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  1. I love watching the ocean and meeting interesting people. Not having to cook and clean are major bonus points. My dream cruise would be all over the South Pacific.
  2. On adventure of seas in January the kids club was open from 9-12 in morning, 2-5 in afternoon, 7-10 in evening. From 10pm-2am it will cost $7 per hour. My granddaughter said her favorite thing on cruise was Kids club. On port days they had kids together and open longer hours if your kiddos don’t want to do excursions.
  3. The refreshment package includes both water and soda. With refreshment package you will receive cups good for free style machine. It also includes coffee. You can cancel both coffee card and soda package.
  4. We ate at windjammer on the 1st day for lunch. I was very grateful for the suite sitting. Little M has a sensitive nose. She couldn’t take the mixture of all of the different smells.
  5. We are home now. Cold and snow instead of sun and beaches. The overall trip was what I had been looking forward to. All of us had a great experience. We had booked a 2 bedroom grand suite. We all appreciated all of the room. We didn’t use all of the storage we had even though we are part of the over packing club. My husband and I had the refreshment package. My daughter had soda package. Hubby had said he didn’t need package. I should have listened. He used it for water, soda and a couple mock tales. The mock tales I ordered where good but very sweet. I used mine for water, coffee and hot chocolate. The people at cafe knew me after the 2nd day.
  6. Congratulations. It’s wonderful to have bucket list cruise in the works.
  7. We had it out of Fort Lauderdale yesterday. We had 12:30 flight to Baltimore. Daughter had 12:35 flight to DC. Both on Southwest. 1 of my bags made it to Baltimore on 12:30 flight. 2nd one was on next flight. Last bag was on a 3rd flight. My daughter had 2 bags arrive and 2 left in Florida. I don’t know if issue was Southwest or Rccl
  8. I just got off of adventure of sea. I had refreshment package. I was able to get fresh squeezed orange juice in main dining room the one morning we ate there. We had a suite so we ate at Giovanni’s the other mornings. I was told the machine broke and was able to get fresh squeezed OJ 4 days. It was delicious.
  9. 2nd bag made it on 4:05 flight. 3rd bag will come on 6:20 flight. Southwest will Fed Ex it to us tomorrow night. We couldn’t wait any longer. Fortunately most of the clothes are in 1st 2 bags. Odds and ends in last bag. Unfortunately for my daughter most of her clothes were I. Her missing suitcases. Her suitcases didn’t leave Florida. Her husband will have to go back to airport tomorrow to get them. I guess our bags didn’t want to come back to real world.
  10. Sitting at airport waiting on lost luggage. We made flight to Baltimore. 2 of our bags didn’t. My daughter made her flight to DC. 2 of her bags stayed in Fort Lauderdale 😩
  11. Today is our last day at sea. I’m not a very good blogger🙀. It has been a great cruise even with problems. Everyone has been very kind. Little M adores the kids club. Most of staff know her. She is a bundle of energy. I think I have all of the cruise compasses and the kids club for 3-8 years. I forgot to pick up teen and tween compasses. This was worth the 2 year wait.
  12. Unfortunately it said on pier next to ship. No signage to wait here.
  13. We missed our tour. It’s definitely not clearly marked where you should wait. We waited here because of this sign. Sorry it’s sideways. I don’t know how to make up and down. You should wait where you get off ship.
  14. We are getting ready to do a tour on Curaçao. For most part cruise has been great. Few glitches here and there. Nothing to spoil trip, after all I am on a cruise. The waiter on Chops was pushy and little M has had a few melt downs. I wouldn’t expect less from a 5 year old going to bed late every day because she loves kids club.
  15. Uber was much better then Lyft. No issues going to ship. We had a very nice driver.
  16. We are sitting in room waiting on bell hop. When we get to lobby we will call Uber. Not going to make it by 10:30. We are on vacation. As little M says “It will be fine”
  17. We arrived last night at Embassy suites. This hotel is good for us. The made to order breakfast is delicious. The arrival last night with Lyft was not great. After waiting 40 minutes The 1st driver was a no show. The 2nd driver was very good. This was my 1st trip with Lyft. Now I know to make sure driver is rated 5 star. We we’re exhausted after finally checking in. We ordered food to go at on-site restaurant. The food was mediocre at best and was expensive for what we received. We will get last minute shopping done today. We want to get egg crate for bed. We will probably take Little M to beach today. One more sleep until we board. We will try Uber tomorrow. Wish us luck.
  18. We called driver 5 times. The 1st time it went to voice mail while he was supposedly on his way. When it said he arrived called 4 more times and he hung up on hubby each time. We will try to contact Lyft support today. Thank you.
  19. We used Lyft for the 1st time today. It wasn’t a pleasant experience. The driver Edony was supposed to be there in 15 minutes. After waiting 40 minutes he said he was there and he canceled. We were waiting at stand b as instructed. He never showed up. The 2nd driver came in 8 minutes and was fantastic. What can we do about 1st driver?
  20. We have over packing down to an artform. We are waiting for shuttle to take us to airport. Flight leaves at 4:30. Little M is beyond excited.
  21. We arrived at Baltimore Hilton Garden. We thought we had booked a park and fly rate. That’s not what we have. We will have to pay $8 dollars a day while we are away. 3 more sleeps to board.
  22. Happy and healthy New Year to all🎆
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