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  1. William Wilson founded Alcoholics Anonymous. Friends of Bill W are AA meetings held on the ship.
  2. My February 2022 cruise has all the photo packages listed as print or digital. My June 2022 only offers print options. There is one digital option, but it says it's not currently available for purchase online. Maybe they're changing things up again? I wish they still offered the unlimited package.
  3. I recall the cards were all posted together on a board or something. Anyone who walked by could look and see what was posted. Our first cruise back isn't for 80 more days, so hopefully they are still doing this.
  4. In the past I have seen cards posted at guest services (I think it was guest services anyway, maybe it was the library) where people were organizing their own events - a card game, extra Friends of Bill meeting, etc. They were pre-printed by Royal, and you just filled in the what, when, and where details.
  5. We did the America's Cup yacht race several years ago and loved it. We always say we would do it again if we ever sail to St. Maarten again.
  6. You can order a bottle of some alcohols and mixers through Royal Gifts. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/royalgifts/
  7. With the CDC guidelines extended and capacity increasing, it makes sense. They have to shuffle more people through the terminal while keeping everyone socially distanced - spread out over the check in times.
  8. I think it means they will announce the date those sailings will open soon. So they can add those sailings to that chart.
  9. We had one that was Covid cancelled that was going to Coco Cay from Galveston. It was when Jewel was going to briefly sail from Texas. Here is what the itinerary was supposed to be.
  10. We have taken our kids in the suite lounge on a couple ships. They love going in to grab a donut or some other small bite while we grab coffee in the morning before breakfast. The bartender would have Shirley Temples ready for them as soon as we sat down at happy hour too.
  11. No, we would not get her fare back. However, if we took her off the reservation, it would probably reprice us to today's price which is so much higher than when we booked. Right now, we're in our 2 BR suite for less than $500 per day. I'm not messing that up!
  12. We're 5 passengers in a 2BR GS on Liberty in a couple months. Sadly my MIL is leaning toward not joining (still not ready to travel), and instead of inviting someone else, we plan on her just being a no-show if that's her final decision. If she does not go with us, do we still need her to check in when it's available for any reason? Is there any negative impact to the rest of us that will still be sailing if she does not complete the check in process?
  13. A Kracken root beer float! Why hasn't this been a staple dessert at our house?
  14. There was one on the app for Liberty's sailing this week.
  15. We're supposed to be boarding her today, but we canceled over the summer when my stupid car decided to die. Our February sailing can't come soon enough! Have a great second leg!
  16. What magic is this!?! Seriously though - is there a brand or key word I need to search for? A quick Office Depot search just came up with regular sheet protectors.
  17. Good info for those with a sailing coming up soon. My son would hate AO if he could only stare at the walls. I would think (hope anyway) the policy will change in the next couple months. Once the vaccine is available for those under 12, I bet that it will become a requirement to sail, just like it is for the 12-15 year old group. Once vaccinated the 5-11 year olds should be allowed in all the venues again.
  18. We've been on the fence about purchasing the drink package for our Alaska trip in June. Will we drink less because it isn't the Caribbean? Or will we drink the usual amount because we are still on vacation? I didn't consider we'll be diamond after our February cruise. With 4 drinks a day, I think we'll be set. That really does make a big difference in our decision at least. Does anyone happen to have the kids' benefits? I'm wondering if we can forego the refreshment package for them now too.
  19. They are commonly organized on the roll calls on another site. The group tours each other's staterooms. They try to get enough people to participate so that there is a good variety of rooms to look at. Personally I don't get it. Sure I'm curious about what the other cabin categories really look like in person (as opposed to on a YouTube video), but I don't want a bunch of strangers in my cabin.
  20. I haven't seen anything saying the cruise line is not allowing cabin crawls. They aren't official RC activities, so I'm not sure they would put rules around it - I mean I'm trying to figure out how they would enforce a "you can't meet new people and show them your cabin" rule.
  21. @WAAAYTOOO asked for an update, and everything is (almost) complete. The decking around the firepit (where it was torn down and rebuilt) was fixed, and sod and sprinklers are in place. We have French drains between our house and the neighbor's which the landscapers covered with sod, so we're waiting on them to unbury the drain grates. The landscape company cut our internet line while digging for the sprinklers. Internet company came out to fix it the next day, but the internet guys cut the backwash pipe when they buried the cable. They ran to Home Depot for pvc and fixed it right away. Otherwise everything is done. The pool company provided glass for the firepit - our choices were blue or black. I'm going to take about half of the dark blue out and mix it with a lighter blue and a gold. The pool company installed an alarm on our back door late last week. The final step is for the city to inspect that device is installed. MIL came to visit the kids and see the pool at the end of August. It's gotten too cold to swim in the pool, but we've enjoyed the hot tub now that the weather has turned. At this point, I'm calling the project done. Just in time to get serious about our cruise in February!
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