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  1. Ok, good guess and seems reasonable. Our next cruise is October this year to Canada/NE. After that late February to Coco Cay and then again October 2024 to Canada/NE again.
  2. How often would you say this happens? Would you say this happens closer to sailing date or much further out? I just would like to know the point that we could stop worrying about about something like this.
  3. Yeah I'm confused actually why it says reserved but haven't paid. I never hit buy or choose 12 or 24. It's very strange. Maybe contact Royal Caribbean is the step?
  4. Excellent news, thank you. Just found it so odd. It says reserved but wasn't charged. Thanks again.
  5. This is an odd one from the app. The other day I was just looking around on the app and went into the non-alcoholic beverage packages. I saw packages offered of basically the same thing, one offered 12-24 bottles packages so I clicked on to see the price and I made a mock booking of it under my name. I didn't hit buy or choose between 12 or 24 bottles. The next thing I know I received an emailed that it was reserved. I haven't been charged, and didn't choose between 12 or 24 but it says reserved. There is another water package under that one that is just 24 bottles. Is this a known glitch in the app?
  6. Hoping for the best but not expecting it. It's a tough one to deal with and enforce. People get nuts.
  7. June is too close to sailing for me, I'd be flipping out. I hope it clears up for you.
  8. That fixed it guys, thanks. So strange these things sometimes.
  9. I was trying to avoid that but that may be my only option. Thanks.
  10. The app with all your cruise info, or I should say upcoming cruises is all messed up. It has my booked stuff, it has my cruise but every I click says "schedule is loading, so tap refresh" it's been like that for a while now. It won't bring up restaurants, or drinks or entertainment or excursions. Is this a known issue or just me? Any known fix? This used to have everything loaded, the cruise is October of this year. I could see if it were way down the road. Thanks for any help.
  11. I'm very reluctant to call people suckers but on this instance, suckers. That's just nuts.
  12. Hilarious! Royal Caribbean IT strikes again. Just incredible this large billion dollar company cannot get it's IT department right. They make mistake after mistake.
  13. Isn't this at least the second time Anthem is having engine issues causing it to slow and miss ports? Last time I thought it was so bad it missed ports for a bunch of cruises in a row? Am I think of the wrong ship?
  14. We are doing Liberty 9 days to Canada/NE this October. Then February Anthem to Coco Cay. Then again Liberty to Canada/NE 9 days because it goes to Sydney Nova Scotia Canada which is a port we have been to. Couldn't pass that up.
  15. Ah ok so 12 and under. He'll be 10 in July. We have 3 cruises booked. October this year, February 2024 and again October 2024. All booked into KSF. He'll be 11 for the October 2024 cruise. We want to Bermuda again so that may be our last under KSF.
  16. Interesting questions, did you book with a TA? That would be where I would start with these questions and would make things much easier?
  17. Not a lie saves us a ton of money on our cruises. Almost all of our cruises are KSF. Gonna cry when our son turns 12 in 3 years. Our other son is 13 months so we got some time for him to keep sailing free.
  18. It is kinda interesting that playmakers is right across from Johnny Rockets. I guess in the end kinda redundant. We didn't eat at Playmakers when we were on Oasis last summer for some reason. There were just so many free places to eat I guess we didn't think of it. We were supposed to be on Oasis May before we switched cruises to Liberty to a much longer cruise. We were going to try it for lunch on embarkation day.
  19. They'll be plenty of fun stuff to do don't worry. On a cruise no one thing ruins it for us. Things don't always work out, just move on to the next thing. Go with the flow is our motto. Have a great cruise!
  20. Ok, I learned something today. Are they moving away from Johnny Rockets? Is Icon gonna have Johnny Rockets?
  21. Really? I thought that was on every ship. I didn't know any of the ships, at least the modern ships didn't have Johnny Rockets?
  22. The food is really good actually in my opinion. It's nice treat on a cruise. Excellent milkshakes. The kids will enjoy it. Have a great cruise, Oasis is amazing! Oasis I believe Johnny Rockets serves breakfast too.
  23. I cannot see the value in it no matter how many times I look at. Every once in a while I get curious about it but each time I can't find enough value in it to purchase.
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