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  1. Off the ship tomorrow. It’s been wonderful. Our cabin steward said passengers are increasing next week but not staff. He will add three more rooms to clean. He has 15 rooms now. Actually, more since he does our two bedroom. That’s a lot! Our Genie said the crew loves Giovanni’s steak the best. We tried it. Nowhere as good as the suite’s steak. So far, the steak there wins, but tonight is Chop’s steak. Service as 150 was the best. We celebrated Danielle’s birthday first sea day, and Mary’s last night. Both cakes were he best ever. I’m amazed at the art work on each and both were really good. Mary’s was the best cheesecake and was covered in fruit. Both were special. Star class had an hour this morning on the flow rider. Our guys had fun! I’ll write more tomorrow.
  2. Another day in paradise - Costa Maya today. Beautiful weather. I’ve gained weight, pants don’t lie.
  3. Wow. That looks good. Our’s a bit different and overcooked. Service was great!
  4. Also, the Chefs table was up the stairs in the diamond lounge which looks out to the Aqua theater. Before the lounge closed it was noisy. Room was nice. Table was nice.
  5. I’m not a big steak eater too. That said, you do know a low grade piece of meat. We were all surprised. A couple there said it’s never been like that! I’m not a four hour dinner eater either. On a different note, my hubby had a woman make a pass at him in the casino. I would of loved to see his expression! After the slot tournament, a woman told hubby it was fun but not as fun as this. Between her exposed breasts she had a necklace. She pulled the bottom of the necklace which exposed a penis. Like a penis is going to do it for him. I guess what happens on a cruise stays on the cruise.
  6. Chef’s table last night. Pictures above. It took four hours. Yes, you read that right. We had 12 people. Service was excellent. We had a problem with the steak dish. Ten people had their steak cooked more than what they asked for. I didn’t eat mine at all. Not only was the steak cooked too much, the meat was not good. Cheap meat. My hubby and I left after three and a half hours, before dessert. Kids stayed and were not impressed by the wonder dessert. If I had to pay for the meal I would of been upset. Our table mates were wonderful. We laughed, and with each glass of wine they had, we laughed even more! Once again, the service was really good. Our waiter was very attentive. He even offered to get us food from other restaurants if we didn’t like what they were serving. The failure happened with the cooking. We had an open night after dinner so we hit the casino. I swear this has been the fastest loosing cruise for me. I have seen people win jackpots from a thousand to ten thousand. The casino is busy with the smoking section busier than the non smoking side. The non smoking side is bigger, and there is a good separation between the two. Today we are off to see the monkeys. We are really looking forward to that! I’ll check in later with you all. My advice is start saving your money to experience star class!
  7. Dry cleaning services are really good. So much better than our cleaners at home. Our door bell only rings once for our breakfast order and once in the afternoon for snacks. FYI: We were just in the elevator (two of us) with two Officers. Our cards were visible and either Officer said anything to us. Don’t think they memorized star class passengers. Then again, last night while I was walking an officer did say, Good evening Madam. I’m so impressed with Star Class…,I’m looking to book again. Star Class is hard to explain. You just can’t imagine what you don’t know. Even with the bad bathrooms, I would still recommend the 8th floor two bedroom Aqua Suites. It really isn’t a problem walking to the back of the ship. chef’s table soon!
  8. Yesterday we had breakfast on our outside balcony. Lunch at Park Cafe and dinner at Hibachi. Everyone should do breakfast on the balcony. Weather was perfect though it did rain a little later. Hit the casino. I lost again. Hubby won. I’ll write later about that. Have to get ready for another breakfast on our balcony.
  9. Snacks before dinner. I understand the love of Star Class now. I’m hooked.
  10. One thing for sure casino didn’t like me last night, but I’m not one to give up that easy! We ate in the suite lounge last night for steak night. Of my gosh, it was absolutely wonderful. Our genie, Nicol, said the best steak was at the Italian restaurant. Will test that out. Speaking about our Genie. He is a kick ass one. He really is making star class! He spent some time at breakfast on our balcony talking with us. Room service guy is really good too. He said he would be taking care of our breakfast all week. Let him know of any special treats we would like. Our Genie is on his second “tour’ as there was no replacement for him. His break starts in April. He has four rooms this week. We love our two bedroom Aqua suite on deck eight. I would recommend it! We don’t mind the walk to the room as we are walkers. Im hosting our slot tournament at 11 this morning. Got to go get ready. Also, very few people are wearing a mask. The cruise is back to normal standards. I’ll find out how many people are on the ship!
  11. We made the rookie mistake of ordering too much food at lunch, but didn’t stop us from having ice cream! Tonight is steak night in the suite lounge. our Genie, so far, is awesome! We happy, happy, happy!
  12. Here’s was our surprise; the master bathroom bathtub/shower isn’t equipped to have someone over 5’9 take a shower standing straight up. Here’s our six ft one son standing in the tub.
  13. Star class check in was unreal. We were escorted through the whole process. Genie is here. Waiting for boarding to start.
  14. First leg of the trip. Trying to figure out how to post pictures from my phone. Next stop to put mascara on! Fix my hair. I’m not a morning person.
  15. What the heck! We have no entertainment listed and we board on Sunday. Is this a first?
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