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  1. Agreed. I have unmasked, complete strangers closer to me at work than I did at any point on the ship (or during check in it/disembarkation). Everybody on a ship WANTS to be there and has made the personal decision to follow all protocols required.
  2. This crossed my mind. I'm not stressed about it. So many things constantly changing...things will work out whether we check in at noon or 3
  3. Yup. We checked in for our 11/5 sailing a few weeks ago. Only time slot available was 3-330. On the 11th I looked at it and was able to change the time to 12-1230. We got the confirmation email shortly after Today our account shows we can’t check in till 9/21.
  4. Increased gratuities start with Grand Suite. Real world experience: We Royal Upped from a balcony to Junior Suite last week and gratuities stayed the same….$14.50 pp/pd as I recall
  5. Yup here too I just figured it was something on my end
  6. Here's our point of view after spending a couple days in a row at CocoCay last week. On both days we utilized the complementary areas and food. We were extremely satisfied and have no complaints. Chill Beach was very enjoyable, and we had no problems finding a set of chairs and umbrella. Getting food was simple. Disclaimer: CocoCay was nowhere near full capacity. Some people we met onboard the first day on the ship spent one of the days at the Beach Club and really enjoyed it. Based on this feedback, we decided to book it if the price ever dropped from >$100 pp. Looking at the Cruise Planner for the second leg of our upcoming back to back, we saw it went from $160ish to $88ish (I can't remember the exact amounts), so we booked it. We are curious how we'll like the experience and want to see if we feel it'll be worth the extra cost when ship capacities start getting back to normal. I'll let you know what our thoughts about it are mid-November.
  7. I remember when Red Lobster tried to make a go of it in Maine.
  8. Not at all. I’m anxious to see our Platinum level show up after last week’s cruise. Even though we got off the ship yesterday, I checked. We made it to Platinum the old fashioned way. Now, with the double points promotion, we’ll be Diamond by the end of 2022.
  9. Our recent junior suite cost us $500 total through Royal Up. Before I submitted the bid, I did a mock booking and it was $1700 more than we paid for our balcony guarantee, so we paid $1200 less than if we booked it. We personally have no problems with not getting the extra suite C&A points for this cruise
  10. I believe a lot of recent successful low dollar bids are because of reduced capacity. If they can get more money out of people for a cabin that otherwise would have been empty, it’s good for them. Cabins are perishable….once the ship sails, there’s no way to sell it, so $200 more dollars for someone to upgrade is better than zero dollars. It’s a variation of what we do in the grocery business…. ”your first loss is your best loss” It’s also a good time to get people to experience cabins they otherwise wouldn’t book on their own for full price. For example, we wouldn’t have paid full booking price for a junior suite, but after a successful low dollar Royal Up, we are more inclined to book one if the cost isn’t that much more than the lower category cabin that we were going to book anyway.
  11. Coco Beach Club just dropped from $160ish to $89 for this cruise.
  12. This is a four night sailing (mon-fri). We are also on the three night immediately prior (fri-mon), and everything at CocoCay is twice as much for that one I’d say Royal is looking to capitalize on people taking a long weekend cruise.
  13. We just booked it for our November 8th Freedom sailing for $89 pp. Up until today it was $162 each. We would never considered it except we met some people on this cruise who tried it on the second day at CocoCay this week. They really enjoyed it, so when we saw the price drop we said why not.
  14. That’s a good idea. I never thought about it when I turned off airplane mode at Cozumel yesterday.
  15. We haven’t been able to check in, but I believe it’s because it’s the second one of a back to back. I’m not over concerned since we’ll be onboard. I just tried again to see what would happen, and I guess they don’t let you check in when you’re currently on a cruise.
  16. I can’t even fathom being away from my family like that. Our MDR waiter runs the Cafe Promenade at 530 am, and being an early riser, I’ve had the chance to get to know him. His daughter just turned one…he’s been on the ship since April. I had a hard time being away from our kids for a long weekend. It reminds me of being on deployments with guys who were husbands and fathers.
  17. I think everyone can agree it’s a crappy system. As a person who has worked in customer service for over three decades, I’m a very glad my company doesn’t function this way. There are definitely things that need to be addressed and instances where employees should be disciplined, but giving customers 100% of the power, 100% of time has always been difficult to sell to me. I am aware that bad interactions happen due to the fault of a crew member, but my biases lead me to see a-hole guests and think about how I would act in the same situation. Honestly, I don’t know how the crew does it, and after every cruise I feel the need to up my customer service level at my job All that being said, it’s my personal opinion that the pandemic has changed the customer service experience for both customers and employees, and not necessarily for the better. There’s no way I could be a “10” at work all the time. It’s tough being human.
  18. I wear glasses and not only am wearing a mask aboard this week, I’ve had to wear one at work for what seems like forever. Play with where your glasses sit on your face in relation to where the mask is. You’ll find the sweet spot where your glasses won’t fog too much. For me, my glasses just sit in the upper edge of the mask. At work I go in and out of a cooler all day long, so I can relate to the frustration of wearing a mask with glasses.
  19. It’s an interesting experience being on Adventure and at CocoCay with so few guests. It’s 930 on a sea day morning and there are tons of empty chairs on the pool deck and in the solarium. Hot tubs are empty. We’re on the starboard side of the solarium and there are only two other people sitting down The energy level is definitely much more subdued, but that’s ok with me.
  20. Welcome to CocoCay i enjoy watching how smoothly the ships slide up to the pier Is anyone from here on her today? We will be on her for 7 nights total in just about two months.
  21. And Brilliance is leaving now.
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