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  1. Barbados is one of the islands that I visited on a cruise that made me say, "I want to come back here and spend some time." A cruise with a really unique itinerary is a great reason to do just that! Money well spent, imo.
  2. My husband and I will be on this cruise as well! We did a B2B on Allure for our honeymoon 5 years before and 1 additional sailing, so we're super familiar with this ship and excited to be back on board. Happy to help answer any questions!
  3. Just off of Symphony this weekend - still completely closed at all times of day. Was bummed, it's a favorite of ours for breakfast and lunch. We had made a reservation at Solarium Bistro for dinner and we received a note on day 1 saying that our reservation was cancelled due to the venue remaining closed.
  4. LOL!!! I know, they’re amazing. We did an Allure back to back for our honeymoon. Incredible experience. Have a lovely time! Very jealous - we had a wonderful week. The crew on Symphony is truly wonderful. I felt like it was such a relaxed atmosphere on board, even in the chaos of My Time Dining.
  5. Oh - and Heineken 0.0 if we really want a cold beer on board. Also not a mocktail, but I’ve come to love coconut lattes from cafe promenade or two70 on board.
  6. My go to’s are club soda with lime or ginger ale with lime and mint. Also lots of Pellegrino.
  7. Safe travels home, all! And have a wonderful B2B for those staying on board
  8. Overall we really enjoyed the excursion (Drakes Seat, Magens Bay, Skyride). The open air taxis are a fun way to see the island and tour provides some great views. Drakes Seat - only stopped for a couple minutes, but it’s a great view. Good option for some photos. Magens Bay - easily our favorite stop. Can be crowded right where the taxis drop off, so you can wander down the beach a bit for some space. There’s a beach bar with drinks and some chair rentals available, but the sand is super soft and we were happy just with our towels. We will probably just take a taxi here in the future. Skyride - unique, but definitely touristy. And stunning views. Skip the restaurant at the top. A couple shops with some cool souvenirs. There’s a shop run by a charity where we found some local coffee and a Christmas ornament that we were happy with. As a side note, if you are considering taking an independent taxi or ferry somewhere like St. John’s, we saw a couple actually get left for the first time when we departed. Please pay attention to all aboard times. It was actually super sad to see.
  9. Yep!! I’m here. Super windy and lots of movement on board today. We were on board with all dining reservations and muster completed by 11:35 yesterday!
  10. Username checks out. Seriously though, this is all great advice and I hope you feel better soon @Kirsten!
  11. I could 100% do a TA solo. It sounds so peaceful, and would be easy to fall in to a routine on board.
  12. Both on Odyssey - Angel at Giovanni's and Marlon at Coastal Kitchen
  13. Can't wait - still doesn't feel real! Luckily work is keeping me quite busy this week so the time should fly.
  14. How fun! Looks like you're having an incredible time. Thanks for sharing, and can't wait to board on Saturday!
  15. How's everything going on board?!
  16. This happened with us as well. We still went on the cruise (Cozumel and Costa Maya instead) and had a wonderful time, but really bummed we couldn't make it to Cuba. Actually, I absolutely loved Empress in general. It was one of my favorite ships and I had a second cruise booked on her before the pandemic shut everything down. Really need to get something booked on a small ship. Radiance class is still my favorite.
  17. Got accepted to move from an OV window to OV Balcony last week - happy with that move, and it's in a location I would have picked on my own anyway! Though it looks like suites are pretty booked up at this point.
  18. Oh, weird! I was able to book Solarium Bistro for dinner on my Symphony cruise in just over a week. It hadn't occurred to me that it hasn't been open yet.
  19. CK is reasonably casual - no strict dress code.
  20. Wow - that cabin looks incredible!
  21. I don't blame you! Being able to stay put is a big perk of a B2B IMO. Embarkation day is getting close - can't wait!
  22. Yeah, I've heard that before. I think that's why this is a travel destination that would appeal to me as a port visit as opposed to a place I would feel confident travelling independently.
  23. Well, I have a new 'dream' port stop. That looks like it would be incredible.
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