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  1. Vacation time was approved today.🏝️. Ready to get away from snow and put toes in sand.
  2. This is so me😊. I’m in the kid at lunch table crowd. You speak truth.
  3. Congratulations on 12 years. It’s a wonderful feeling. I started planning this cruise while going thru treatments to have something wonderful to focus on.
  4. It’s now becoming real. I just had my 2 year cancer free scan. We will be in a 2 bedroom grand suite on adventure of seas on January 4, 2020. We are going to ABC islands. It’s myself, hubby, daughter and 5 year old granddaughter.🥰. Only small issue, I can’t put in for my vacation time until November 15. It shouldn’t be an issue I hope, I told them I booked it in May 2018.
  5. 1978bucketlist January 4, 2020 Adventure of seas 1978bucketlist February 7, 2021 Empress of sea Bad influences here😊
  6. On our Adventure of sea 2 bedroom grand suite fit 8 people. Could it be a lifeboat issue since it’s last minute booking? I hope you can make the trip work for your family.
  7. On our 8 day adventure of sea cruise, no lobster is being shown on the Royal app. Hubby is very disappointed.
  8. Thanks to this site and twangster’s blog. I’m booking with a friend on Empress of seas. February7-14, 2021
  9. Thank you. She did help me. This site is wonderful.
  10. Michielle Cunningham had a quote for me Friday. The email disappeared. It’s for 2 people on 7 February 2021. Empress of sea. Jr suite.
  11. My January 4, 2020 went up also. Hopefully there will be a Black Friday deal. My DD wants it.
  12. Congratulations to your husband and JennyJenny. I know how hard it can be. I’m also a survivor also. Going on our victory cruise in January. Love the blogs. It really helps with the waiting.
  13. That’s me. I learn from everyone.
  14. This is my 1st cruise in 8 years. I also try to research. I’m on these boards every day, although I rarely post.
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