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  1. Another Vote for @michelle Cunningham. She's amazing.
  2. For those that have cruises booked on Freedom ..... check your app, my March 29th Sailing just appeared.
  3. Wow --- the potential affects on local economies could be staggering
  4. I'm 2 hours west of you, if I can cruise out of Baltimore, so can you.
  5. It never occurred to me .... good one .... although, I kept thinking of a fast food restaurant w/ delicious Roast Beef sandwiches 😃
  6. Let's see ...... mine is broken up into two parts .... Coney ---- I live in a town called Lonaconing, MD (pronounced Loan-A-Cone-ing) ----- People in these parts just call it Coney for short The second half -- Raven -- is in honor of the NFL team that should've gone to the Super Bowl this year coneyraven
  7. There are several T-shirt shops that have references to the Bermuda Triangle. As @JLMoran mentioned, check out the Clocktower Mall. I seem to recall a couple of shops in there that had T-shirts referencing the Triangle. The Mall IS within the Dockyard area.... here's a photo of it... you can't miss it.
  8. I haven't been to Luray in years ..... the Crystal Caves aren't as big, not even close, as to the mammoth size as Luray. But, what they lack in size, they make up for in beauty. In those pictures, imagine that the water has an average depth of 40 ft. --- A 4-STORY BUILDING!!! Plus, my wife and I just love Grandeur. We're def. a fan of the smaller ships.
  9. I wonder if perhaps @Matt would be willing to develop of page here, for the sole purpose of sharing links to the individual Facebook Group Pages. You know there are a lot floating out there when you consider the number of ships and each sailing.
  10. You will absolutely love Bermuda. My wife and I have been there 3 times, on Grandeur (love that ship) --- wee too live within driving distance from the port so it's real easy to get to. You mentioned Crystal Caves. Here are a few photos to get you excited. If you have specific questions regarding Grandeur, I'm here for you. If you have questions regarding Bermuda, @JLMoran and I have both been there more than once and will be more than happy to share our experiences. Mark
  11. That's us --- we're 40 Days out from Freedom ..... all that's left to do is pack ..... and trust you me, we've already started that too.
  12. @FManke - I thought you would enjoy this ..... seen at a McDonald's Drive thru earlier today. They've doing this every Spring for the past several years .... AND THEY IS GOOD!!!
  13. Exactly as @twangster was leading to, there are no steps leading up to Izumi. As for Grandeur, I would never consider her to be run-down. Does she have all the bells & whistles? No But what she lacks in bells & whistles, she makes up in enabling you to truly relax in "old style cruising" style. We absolutely love her. Breaks our heart that she's leaving. And with Enchantment coming, all you have is Chops..... hopefully that'll change before she arrives. Izumi is awesome. By far our favorite restaurant, and I'm not a sushi eater.
  14. Yeah, there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to when you'll receive your acceptance ..... The only time I tried, and was accepted was on Brilliance last April .... we found out 4 days out.
  15. We need to get Guy Fieri to that joint to feature it on Triple D --- as others have said, those fries look incredible .... a little vinegar & Old Bay would make 'em like we're "down-y O-shen"
  16. I doubt that, however, I did see an article elsewhere that the crew of the Diamond Princess will be receiving 2 months off WITH pay as a way of saying Thank You for going through all this.
  17. But here's the most important detail .... not all the ships are compatible with the app...... yet.... So, the question would be, what ship are you on? That would determine if you can use the app at all.
  18. Not all the ships have the capability of checking your account on the stateroom TV
  19. Nope .... we're on Freedom late March .... the landscape of this things could be very different by then. Just watching and waiting.
  20. So true, it's all about ratings, page clicks, "Likes" ----- a prime example as to why I don't watch The Weather Channel .... When they got bought by NBC, you could see the focus on Worst Case Scenarios in order to increase viewership. The bottom line is, it's all about the revenue.
  21. That's very good news ..... The question I would have is, what about everyone else? Since the incubation period is the reported 2 weeks, and the desire to stop the spread, it makes me wonder if any measures are being taken in regards to everyone else on board.......
  22. https://abc7ny.com/health/coronavirus-concern-ship-with-12-quarantined-passengers-arrives-in-nj/5910246/
  23. No idea .... I still think it's fascinating that the average depth is 40'
  24. If you're contemplating Crystal Caves, here are a few random photos
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