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  1. Heading aboard Enchantment in a few days (soooo excited) with my sister and elderly mom. We chose late dining but see the Headliner shows are at 7:15 & 9:30 - They look to be 45 minutes - how bad is it to show up a few minutes late for dinner? i.e. if we went to the 7:15 show which gets out at 8:00 then walked to dinner is that a total faux pas? The 9:30 would also work, but that bumps up against many of the game shows and karaoke ^^ and who wants to miss THAT!?! (not a tragedy, but would love to get seasoned travelers advise. Thanks!
  2. Hello. Haven't cruised in a loooong (22yrs) while but my sis (cruiser) and 88yr old mom (seasoned traveler) and I are "onboard" or will be Excited to go and RELAX, hoping to stay healthy after working so hard to do so. I have a few questions: 1) Although masks are not required, how many are still wearing them? 2) What is the COVID climate in Bermuda? 3) Has anyone done the BERMUDA ISLAND DRIVE BY MINI-BUS excursion? Is there lots of walking (mom is not as speedy as she used to be lol) 4) Anyone have pix of a accessible cabin, (sea view but no balcony)? Mom moves great with her wheelie walker) My apologies now (but not again-haha) The three of us haven't been together for a while and loud laughing is sure to ensue. Hope we don't get introverts at our table. ♥ Be well. And we'll see you at embarkation day!
  3. Hello! Anyone know why Enchantment of the Seas is not listed in the ROLL CALL section of the Message Boards? Went to see if anything was posted for an upcoming short trip to Bermuda and nothing from the ship is listed at all. ... Thanks for any helpful suggestions.
  4. Found the blog from watching a youtube.com and came here to find my cruise. On the Roll Calls area our ship, "Enchantment of the Seas" is not listed. Can you help? Thanks 🙂

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