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  1. Lol We heard this on Freedom back in November while waiting in the line to get our covid test for the back to back cruise. I laughed and asked them why they thought they were better than the rest of us who were waiting our turn. They didn’t answer. Then we ended up sitting near them in the lounge for the b2b meeting. They didn’t reply this time either when I said “hello again”.
  2. Glad she wasn’t hurt. Fingers crossed for your GS.
  3. I'd better not test positive. I'd rather a high of 69-70 at CocoCay on Monday than a high of 5-6 at camp....which is where I'll be if I can't cruise.
  4. I got something similar for our cruise this weekend after reading your posts. I’m all about tech, but I like hard copies, too.
  5. If you have ANY concerns about where you may end up, I say skip the Royal Up program.
  6. Yea. I’m very glad we changed our flight down to Friday. We live just west of Portland. It could be pretty messy on Saturday.
  7. When we were there in November it was a cloudy, cool day and we opted to go back onboard. This coming Monday we have Beach Club passes. Not sure what we’re going to do. I guess we can look at the weather app on our phones to remind us how cold it is at home compared to Cococay.
  8. My immediate manager and store manager are trying to figure out a way for me to not have to work, but with all the absences and pending nor’easter, it’s all available hands on deck. I am sliding my shifts to early morning to avoid people as much as possible. I’m starting at 3 am the next three days. Hopefully that will help.
  9. The home stretch is going to be interesting. Two more people from my work tested positive.
  10. We haven’t planned anything for St Thomas. In St Maarten, we’re doing a snorkeling tour with Captain Bob’s. https://www.viator.com/tours/St-Maarten/Captain-Bobs-Most-Popular-Speed-Boat-Snorkeling-and-Beach-Tour/d728-101575P1
  11. We are on a 5pm flight. Best we could do with our work schedules. My work will be slammed with people panicking about the impending storm.
  12. Woke up at midnight to schedule at Walgreens to cover all the bases. Flying down two days early now because of the potential storm coming to the northeast on Saturday. If local tests fail and the home ones don’t arrive in time, we’ll look around Miami. Worst case, we have the appointments at the port.
  13. My wife and I enjoy the anticipation of both GTY cabins and Royal Ups, but that is because we're cheap thrifty, and on most cruises we genuinely do not care where our cabins are. However, we booked our first aft balcony for our 2023 Europe sailing, and there is no way we will risk that by bidding on a Royal Up. I say if you are happy with your current cabin and are concerned about getting a bad location, don't buy into the Royal Up hype.
  14. Well, we're currently on hold with the airline trying to change our flight to Friday.
  15. We’re not usually people who pay attention to the forecast a week out, but a local meteorologist just posted this potential map for Saturday. There’s a lot of time for the storm track to change between now and Saturday, but we are now considering changing flights to Friday after work. A 954 mb low off the coast of New England could potentially make flights interesting
  16. It's showing up on the "Daily Planner" section of the app for me. It won't let me add it to "My Calendar" until we board. I'll try to take a screenshot with my phone and add it here
  17. Here’s our latest: Sailing date: Jan 30, 2022 Royal Up email received: Dec 23, 2021 Successful bid email received: Jan 15, 2022 Edited to add: We originally booked a Neighborhood Balcony Guarantee and were assigned a cabin prior to receiving the Royal Up offer email. Our successful bid was for an Ocean View Balcony...minimum bid was $40 pp and we bid $60 pp.
  18. I’m more worried about pre-cruise testing than I have been in the past. Not only because there have been so many coworkers testing positive, but test appointments are being canceled and/or changed to pcr tests. Worst case, we’ve made appointments at the port for $105 each, but it would suck to have to quarantine in Miami. Good thoughts here though!!! Next Monday morning we won’t have to wake up at 330 am (but we probably will )
  19. I don’t know if this is the case on all ships or not, but we’ve found the earliest to get room service is 6 am. We wake up much earlier than that, so we wait at the Cafe Promenade a lot, too.
  20. If we end up having to test last minute at the port, I’ll let everyone know what the procedure is and how it does or doesn’t affect boarding. The instructions say to select the time slot a half hour before your scheduled check in time. Our check in time is 1130 and I was able to get an 1100 test appt. When my wife registered after, the latest time available was 1030, so it shouldn’t affect boarding too much.
  21. There was a pay later option that we chose.
  22. Yea. I hate the scrambling. We will be able to get tested at the port as a last resort, but we’re hoping that either the kits we ordered show up in time, or we are able to get tests Walgreens…we are going to go on their website at 12 am Tuesday and try to book, then hope any appointments we can get aren’t canceled. Test availability around here plummeted over the past few weeks. On a side note, if one of us tests positive, I’d rather do it at home instead of in Florida. I guess If one of us does, we have the covid coverage in our trip insurance.
  23. We ordered a six pack last night and have fingers crossed.
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