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  1. (Apologies if this is in the wrong board) How does one book the shuttle to go from Seward (after disembarkation) to Anchorage?
  2. We are taking this cruise. It will be our first one less than 7 days and wanted to try out the "virtual balcony". (figured since it's a short cruise, we'd give it a shot). We live in the Baltimore area and will be in LA the weekend before the cruise for a wedding so we figured "what the heck?". I understand the weather can be chilly that time of year. Anyone from the LA area want to chime in on that?
  3. Great point. I guess you have to watch out for the context! I've never been on a TA cruise but my TA has been very helpful!
  4. TA = Travel Agent OTS = "...Of The Seas" All Royal's ships are called "<something> Of The Seas"
  5. That's crazy. I don't understand why your cruise is not supported by Air2Sea. We had our MEI TA do the Air2Sea reservations for us on our recent Rhapsody cruise in Greece but we did Air2Sea ourselves for the Alaska cruise. It was very nice of her (to handle the Greece flights) since I don't think the MEI TA's make any commission off of the Air2Sea reservations.
  6. Yes! It's a Friday-Friday cruise. We are arriving the day before in Vancouver (Saturday) and leaving the Monday night afterwards. Here's the Air2Sea link: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/flights/bookFlights. After entering your booking number (and other info) , you can change the dates. One thing to keep in mind: AA allowed us to select seats (even though the flights aren't paid for yet). However, Air Canada did not. We plan on paying for the flights in a couple weeks. I also looked at Alaska Air but the return flights all leave Anchorage after midnight! Since we are working with a TA (MEI), after I reserved the flights, she got notified and I'll handle the payment through her. I don't know if Air2Sea works with JetBlue but if you are near NY, you have choices (JFK, LGA and Newark). And if you're in South Jersey, there's always PHL. FWIW, since we live near BWI, for cruises leaving Florida or Galveston I book flights (on SWA) on my own. However, for our recent European cruise and this one, it was better to use Air2Sea.
  7. Awesome. We have the same itinerary (Vancouver to Seward). We booked flights through RCL's Air2Sea (Air Canada via Montreal and American Airlines on the return from Seward). We are going to book a 3 day land-tour afterwards that will end up in Anchorage. It appears that Jenna DeLaurentis went on the same cruise recently and has also written a great guide. Here's a link to her guide: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/alaska-cruises and here's the link to the beginning of her vlog: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2022/08/27/radiance-of-the-seas-live-blog-day-1-embarkation-vancouver. Both are full of good info.
  8. I'm not looking for boots like the one in your link (too bulky for me). I'm looking for something as comfortable as my sneakers (that are also waterproof). Which cruise are you taking? We are taking Radiance on June 16 2023. It will by my 11th cruise! The first 9 were all in the Caribbean and the 10th was Greek/Adriatic. So, it will be our first time in Alaska. Can't wait!
  9. I think the value of the "Key" has to do with what benefits you would want otherwise. For example, for our upcoming 4-night Navigator cruise (out of LA), the Key (from the recent sale) was only $12 more than 2-device internet (which we probably would have purchased). So, for that extra $12, the benefits we will get (and will take advantage of) are: stow carry-ons, embarkation-day Chops lunch, disembarkation-day breakfast and good seating in Studio B. The other benefits we are not interested in are the reserve seating in the theatre (because it's usually in the balcony) and the special hours for flo-rider and rock-climbing.
  10. They are inexpensive! Now I need to find similar ones for Men.
  11. Thanks! we are going in mid June of 2023 (Radiance OTS, Vancouver to Seward)
  12. In what month was your cruise to Alaska?
  13. We have an Alaskan cruise in 10 months (can't start too early to plan). Anyway, I've been reading about what to bring and one of the most common suggestions is water-proof shoes. We won't be doing serious hiking so I'm not looking for boots (plus they can be so bulky to pack). What recommendations to folks have? I'm looking for something that won't break the bank and are as comfortable as my athletic sneakers. Thanks!
  14. They vary a lot. For our December 4-night Navigator cruise out of LA it's currently 75.99 per day. For our June 2023 7-night Radiance Alaskan cruise it's $64.00 per day And for our March 2024 RCB group cruise in Panama, it's not posted yet.
  15. We were on Rhapsody in late July and tendered in Mykonos.
  16. According to CruiseMapper, Navigator OTS is currently docked in Ensenada.
  17. Hi Everyone, My wife and I are booked on Radiance OTS 6/16/23 - 6/23/23 which is a northbound inside passage from Vancouver to Seward. We are flying home from Anchorage late Monday night 6/26/23. When we inquired with our TA (MEI) about extending the trip by 3 nights, she indicated she'd have to reprice the entire cruise to include the land portion and that was crazy expensive. So, does anyone have ideas of a good tour operator that can pick us up in Seward when the cruise ends on that Friday and finish up in Anchorage (of course, it would have to include Denali) on that Monday? Thanks!
  18. I used to use someone at cruise.com and recently switched to Michelle at MEI (she's great!). The difference is that the big boys may give some discounts (due to group rates) and throw in gratuities. But their service sucks! (it was always tough for me to reach them). MEI is a bit smaller and doesn't give the perks of the big boys but their service is fantastic.
  19. You were right! The spanakopita was awesome!
  20. Hi @JennaRCB Look where we had lunch today!
  21. Thanks everyone. I had assumed check-in time was the local time (of the embarkation port) but wanted to make sure.
  22. Hi Everyone, We are taking Rhapsody on July 25 (I can't believe it. We've been planning it for a year and it's almost here). Anyway, we board in Athens (local time zone is GMT+2) and it finishes in Italy (GMT+1). It appears (based on the app) that ship time is GMT+1 (e.g. Italy). So, when we are quoted a check-in time, which time zone is used? Thanks everyone!
  23. We still have room in a van (up to 3 with luggage) to go from Ravenna to Venice on August 1st. It is my understanding Royal is providing a shuttle bus for $45 that goes to the Venice airport. However, if you are not flying out that day, you'll be responsible for getting to your hotel (and schlepping your bags). If you are not flying out of Venice on August 1st and are staying in a hotel near the airport, our van could be a good solution. Email me if you're interested in joining us, Dave baltodave at gmail dot com
  24. In my case, I couldn't wait for my next monthly statement so I got my brokerage (TD Ameritrade) to generate a letter confirming I had 100 shares. I then sent that letter to [email protected] along with my booking numbers, ships and dates. In about 24 hours, the OBC was posted to all my future cruises.
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