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  1. Yes it reappeared and everything is still there.
  2. I know that exact feeling and I am sorry I got your hopes up! You should have seen my reaction when I saw the $58. price show up! I jumped out of my chair to run for the phone!!! Felt so deflated once I realized it was there by mistake Fingers crossed next sale will bring that price to fruition!
  3. Something strange in the cruise planner!! I just logged in and saw the Deluxe Beverage Package listed for $58! But when I called to make the price change...the price totals for the $62 price! $58 should total $273.76 BUT it totals to $292.64! Maybe there is a sale happening soon and they are starting to make the changes? Sadly the rep I spoke to would not allow me to have the $58 price...he told me I would still be paying the higher total! Even when I tried it myself on the planner the total comes up wrong. ughhhhhhh update: it’s back to $62!
  4. I am following for sure!! I am getting off the Oasis when you are getting on...but looking forward to follow all your info as soon as I return home! I love your story . My son (maybe not so much his husband) would have LOVED a "David Tutera" wedding!!! My best to you and Jarell...looking forward to reading more of your story!
  5. Just an FYI - my reserved time to arrive and all my info is back on my cruise planner. Nothing changed or disappeared so I am back to being all set. Hope everyone else who has had issues gets resolved quickly!
  6. All set now...hope everyone else is too!!
  7. I just got the same message. Although mine says my info is not available but it also says that I am checked in.
  8. My check-in info is back for my cruise with everything as it was. Time to board is still the earliest they offered...1pm. Hope everyone finds theirs is back with no issues!
  9. My check-in info is back...all info is still there, even my time to board.
  10. I spoke to a representative last night while getting a price drop on my cruise and asked her about the check-in issue. She told me they have a major issue going on but should be cleared up in a few days. Guess we will all see how accurate this girl, Fatima, is!! She did say the info we already added should not be lost. Let's hope not!! I want my early check-in time back!!!
  11. LOL I just checked price and it went down again so I called for an additional OBC...only this time since we are not considered at final payment date...I received a credit back to my charge card! The rep also made sure my original OBC for the first 2 drops in price remained and they did. Very happy. I also asked about the check-in situation and she told me they are having issues with that system and it should be corrected in a few days and my check-in status should be back to checked-in! Guess we will see about that!!!
  12. Hey did everyone else lose their check-in info? My cruise planner now says Check-in unavailable and they will email me when it opens up. I know there is another blog specific to check-in issues but figured I'd ask the rest of you if yours is now unavailable like mine! Looks like I have to go back to checking everyday!!!
  13. Royal seriously needs to get better IT help! I think it's been almost 2 weeks since my Labadee stop got replaced with Cozumel yet Labadee is still on my cruise planner! I certainly hope by the next sale (perhaps Columbus weekend?) Cozumel shows up!! Time is running short since my cruise is 47 days away now!
  14. My final payment for November cruise was due (and paid) back in August! Would have been nice to have another month and a half to pay it off especially because I have already gotten 2 price drops which are now OBC!! Would have been nice to have a smaller balance to pay! Oh well....I'm glad others are finding this helpful!
  15. On Board Credit. Since we have already paid in full any price drop is given as a credit to use either on board or in the cruise planner. No problem...no ignorance...I still have to google things!!! LOL
  16. Not sure if any of you have been checking prices but I just got a great OBC with a price drop today! I saved a little yesterday but tonight when I checked the price was even lower!!! Just wanna make sure everyone has their best price!
  17. Yay glad you finally got checked in!!! 1pm is still earliest checkin time so your time isn’t bad…especially since we won’t be departing until 6:30p. Getting excited…50 days to go!
  18. Nope…still shows Labadee in my cruise planner. I called yesterday too and no info was available for Cozumel. Guess the IT dept takes their sweet time to get things updated. Hoping we will see a nice sale around Columbus Day AND Cozumel will be showing up!
  19. Yup…got the email today. I knew it was a matter of time that we would receive notice of the change. Was hoping for a different replacement stop though. But as long as we can sail…I’m happy!
  20. As far as I can tell the 1pm is still available. But then again, I haven't clicked off it to choose another time since they are all later (1:30...2:00...2:30). So even if 1p isn't available...1:30 still is! Good luck with this, it seems insane you still cannot check in!
  21. Been checking daily and still see 1pm as earliest check-in time. If anyone happens to see the Noon or 12:30 offerings show up...please alert us and I will do the same! Would love a Noontime check-in like some of the other ships!
  22. The latest cruise planner sale ended on August 26 (according to your gripe...you were on it on the 27th). I have found that if I log in the morning after a sale ends the sale price for some things is still showing but in actuality the sale is over so that price will be "moot". I think it takes the cruise planner a little extra time to go back to the regular pricing. Being a "loyal" Diamond member (as you describe yourself), I would think you have had many opportunities to purchase through the cruise planner...I am still a lowly Gold member and have already learned some of the glitches and roll with the punches. Not anything to complain about and your comment about being treated like a first time cruiser, In My Opinion, was uncalled for!
  23. She's back from her test cruise...hope all went well!
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