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  1. One of the things I DO know we'll be booking while we're on board..... Jewel out of SJ on 2/17/24 .... St. Maarten, Dominica, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago --- We have several friends going, so, this one is a done deal. I think what I'm most looking forward to is Trinidad & Tobago.
  2. If you haven't done so already, don't forget to join our Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/280144957080785
  3. Like Parallel Parking in Lower Manhattan ... it'll fit.
  4. Exactly my point ... I know that ..... It seems that since those two were the ones going, it was natural to assume that Vision Class ships were too big. Now we know better.
  5. Yes there is. Here's a photo of Brilliance as we were being tendered in back in 2019.
  6. Yep --- and we hit all three when we went there in 2019..... Oh, and the rum place (I completely forgot the name)
  7. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, ..... I'm taking a bow with such accolades. There's no doubt, I love Lady G. You don't realize how many windows there are with views out into the ocean until you go on the larger ships. For example, the Schooner Bar. It's all windows on the one side. When you look up through the Centrum .... it's a giant skylight at the top. Unlike the larger ships that are very horizontal in the venues ... smaller ships with the Centrum are designed to think vertically ... many items surrounding a central core as opposed to a promenade. As for questions, ask away @Revo1776 , I'll do my best to help. Mark
  8. Looks like it .... I'm noticing a lot of those these days
  9. So is Park Cafe on the smaller ships.
  10. Back in 2017, we were on Grandeur (Vision Class) ..... Baltimore to Bermuda ..... The only issue was that Hurricane Jose was in the way. So, we went over Jose on the way out, then under Jose on the way back. Was the ship rocking? Yes. But it wasn't side to side, it was up and down, front to back as we were going through the waves. The barf bags were out, but in all honesty, we were fine. I think the real key here is, BE PREPARED - Watch the Weather Channel and if it looks like the weather may be an issue, get the meds that you MAY need. My wife would wear one of those patches that go behind her ear, and, she was a rockstar. Would we go through it all over again? You betcha.
  11. There is a "work around" that does bring up Enchantment Sailings .... click on "Roll Calls" --- you'll see the list that you did a screen shot of..... then go up into the search bar and type in Enchantment..... that'll pull them up.
  12. I've noticed, it's as though the Vision Class ships were left off..... hmmm
  13. Playmakers on Oasis --- definitely Yes ..... We were able to grab some wings & beer while the Sunday Night Football game was playing on the screens in the Aqua Theatre (BTW, it was Ravens vs KC with, I believe the Ravens winning)
  14. Those that know me know that Grandeur will always be my favorite. I don't need the Bells & Whistles, I'm just glad to be on a ship....any ship. But in all honesty, I've never been able to truly chill on any other ship except Grandeur..... What I do find amusing is how folks refer to her as a "small" ship, yet, in 2016, when I took my wife on her first cruise..... to her, it was HUGE.... of course, she had nothing else to compare it to..... it's all about perspective and perception.
  15. Please add Jewel OTS --- 2/17/24. Thank You, Mark
  16. While, I've always been a fan of the paper Cruise Compass (Old School), we've really gotten used to using other means....for example, the touch screens near the elevators, the TV channel that has the scrolling list of events .... and, we found the app to be very helpful the last couple of sailings. Now, where I DID use the Cruise Compass was when it came to looking for the hours of operation for particular bars and restaurants. I seemed to use it more often for that.
  17. The Onion Ring Tower from Playmakers is insane
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