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  1. How far in advance would you need to cancel if you purchased it in advance?
  2. I was originally on this cruise with a lift and shift. Because it is now chartered ours changed. I’m truly hoping cruising is back to whatever normal is.
  3. Thank you for response. I’m so excited at the thought of sky class. We will be in an owners suite. Having extra space is special. We will be on Harmony of seas on March 6, 2022.
  4. 2nd question. How early can I look for a cabana on Barefoot beach? With the chemo drugs I have been given, I need to be in shady spot. This is my friend’s 1st cruise and I want it to be an extra special for her.
  5. Since we will be sky class and able to be on Nellie’s beach do they have the 2 people beach lounger?
  6. Will people who can’t have vaccine still be allowed to cruise? Will they be able to have covid test instead?
  7. It’s harder that my spouse cannot be with me to advocate for me. I’m going to get thru this and go on another cruise. Don’t you think I deserve a suite? All of us do for being fortunate enough to get through 2020
  8. Thank you. It doesn’t hurt to ask. This was an original booking so no FCC was used.
  9. My cruise on Empress of sea is canceled because they sold the ship I purchased travel insurance thru Alliance. Since RC canceled, do I have a chance of getting insurance refunded?
  10. I was booked on the Canada trip in September 2021. I’m bummed but sad. I’m taking the refund. The lymphoma came back and it’s a relief not to worrying about the final balance.
  11. I went from OS on empress February 2021 to OS February 2022 on Harmony thanks to Michelle from a MEI. I honestly liked the itinerary of 2021 but I’m very excited to be able to try costal kitchen.
  12. Change is really the only constant in this world. My prayers go out to Danette in this difficult time. Good luck to you and Stephanie. I have really come to appreciate the TA’s at MEI.
  13. AAA still has trip ticks. Not as user friendly as 20 years ago?
  14. What did one traffic light say to other traffic light? Don’t look! I’m changing!
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