the full speed that I don't think I really got the most enjoyment out of it.
  4. watching the numbers slowly go up is already making me miss the low capacity for ny 2022 summer cruise hahaha. Empty elevators and no lines at shows or fun venues was amazing this past september and I'm already spoiled!
  5. HUH! I wonder if they will ever feel the need to enforce this...I feel like most people do it in a respectful and safe manner and those that don't get told to take it down so it's not yet been an issue of a few ruining it for all
  6. THIS is my go to Spa treatment. I get it on literally EVERY cruise. I just hate having to wait for them to start advertising it cuz they usually wait until midway through
  7. As far as I know, the only one-way cruises are transatlantic. And I don't think you can get off mid way through.
  8. It's the "per person" that always breaks me. Right now the lowest star class suite (OS) is going for 5800 per person before taxes and fees, which is more than double the GS cost. I'd only be able to swing that if I didn't cruise (or take any other vacation) for like...3 years. So while I' sure it's worth it, it's something that needs to be worked up to. gotta get those D+ discounts lol
  9. Gah! this live blog has been a better at convincing me to one day aim for Star Class than literally ANY of Royal's marketing! The amount of snacks delivered is mind blowing but I also LOVE that you can get food from the restaurants delivered to your room! Room service breakfast is our favorite part of staying in the GS but after a week, the menu can get a little stale. Haha. I'd love to be able to try all those different restaurants! And I love that Smitha really works hard for you! I didn't realize just how much a genie can and will do! Can't wait for more!
  10. I don't know why "(elevator music)" is that one that makes me laugh the hardest
  11. Yuuuus! It was almost never something I did for dinner pre pandemic but I swear 3 separate occasions on our last cruise I was seriously wishing I could go! Glad to see it's coming back around
  12. Usually we budget a max of $20 - $30 each. Not a lot but we're not the wealthiest cruisers and give what we can. please don't drag me....
  13. I like trying the specials in the bars (mainly because I don't know all that many cocktails) and there is this Strawberry Fields in Music Hall on Odyssey that was delicious! I actually snagged the mix list and vaguely remember the pour they did because I want to try to make it myself at home.
  14. My card has no signatures and in one of the slots the person administering the shot misspelled Pfizer as "Phfizer" and I had no problems getting through. Your friend should be fine with the card as they have it. I think they are mainly looking at dates and type and anything about the card that could be suspect like thickness or rampant misspellings
  15. Honestly, I was pretty surprised how often I took my mask off. I'm fairly used to wearing one now since I've had to wear it so much at work and didn't mind the idea of wearing one on the cruise. But with the ships being all adults and crew fully vaccinated, i only needed a mask on when going from place to place and even on a big ship like Odyssey that wasn't a long time. I think the longest times I kept my mask on were for a jewelry presentation/raffle/giveaway thing (about 30 minutes) and for a Two70 performance in which we weren't socially distanced from the person next to us and we all felt better keeping masks on.
  16. I whole heartedly agree with the wishlist option. I will often window shop for cruises just before booking and it would be great if i didn't have to try to remember all the search criteria I used before. I would also like a wishlist in the cruise planner especially for shore excursions. right now, if there's some I'm interested in, I just load them up in my cart but that feels dangerous being one or two clicks away from buying. I would like to have custom preferences when I search and I would like to skip a few steps in booking by it remembering what stateroom category is my go to.
  17. That's awesome! I love when it works out that well! you can even splurge on a pricier hotel with that much in savings! T_T that's a bummer! I think an upgrade counts! Welcome to that suite life!
  18. So OBC through Royal is usually a booking deal that pops up occasionally. The most sure fire way I've found to get it is to book with next cruise while onboard. There's almost always at least $100 OBC offered. Price drops on the other hand happen almost all the time because the fares fluctuate and you can get that new fare by either contacting your travel agent or Royal directly and saying "hey I see this new price for my room can I have that?" and they will essentially rebook you but if they do it right, you won't lose your room or any other benefits you got on that initial booking. To check for a price drop, you can go on the website and do a mock booking which is basically going ALLLLLLL the way through like you are booking a new cruise on your ship in the same room category and when you get to the end page you'll see the new fare. It was suggested to me by next cruise to check twice a week but I've really been doing it more or less once a week.
  19. I did my first flowrider on Odyssey so I can't compare it to the others, but I can say the wipeout zone was a good size as I never touched the wall the two times I was scooped away. So I will for sure appreciate that.
  20. I'm glad you had fun. Freedom class really are the best ships I think. I know Oasis gets a lot of love and I'll probably drool over them too once I get off Allure, but Freedom class combines fun and large ship with a decent price point. Freedom (the actual freedom) was our first ship and it is for sure the reason we kept on cruising.
  21. This is still really cool! I love when I see better class staterooms at a lower cost. Seriously so cool! This is one of the things I'm really excited about, putting the savings toward splurge onboard enjoyment! Owwww that hurts. T_T I hope you still have a nice cruise though
  22. That's a whole other cruise!!! Crazy!
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