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  1. Overall rating is poor, and yet I get a slice (or two) every night on the way to the cabin. My biggest irritation is that it can be very different from night to night, always poor, but very different. As an example one night it can have a very thin cracker type crust and others it will be more thick and floppy. I get that they may pull pies out prematurely due to customer demand , but given that is all they do, one might think they could do it consistently!
  2. I have never seen a price break or sale on the Soda Package.
  3. We have done two very different southern itineraries out of San Juan on Adventure and Love, Love, Love it down there. We will be on Navigator for the 9nt on April 13th and Super excited!
  4. If I were to rent a cabana on Barefoot beach on Labadee as a suite guests are we allowed to invite non suite guests to join us? And if so, do they actually have to be "in" the cabana or will they be able to utilize the beach chairs and umbrella on the beach?
  5. I used to ponder some of these same questions, but as I have been blessed to travel more and more, I have learned that is no shortage of people who do not think twice about plunking down $10000, $20000 even mor for even 7 night itineraries. Seven seas world cruise can cost up to $60000 per passenger for its lowest category of stateroom and it fills up in a few days. I've been on the gaming floor at Caesars in Vegas and watched $5000, $10000 buy ins on the craps table on a regular basis and it's gone in the matter of minutes. These are things I will never be able to afford, but I do keep my eyes open for deals and splurge for a GS on older ships when the opportunity presents itself. We often can get a GS on Radiance Class, Voyager class or Freedom class ships for similar cost as a balcony state room on the newer ships.
  6. We have settled on Embassy suites. It is just too conveniently located near restaurants, grocery and drug stores.
  7. Thanks Neon, in the absence of of corroborating evidence, I will go with your recommendation.
  8. Fantastic blog! I Love the pictures. I believe I saw you taking the photos up on deck 12 yesterday as I was running on the track before sunrise. We should do quick RCblog meet up somewhere on the ship. Mark A. Swisshelm on FB @m_swisshelm on twitterTwitter When people ask me how the cruise was, I'll just send them this link to look at your photos😁
  9. Adventure is barely smaller. I believe Freedom (Liberty) class ships are 3800 passengers at double occupancy and Adventure (voyage class) is about 3200 at double occupancy. Liberty is essentially a stretched out version of the same ship and I doubt you will notice much of a difference in size or crowd. Additionally! I believe adventure will have the slides by then if they don't already. Adventure also gives you the option of the 8nt itinerary assuming it falls on the correct week. We are also sailing in April 2019 on Adventure due to my sister being a teacher.
  10. So, although we have stayed in a suite before, we had never utilized the concierge services and we had barely darkened the door of the lounge. This cruise however, we have used the concierge quite a bit and we have been so impressed with the service we have received. I feel a bit stupid for not using it on previous cruises. My question is; what is an appropriate tip to leave for her? Thanks in advance, Swisshelm
  11. Not crazy at all!! One of the many things that I most look forward to while on Vacation (especially cruises) is eating with no guilt. Although I don't eat until I'm uncomfortable like I did when I was younger, i do not think twice about grabbing an extra snack at the cafe promenade or having two desserts at dinner. So loosing a few pounds precruise is always part of my SOP.
  12. We were invited for a bridge tour on Adventure as grand suite passengers in 2015.
  13. I have never sailed from Barcelona, but I think you are asking if you need to pick up your luggage from baggage claim at the airport in Barcelona and take it with you to the cruise terminal? Yes, I think you do.
  14. These are the cases of soda (w/luggage tags) delivered with the rest of our luggage to our stateroom on Allure. We are 4 for 4. That being said, I have stopped doing this (as of our las cruise in April). We always get the soda package so the soda we brought on board was so we didn't have to find a bar late after returning to our cabin or 1st thing in the morning. After doing the Math I probably save about $26 for me & $20 for my wife and that doesn't include the cost of an Uber if our hotel isn't close to a grocery store. We finally decided the extra hassle, luggage & weight isn't worth the savings. We now have our state room attendant bring us 6 at a time to keep in the fridge.
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