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  1. Happy Thanksgiving 🍽 hope everyone has a wonderful day.
  2. I also lost my booked cruises on Oasis April 21 and 28 2024. They said in email that we are on our own for any price changes. Also stated it was getting ready for 12 day transatlantic to Europe . This is very disappointing it was our 35th wedding anniversary b2b.
  3. Our talented bartender at Sabor! With a strawberry daiquiri on his head talent The sweetest person on the ship… Ms Lusi at Ben and Jerry’s with her assistant this lady is so special and remembers everything you order and your name.
  4. 10/7/22 Coastal kitchen dinner:lobster tails so good Lobster Scallops
  5. @Ampurp85 had they stopped giving the luggage tag away? It was in package with the pin.
  6. Our suite sun deck bartender Romeo Apple mimosa so happy right now
  7. Chef’s Table Allure has the best location for the venue. It has an awesome view. Our server was a magician and artist. We highly recommend Chefs table. On a scale of 1-10 I put it at a 15!
  8. 10/6/22 Our excursion today was Beauties of Curaçao. Of course we were on a bus but it was raining. So please cause pictures with rain drops. naked chicken Nena Sanchez gallery now random excursion pictures
  9. Day 5 Aruba back on ship.Port wonderful here. Here is a picture of the wonderful Allure of the seas. Then an airplane about to land but not in the ocean lol
  10. 10/4/22 continued lunch we had Giovanni’s dinner-we had Samba Grill We enjoyed Samba. Filet Mignon is wonderful, that was my choice because I love a good filet! Others who ate lamb said it was very good.Our server was one of the best So today was our galley tour and bridge tour. helipad from bridge our sweet genie Romina giving our tour! captains chair
  11. Dinner 10/3/22 Coastal kitchen: filet night filet was so tender you really didn’t need a knife!sides: Escargot And then i was surprised with a song And cake to celebrate my birthday. The entire crew and even other patrons joined in to sing . I was very impressed!! Red velvet cake Romina our genie is very sneaky with the celebrations and I loved it so much!
  12. Special update: We were able to get more information as to why we never had heard from any of the genies or received the questionnaire and the problem was that Royal didn’t have my correct email . I just would like to make clear it was never anything the genies had done. I now understand if that happens again how to connect before sailing.
  13. Labadee was fantastic! Great weather awesome meal at barefoot beach! When we returned to ship we found this:wow genie Romina can really make things special . Above and beyond the call of duty
  14. Dinner Sunday nightbest bread on ship scallops lobster thermidor this was the worst thermidor we have ever had. 3 small pieces barely any lobster mostly mushrooms Lamb Wellington fried cheesecake
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