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  1. Hi all! I am anxiously awaiting the April Health Protocols...which should be announced perhaps in late February but could be early March?? So I would like to request from this very knowledgeable group the following: Would someone be kind enough to post here as soon as they become aware of these? I would so appreciate this...and of course...I will also post as soon as I find this info out if no one has already done so!! Have a great day!!
  2. I loved the breakfast (and lunch) selections at Solarium Bistro. Sorrentos totally for late night sometimes afternoons too! And after Sorrentos always headed diagonally across the way for luscious sweets from Cafe Promenade.
  3. I got my Royal Up email at least 2 weeks ago and my cruise is March 6th! This is the first time I have been able to try for a larger room! But with still so many days to go...it's making it a very LONG wait to find out!!!! LOL
  4. Welcome to the forums! What an awesome first time cruise for your family! I am excited for all of you. My advice…savor each moment spent together as well as those apart. If you haven’t already…go to the cruise planner as they began a new sale today. I think prices are as good as they are going to get…they are not awesomely discounted but I don’t think they will get any cheaper either! Take some time to search through the topics here on this blog…there are so many seasoned cruisers who have offered so much valuable information recently as well as in past years. I also am sure you will receive many replies to this post as well! I am on this cruise with just my husband and truly looking forward to a week of doing whatever…whenever! See you on board!
  5. My understanding is…and I posted something about it under a different topic about CWC…if you used any FCC to book something that you now want to cancel with CWC you MUST cruise by December 31, 2022. You do not get to move it to a year after the date of cruise. You can only do that IF you did not use FCC for it. This is my biggest dilemma right now!
  6. So my only negative take on this extension of CWC is that their statement about "The options are nearly endless" isn't what it seems. Any one of us who are still trying to use our FCC from original cancellations in 2020 ONLY have until December 31, 2022 to use them! Only bookings paid with cash (meaning it will be a new FCC) qualify for the "year after original sail date" to rebook. I apologize for this rambling but this has consumed my everyday thoughts for sooo long and today I just need to vent... My family cruise which includes 13 staterooms and 31 passengers was originally booked in 2019 for April 2020. It began with my immediate family of 13 (hubby, me, our 3 children and spouses, and our 5 grandchildren booked on a cruise when Kids Sailed Free (4 of them qualified). The cruise number grew and became an awesome extension of family and friends. COVID HIT!!! We all received FCC and used them to book April 2021 and then had to L&S to April 2022 (all perks moved with us!!). None of this being our fault, right? So now that the mandate of 12+ needing to be vaccinated is cursing a few of my family members...this is not going to end up as our original family cruise! Some of the group will most likely just sail in April 2022 because they are tired of the "what to do" questions and just want to end this 3 year ordeal! Since it is my immediate family that includes a few of the not able to vaccinate...my heartfelt original plan to take my children and grandchildren on a family cruise has been smashed and shattered!!! My husband just wants to get it over with...but my heart strings want all my kids and grandkids to cruise together! It just looks impossible at this point because should we CWC this time...we lose every perk we currently have, the biggest one being Kids Sail Free...which Royal honored even when another grandchild reached 12! Besides that there is no ideal time to cruise since summer is not an option for a rebook and once school begins in September, since the kids are older...they truly cannot miss school-time! So it looks like once December 31, 2022 arrives I will be out quite a bit of money and will have not had my dream vacation with my family! I just do not see a happy solution and it truly hurts! Thank you for listening to (reading) my woes...
  7. Most likely you will not be able to find out until you are onboard. It depends on what percentage rate Royal has decided to sail with at that time and also the rate of booked passengers deciding to cancel. I would be very surprised if any cruises at this time would have their passenger counts full or even close to it! I am sailing on March 6th as well but on the Anthem of the Seas...so we both have something to look forward to!!
  8. If you cannot move your booking to a TA, try calling the Royal number for bookings. Since you booked in November...you should be able to cancel through CWC and then book the cruise that your friends have. Only possible problem would be the issuing of your FCC timeframe. But since the cruise you want to book is not until September, you likely would only need to pay the deposit and once you receive the FCC info you can use that for the balance. Of course, using a TA would be the better option but if you absolutely cannot transfer at this point then the CWC is most likely your next option. Hope it all works out for you!
  9. So last time I spoke to Royal here is what I was told…if you cancel with CWC and your cruise was not paid with FCC you will receive FCC and you can choose a sailing date up until a year from date of the cruise you are cancelling. BUT…if you used any FCC for the cruise you are now cancelling with CWC…you will get FCC which you must book your new cruise by May 31,2022 and sail by Dec 31, 2022. Prices are not protected…nothing is. Very sad!!!
  10. Mine either!! But mine is March 6th so who knows where we will be at that point with this whole mess!!!! LOL
  11. I believe the 'double' refund was only rewarded to those on the January 8 and 9 sailing because of the short time frame of the cancellation. I think the other cancelled cruises are offering only one or the other option (possibly 125% FCC). This is just me trying to remember what I have already read in these threads, of course!! I could be wrong!
  12. General question to those recently finding out they got their RU bids...did you place weak bids or higher on the scale?
  13. This time once I had the flights booked with Air2Sea and had my reservation # I logged onto the airline's website and chose my seats. My flights are with Delta. Last time my flights were with American and they would not let me choose seats until I paid the airfare.
  14. I think it's a good idea to keep track yourself.
  15. Ok…I find it amazing how precise the cleaners are when cleaning and wiping down all the mirrors, lower walls, and brass all over the ship. They try so hard to keep fingerprints and marks at the minimum. I jokingly requested one cleaner in particular if I could hire him for my house cleaning!!! He laughed but never took his eyes off of what he was doing!
  16. Oh my gosh…I observed and thought the same exact thing when I was on Oasis in November! It is truly fascinating to watch!!!!
  17. Hi…I am certainly considered an amateur when it comes to my knowledge about both cruising and stateroom info. I am trying for my first Royal Up and it is on Anthem in March. In your opinion is it better to increase my bid for the JS rather than the GS? I have only stayed in ocean balcony rooms and really want to experience something bigger…if possible… Thanks for your expertise! I have always enjoyed your posts and hope the cruise industry makes changes to their protocols soon to allow everyone onboard so you can get back to being on the ocean!
  18. Call and you will be able to book whatever date you want. I am cruising in April from Miami and booked flights to arrive 2 days early.
  19. Counting 57 days until cruise! Excited because this is my first 7 night cruise…first time on Anthem…and this cruise is for just me and my husband . Looks like we have 12 days left before we can check-in and once that happens it will really feel “real”. that all the recent reports of COVID hitting its peak in the next week or two come true and early March will be calmer and “healthier” for everyone!
  20. You can do either or both. I printed mine for our November cruise but at checkin I pulled it up on my phone…it was easier for me that way.
  21. All our FCC have been applied…since our final payment is March 18 (including Air2Sea) I would hope the April protocols would be out so those who are not vaccinated can at least TRY for their cash back. The rest of us…..?…?
  22. I have a March 6th cruise on Anthem (newly booked in December-awesome price!) and also an April 18th cruise (which was originally booked in 2019 for 2020). Everyday I feel differently about these…from yes, going no matter what…to what should we do…to wait and see…back to yes! I too would be fine just spending the 7 days at sea for the March cruise. I think right now I just have to stop thinking about it for the next few weeks and then see what happens. I saw on this morning’s news that the CDC is in-depth looking at the cruise industry so who knows what will happen next anyway! Apparently they are saying that every single cruise in the past few weeks has had COVID cases aboard. Ughhhhhhhh
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