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  1. I also noticed that the Fall 2022 - Spring 2023 has the same itinerary listed, but the ship is Grandeur OTS --- We're very tempted to book one of the ones in the Spring of '23.
  2. I'm not sure it's Royal requiring it .... I'm thinking it's the countries requiring it, forcing Royal to comply.
  3. Right now .... only one officially ... Sept. 19, 2021 on Oasis .... We're hoping we can book more when on board Oasis for the extra savings ... Looks like we'll book Explorer for 10/29/22 (I believe that's the date) out of Miami for the ABC's & Halloween Spring of '23 for a 5-nighter on Lady G going to Key West (hopefully) and Labadee.... Then --- going back to Bermuda later September for our 10th Anniversary (looks like that'll probably be on Enchantment) All of these we're hoping to secure once we get on Oasis.
  4. And a rebel flag on the roof
  5. That's why they're using Vision OTS --- if it goes missing, no great loss
  6. DCA won't be in play due to lack of international facilities and capacity issues ... however, BWI may be in play (along with IAD)
  7. UGH!!! I wish Southwest flew to Bermuda ..... we have a ton of credits from our canceled cruise out of SJ.
  8. Yeah.... I'll be chatting with Tyna this evening .... as for cabin .... we'll gladly take the broom closet in Steerage...... anything to get us back to Bermuda (or any ship for that matter) I would really like to know the available dates though..... the later into the summer, the better.
  9. You and I are in the same boat (pun intended) --- keep me in the loop on this one. Perhaps we can both swing this one.
  10. Very interesting ..... I guess it could work .... they already have the security in place. It would be no different than boarding on a port day, if you stagger everyone out. It's a good hour or so from the airport, so, that could be a fun ride.
  11. Ok --- you asked for it. For comparison ..... my wife's is on the left.
  12. When we took it, it was all about the rolling of the sushi.... in other words, the rice, shrimp, anything else that needed to be cooked was already pre-cooked. We had an awesome time. I learned that I'm to NOT EVER DO THAT AGAIN!!! It was Hysterical
  13. That's cool .... yeah, we're in far western Maryland (near Deep Creek Lake) ---- very easy along I-68 & I-70
  14. I know the feeling, we're supposed to be going on Oasis out of Bayonne in September. Baltimore is such an easy port to get to by car. I live about 2.5 hours due west of the port. Will you be driving or flying?
  15. Interesting how they're pulling a ship out of Europe instead of using one from "local" waters ..... There Has to be a reason, like, they're going to be using the "local" ships very soon and couldn't spare them. Hmmmm..... #SPECULATION
  16. Sounds like a preview of things to come .... This will certainly help the "bottom line".
  17. It must be ..... what let me to Scopedown was me Googling - "downloading periscope broadcasts on Android device" --- There has to be something similar for iphones.
  18. Don't forget to jump on the Facebook Group for this sailing.
  19. @KathyC -- Quick update, I ended up downloading the "Downscope" app ---- It's been real easy to work with, and, for the most part, all of the scopes that needed saved (like my wife winning Finish the Lyrics) downloaded just fine. For those still struggling, it may be worth a shot.
  20. Which date? We're on her on the 19th of September. Personally, I'm feeling pretty confident.
  21. I can't imagine they'd be leaving Baltimore. Not sure when the latest contract with the State of Maryland expires. Baltimore has been wildly successful because it's ease of access to the mid-west and the Ohio Valley --- not to mention the close proximity to two major markets, plus a third (Philadelphia) right up the road. It's possible, the ship may be changing. Vision and Radiance Class ships can fit in Baltimore.
  22. Exactly .... my first scope was arriving at the Baltimore terminal with Tyna for HER first cruise. Then the scope of HER first Sail-Away and us going under the Key Bridge. These memories are very important and I refuse to let them go.
  23. Yeah, I got completely confused by the whole thing..... I couldn't figure it out. I'm going to go one of two routes. First option, my son, who is a computer genius (he heads-up one of the teams that takes care of the computers for Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Maryland) ---- or download an app similar to Scopedown. I was looking at the reviews for a couple of apps, Scopedown was NOT one of the ones that had favorable ratings... "Snagscope" seems to have a much better positive review rating (4 out of 5 stars) ---- I REFUSE to let these memories disappear.
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