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  1. Following this, too - scheduled to visit Labadee on our 1/29 sailing.
  2. We were able to use them on Odyssey, but there was a crew member there ensuring hand sanitizer use before you could use the machine.
  3. You can also fill the plastic glasses of water and dump them in to your water bottle anywhere that there's a water station - you just can't fill your bottle directly.
  4. Having done the UDP on Odyssey - it's SO much food, but it also really added to our experience on the ship to eat somewhere totally different and have a unique experience every night. We really really enjoyed it, but were constantly full. My biggest tip is remember you can go back to eat somewhere a second time if there's a lot you want to try (to help pace it a bit!)
  5. We have a balcony on our upcoming cruise on Jewel (which, will be great as it's my favorite class of ship and a great 8 night itinerary) but we're already looking ahead to the JS on Allure in October.
  6. Once the page swapped to "Pending" with no other option to modify it stayed like that for a couple weeks before my bid was accepted.
  7. Since Nachi Cocom isn't booked through the cruise line, unless the protocols change between now and your sailing this likely won't be an option.
  8. We grabbed a couple of these as Christmas presents to go with a gift card we are getting as a gift.
  9. Similar boat - we've already booked a Junior Suite on Allure for next year based on how much we enjoyed our "Royal Up" to one.
  10. Sometimes until the morning of sailing, sometimes never. In my brief experience, I found out two days before sailing. I've also heard 5 days before. I've also heard stories where it never finalized. It's hard to say, but all expired but one is a very good sign that you're in the running.
  11. I love seeing happy RoyalUp stories.
  12. The same thing happened with us - we had rain forecasted for almost every day, and even in our day in Cozumel the captain said we had a good chance of rain for a good part of the day. The weather wound up being lovely, and any rain we did see was short lived and very early in the morning. Even if it does rain, a rainy day at sea is better than a day at work on land! Plus, on a ship like the Symphony there is still lots to do.
  13. You'll know quickly if it does happen! I saw the charge from royal and the confirmation email come through very close together - all while I was going about my day after checking frequently for a couple weeks!
  14. I can confirm that as of yesterday, he was still on the Odyssey and celebrated his 9000th point last night!
  15. Also seen on Odyssey today - Super Mario’s 9000 point party in Coastal Kitchen! There was a cake and the captain apparently had come by just before we were there. Neat!
  16. I knew I butchered the spelling - haha! He’s been great though.
  17. He is very funny. Also to add to above, Captain Perre (?) is outgoing, Captain Sindre is quarantining on board to take over next cruise.
  18. Oh, and Odyssey’s Cruise Director will be going to Wonder.
  19. Routine I believe, he said it was regular captain stuff.
  20. Interesting announcement on board this morning - next sailing on Odyssey will have a new captain! He departs tomorrow.
  21. Yep! That’s what we have. I don’t mind losing the walk in at all.
  22. Honestly even with just the two of us it’s been a super nice extra.
  23. I lost a good amount of weight through Covid and I admittedly haven’t been dieting during the cruise at all. Breaks are good - I’m looking forward to getting back on track next week. I will say I’ve been wearing my Fitbit and we have been getting 10k+ steps a day and have worked out during the cruise - so there’s that!
  24. I’m on board this week and capacity has been higher than most recent sailings (~1600 passengers) and they are doing two showtimes for Showgirls. 7 pm and 930 pm. Ship still feels very light capacity. It’s been great. I will say that the reservations for the early showings were hard to get. Make sure to book basically anything that requires a reservation (iFly, North Star, any show) as soon as you board through the app to make sure you get the time you want.
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