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  1. Just got off the NOTS and the Pizza at the Café Promenade was very good.
  2. Thank you everyone! This helps a ton!! :)
  3. I thought Water Shoes weren't allowed in the slides? My family and I purchased the Waterpark passes so figure I have to stick my sandals in a locker and be stuck in barefeet while I ride the slides. Was wondering if anyone had a better solution or if anyone had suggestions.
  4. Ok I admit, funny Title :) it wrote itself :). Seriously.. I cant be the only one that has bad Feet. It really hurts me to walk without shoes. For those of you who have similar Foot issues and have been to COCO Cay how did you manage? Is the ground hard? Any padding? If I stick my shoes in a locker to ride the slides, will I need to go get it before moving to like lets say the wave pool area etc??
  5. Looks like we are on the same cruise :)
  6. I'm less then 60 days away and mine still doesn't get past that "please check later" option. Thinking its somewhere closer to 3-40 days out. Anyone know?
  7. I'm sailing in July and it popped up a few weeks ago in the cruise planner. Maybe 2 weeks ago
  8. Thanks for the quick reply :) it will be my kids first cruise ever and my wife and I's second (yes the first was on a carnival ship). We are super excited for this trip :). Hoping this cruise goes well for my family so I can convince them to make this an annual event :) I have the cruise bug and need them to get the bug too :)
  9. Wow! What an Amazing Blog! I have to very odd questions :), 1 is the Pizza available 24/7? and 2 is soft serve ice cream available 24/7? I know they made the machines by the pool no longer 24/7 so I assume that's not open all the time. Is there another machine that is? Sorry for the weird questions , I will be traveling with my 7 year old son who has a thing for pizza and ice cream :).
  10. Is the WOW band available for all ships? Specifically does NOTS use Wow Bands?
  11. Is there any benefit in doing the Spa tour outside of a walkthrough? I know on Carnival if you do the Spa tour you get put into a few raffles for Cash on the ship.
  12. This is the best Pic I could get from my phone. Hopefully when sun comes up a little more I can get a better Pic!!!
  13. Question, is there anywhere to get Pizza at anytime of the day or night on the NOTS? My son is a pizza lover, so just curious.
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