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  1. Interesting because Adventure is currently on a 9-nighter. I will recheck over the weekend since that is when it will be on a 5-nighter.
  2. I saw the same thing on my 5 night to Bermuda on Adventure! I was planning to ask my dentist when she returns from her same cruise as mine next week.
  3. I always book refundable and also reserve now-pay later. I watch prices and modify as necessary. Prices fluctuate with no rhyme or reason so taking a minute to search each day or whenever can be a blessing.
  4. Cruise planner prices were definitely cheaper for most things in the preCovid days. But then again just about everything on earth was cheaper a few years ago! Inflation has hit us hard. My sale prices are better today than they were the last few sales. This is for the Adventure sailing in August. My Allure sailing in September does not have the same pricing but luckily I purchased my “needs” way back when I booked that cruise and they were quite “alluring prices” at the time so I am happy with that.
  5. SALE for 4th of JULY HAS BEGUN! My prices are great for my August cruise. Better than I’ve seen!
  6. Check in opened at 12:01am. I got 10:30am boarding time. Crazy that no one on these forums is booked for Bermuda on this date. The cruise itself is completely sold out! I found that out because I decided to bring my two daughters with me and when I called I was told I would need to change my category since I am in a Spacious OV Balcony but only for 2 people. Ughhh there are no other rooms available to move to! I can’t check online because when I try to mock book this cruise isn’t even available! So I have to keep calling to see if something opens up! Anyway…that’s my story!
  7. I am not on Facebook or any social media sites. I’m actually surprised that I log onto this site as often as I do. When I find a duck I rehide it because I can’t post anywhere that I found one. Maybe next time I will go to the roll call here and upload a picture of whatever I find.
  8. I looked at your cruise planner video but it is hard to read as I cannot zoom in. Any chance to upload it so @Mattcan post with all the other cruise compasses? Thanks
  9. I had a South Beach cabana in April. It was awesome. Yes it is further from the dock but it is convenient to the restrooms right there and a bar plus the floating bar. The attendant was awesome…kept us drinking and eating all day,! Not sure what your price is but we paid $699 and we had 7 people. Plenty of room! If you want peace and quiet it is the best location.
  10. Hi...I am asking this for a family that I know sailing on this date. I am sailing in mid-August so also am looking for the answer. Is it still required to fill out the Bermuda thing and pay $40? If so, can someone tell me the website to go to for this?
  11. Another point about GTY which you will want to remember for your next cruise. The room that gets assigned to you can be anywhere on the ship. Forward, Aft, lower deck, higher deck, mid-ship, obstructed view…however most of the “optimal” rooms most likely will have been self-chosen. Therefore what you are assigned may not be in the best location. I prefer mid-ship or aft (always more aft than forward) and higher decks. Because of that I will never book with a GTY because if I was assigned a forward lower deck room it would most definitely ruin my cruise. Back to your point of why did they change your assigned room…because you did not actually choose it…it likely was still “open” to be assigned by a TA or Royal to someone requesting that particular room or location. GTY is a promise you will receive the type of room you have paid for but it is more of a “last call” type of assignment. Typically this type of room is not assigned until very close to sail date. BTW…what ship are you on tomorrow? Perhaps you can go to Guest Services once onboard to ask if there are any rooms in your category available that you might prefer? Come back and let us know how your cruise turns out!
  12. I have never booked a GTY room so can’t comment on your question. I do hope you are able to enjoy your cruise regardless of the room situation.
  13. Personally I would not pay $160/person for just the beach club. But that’s just me (well my husband wouldn’t either). We paid $79/person back in November. It was a one and done deal for us…didn’t find it spectacular enough to pay extra to use it. The food might be more high end but nothing to write home about either. In April we decided to book a South Beach cabana (paid $699 for up to 8 people) and I will say that was worth it! There were 7 of us so basically $100/person plus we each tipped the attendant at end of day. Being able to get out of the sun whenever I wanted to was really nice. Having food and drinks brought to us all day long was very nice. I found the beach area perfect and restrooms were right around the corner. Everyone has their own opinions so only you can decide if the price is worth it…of course you would need to book it in order to find out if it is for you. Good luck.
  14. How far in advance will I need to pay the $40 fee and fill out the paperwork? Just want to be prepared.
  15. I believe the cruise planner purchases end about 48 hours before the cruise date. You could book on the ship at the shore excursions desk.
  16. I’ve gotten that same thing many times, but I have also been able to view the decks at times too! Not sure what makes it work or not work
  17. Yes and that bed typically is directly over the main bed! I agree with @SueB and would book 2 rooms if possible.
  18. Hmmm I would just call Royal and book over the phone. It’s quick and easy…and they are extremely helpful. I have booked online before and I don’t think I had to add the CVV code (but am not totally sure either). Since the date is right around the corner I would feel better doing it in person over the phone at this point. Good luck !
  19. So my husband and I have different numbers on our Amex Gold cards but it is the same account. He has the offer on his but I do not…I have a NCL offer. Easy enough, I used his number to pay in order to get the deal!
  20. Changing is different than cancelling…so your deposit should be ok and switched to the new cruise.
  21. Well…I can’t say for sure! I am booked in a double occupancy room but it’s just me. I assumed it was $100 for the room but could it have been $100 penalty for just me? We will see how @MG728 makes out tomorrow! Thanks
  22. One more thing…if you feel the person you are talking to at Royal is not giving the proper info…tell them thanks but you will think about it and end the call. Then call back and explain your situation again and hopefully the next person will be able to provide you with what you expect…which is no loss of deposit because you are simply changing your cruise not cancelling. When I called yesterday the first person was giving me info that I did not believe was true and had I just gone with it I would have lost my full deposit plus paid the extra $100 plus the new fare. Second person was not helpful either but the third call placed with a sweet rep who was wonderful and made my changes quickly and as cheaply as possible. Never give up…
  23. You should be able to rebook to a different cruise (that means not cancel) and only have to pay $100 penalty per room. I would do it as soon as possible. I had to do that yesterday for my upcoming August cruise. It cost me $100 plus the new price difference of the old room to the new room. And then today I called and saved $69 on my cruise fare because there is a sale today!
  24. I switched my cruise this morning from one date to another which is two weeks earlier and kept my same reservation number. Tonight I received a Royal Up email with great offers, however it lists my original sail date not the new one! Do I just need to wait and see if they send one for my new date? I’m afraid to bid on this one since I am no longer on that cruise…even though my reservation number should only be associated with the new date now. There is no contact info in the email. Thanks
  25. Booked this today. Will be my first Solo cruise! Actually friends of mine are also on this cruise with plans to get married on the beach. I am their “requested tag-a-long”!!
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