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  1. Jan 23rd on Explorer. So excited to be back on a boat. Last cruise was on Vision Feb 2020 right as covid hit.
  2. On this same cruise and been following closely these ports. They've been allowing ships to dock with less than 1% positivity as their measure from my understanding.
  3. Hi! I am flying in on the 23rd myself and have been told they are accepted for entry to PR as well. When you register on Travel Safe PR you can upload your docs and get a QR code to make entry into PR much less time consuming as well. Safe travels
  4. I called today because I'm about 2 weeks out and was told it's "invite only"... but was also given an email to email them to ask for an invite. There's def rooms avail to upgrade to... but I was quoted +$1,000. Wondering if it's bc I'm on Explorer?
  5. Run into this out of PR as well.. decided to stay the night to monday and we'll still save money with hotel vs flying home Sunday.
  6. Keeping me hopeful that my 1/23 ABC cruise keeps !!
  7. Anyone else battling excitement with anxiety for our upcoming cruise?
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