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  1. Can you tell them your spouses (same level) preference as well, or does everyone have to call in separately? Are the per person amenities also for kids at that level?
  2. Ha! Ha! They were just kidding. I got another email today and pre-cruisetour testing (embarking in Seward) is back on again.
  3. We use the first formal night as our dressier one. By the second one on day 6, we don't feel like putting as much effort into it.
  4. @WAAAYTOOO Do you know how early we can take advantage of the laundry service? We have a pre-cruise land tour and are hoping to be able to get some laundry sent out on day 1 or 2.
  5. My kids (10 and 13) have their own C&A numbers.
  6. Is your SOS Symphony or Serenade? Hope your wife feels better soon.
  7. Where are you seeing the drink of the day in the app? Drink of the day is usually $10 ish, so slight discount.
  8. Did you purchase through Royal Caribbean? In the old cruise planner, it would show the ages of everyone at the time of sailing, not their age when you purchase the excursion. I don't see the ages in new cruise planner, but they would still calculate the correct age of everyone. Not just for pricing, but for age limits of the excursion too.
  9. There are no Freestyle machines on Liberty. I have not tried to get a milkshake without eating at JR. I have heard this is very inconsistent from ship to ship, so you may not be able to get one for free without food. Ben and Jerry's on the Promenade also has bottles of Powerade that are included in the Refreshment package.
  10. I've been holding out on buying our emed tests in hopes that the re-entry test goes away, but we're about 3 weeks away now. At this point I think we'll need the two sets.
  11. Alaska cruise tours. I wasn't aware they offered land tours anywhere else.
  12. I received am email this afternoon from Royal with an updated policy on southbound / pre-cruise land tours. We no longer have to test before the land portion of our trip.
  13. Thanks. It looks like this is app is for Canadians, and I can't download it. I'll search for the US version.
  14. I'm not bringing evening gowns - too heavy and big for the flight. I'm bringing a black knee length dress that I'll throw a sweater overs for both formal nights. It rolls up small and doesn't wrinkle. DH is bringing docker type pants and a long sleeve shirt and tie. I don't think he's planning on bringing a jacket.
  15. I finally purchased my first big girl camera for our upcoming Alaska cruise. It's just the entry level Canon T7, but it's my first camera that is not a point and shoot or cell phone camera. I have taken photography classes in the past, but they were back when film was still a thing in high school. I can't say I remember too much from them other than the rule of thirds and if I absolutely have to use the included flash to cover it with a piece of paper or vellum to help difuse the harsh light. Are there any online tutorials / YouTube channels you would recommend to help a girl out? I'm looking for wildlife and nature photography tips, but I really need a good beginner level refresher.
  16. Thanks for posting about the internet speed. We're flying out of Vancouver at the end of our southbound in a few weeks and will need to test before we fly. It seems like we may need to schedule tests at the airport instead of relying on the ships internet with an emed test.
  17. I have seen in past Cruise Compasses that the Solarium has family hours if the temperature going to be under 60 degrees (I'm assuming they mean the daily high). It was also noted that hot tubs are still adults only in the Solarium though. We're bringing our swim suits in a few weeks - my 10 and 13 year olds are looking forward to saying they swam in Alaska.
  18. Radiance actually has a waterside, but it's small and meant for kids I believe. It's next to the sports court on deck 12. It's an open air slide if I'm remembering correctly from videos I have seen, so I think it would be chilly even if the water was heated.
  19. My son loves to look for them and usually finds a couple. He brings one home and re-hides any others.
  20. Check the Events section of the page. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/events
  21. We don't make reservations when we have MTD. We just show up when we want. The most we have had to wait was 5 minutes.
  22. Good to know. Are they charging for the antigen test / clinic visit?
  23. Thank you for being the pioneer this Alaska season and posting your experience! I know I'm not the only reader headed North later this year who will be following along for all the details. Have a great trip!
  24. Is Canada one of the places that requires everyone take a Royal excursion to get off the ship, or can guests come and go at their own will / take private excursions? If the later, I would think the completing the ArriveCan step is not optional. While you currently have no intent of leaving the ship, there is nothing else stopping you from deciding at the last minute to change your mind.
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