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  1. I certainly will let you know what my thoughts are about the Prima. My brother will be on the MSC World Europa the second week of May…sailing out of Barcelona. I’ll ask him for details and let you know about that one too. From some of the descriptions he has sent to me, it looks pretty futuristic!
  2. I have only sailed Royal but will be on Prima in a little over a month from now. Reason I am cruising a non-Royal is because we are sailing with friends who like NCL. My opinion before I even sail with NCL…very very expensive!!!! So…I am not surprised Royal has so many on the list…great vacations for easy on the pocket prices!
  3. All set with refund by Royal and my own refund for the second that I cancelled. I have a $100.00 OBC!
  4. If you want 2 rooms…book the second one now. At least you will have 2 bathrooms that way! Do not count on Royal Up…there is no guarantee your bid would be the winner! Of course that would just leave you as you are right now…3 adults in one interior room. You can go to cruisedeckplans.com and look up Brilliance of the Seas and find your deck and room number. If your exact room does not have a picture or movie clip attached then look at one close by to your room. You will see exactly what it looks like.
  5. You should be able to see times at port on your receipt/invoice. Also on the cruise booking app just look at your cruise and click itinerary. Typically you need to be back onboard about an hour before it leaves port…sometimes just half hour. Looks like you are either on Harmony or Wonder. Both ships have their St. Thomas port stops leaving around 3pm but arrive around 7am. The St Martin stop gives you more time as the ships leave around 5 or 6.
  6. My husband and I are on this one celebrating 44 yrs married! I originally booked Oasis…then changed to Liberty…and last month switched to this one since we have been to Labadee just once and loved it! I booked a JS to get double points which will bring me to Emerald! My husband still doesn’t know about this…
  7. Hmmmm, I’m wondering whether I should cancel my purchases for my July cruise. I bought one cooler set w/water for each of our 5 rooms at a bargain price of $19.99 each. However, we all have drink or refreshment pkgs so really don’t need the water…I just wanted the bags for everyone! Should they still not have them in stock when we cruise…I wouldn’t want just the water since we can all grab some anytime we want! Maybe I’ll wait it out a bit and see if there are updates closer to our sail date?
  8. You can check in without adding any other info at that time. Adding the info afterwards is fine.
  9. Hello and good morning to you…just in case you are booked on this sailing! We are a little more than 4 months away from this cruise. Actually it’s 130 days and counting. At last check of prices…holy cow…they have soared! All the deals I found even after I originally booked this have long sailed away…lol…!!! Anyway…my grandkids are finally showing a tiny bit of excitement but keep telling me it won’t seem real until after they finish the school year (that’s their biggest countdown right now) and have started summer vacation! Me? I’ve been excited since I booked ! Anyone else on this? Just thought I would check.
  10. I’ve been reading along but haven’t responded other than several and . Thanks for bringing everyone along for your cruise. Although I may not ever get the opportunity to cruise in any room larger than a JS it’s always fun to live vicariously through others! My husband and I are bringing our family (13 in all) on an Oasis cruise this summer with 5 side by side balcony rooms and we are very much looking forward to making more memories (lol we already have 44 yrs of them) with our kids, their spouses, and 5 grandkids (ages 10 - 16). It’s a long time coming since our original plans were made in 2019 for a 2020 cruise (3 years makes a big difference in kids years!)! There are also 4 other relatives joining us (their rooms are just a few down from ours) to make the group 17 in all! We are counting down the days! Thank you again for taking us along on your vacation! It’s been awesome….
  11. As @Ampurp85 noted it can be used onboard. I really hope that you can forgive us and understand that it was an honest mistake. We will though provide you with a $50 USD Onboard Credit, which can be used pre-cruise to book packages and experiences via My Royal Cruise or use it anywhere onboard.
  12. I just checked yet again and now I have $100 OBC. The thing is, I had purchased 2 but then cancelled one of them after I read more posts saying we only needed to buy one for 2 people. Also the package I had kept is still showing booked but the one I cancelled shows refunded. Guess I’ll wait and see how this plays out.
  13. No one deserves a 10 if they did not deliver a 10 quality service. I’ve been asked to give all 10’s when purchasing a car…from a family friend…never feels right! Surveys…uggghhhh.
  14. This is on the web. Says refunds are in the making so guess we will see! https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwiNrZnWzdn9AhWpMlkFHe5WDXEQFnoECA8QAQ&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cruisehive.com%2Froyal-caribbean-refunds-guests-after-huge-mistake%2F96352&usg=AOvVaw2xrzlp9nISiZhhVAX3g603
  15. There is another very large thread regarding this topic! It’s called New Cruise Planner Item…Premier Pass. It’s in the News and Rumors section Believe it is a mistake.
  16. I, too, am an “old school” diehard paper person! I can use Excel spreadsheets, if necessary, but I much prefer the tried and true pen and paper combo! My grandkids amaze me when they click notes on their iPhones to make reminders and create presentations and slide shows for just about everything. I’m not even sure they know what paper is…lol! My brain is still back in the 60’s and early 70’s which were my schooling days!
  17. There is no more designated ”surf” and “surf/stream”. There is just one internet package now.
  18. Cancelling is definitely the wrong thing to do! I hope you can make the most of it and enjoy!
  19. LOL sometimes it's hard enough to get one aqua show completed if the seas decide to act up! Last year on Allure we never got to see the show from beginning to end mostly due to rolling seas.
  20. If you have a balcony room with 1 person booked you should be able to add the second person no problem. If you have a balcony room booked with 2 people in it you pretty much will not be able to add a third person. Rooms are categorized to hold a certain number of passengers. If there are balcony rooms available for 3 or 4 passengers you could move to one of those but that will mean you must pay the current pricing. I wanted to do this last year when I booked a balcony room for just me…then decided I wanted to take my 2 daughters. I could only add one to my room and the price to move to a different category balcony was outrageous.
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