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  1. On top of knowing you were most likely going to invade Europe before you could go back west.
  2. We book GTY cabins when we absolutely do not care where our cabin will be.
  3. Anytime I’ve cancelled something in the cruise planner that I bought with obc, the obc was reinstated right off. Royal said 14 days days for cc refund. I’m guessing it’ll be at least 14 business days.
  4. You won’t be fighting 6000 people for seats at any show. There are so many things going on at any given time that people are dispersed.
  5. Yea. That’s the one. Thanks. As exposed and beat up as it is, we always like seeing it.
  6. That dilapidated villa looking place you can see when at the outer pier has always intrigued me.
  7. The charge on my cc went from pending to posted today. It’s not a big deal to me since I know it will be refunded. I was just surprised to see it actually posted rather than be allowed by Royal to fall off. I guess I’m not that knowledgeable about how that stuff works.
  8. Blogs certainly aren’t responsible for local port security’s on the spot decisions.
  9. In September of last year we had to stay a night in Dallas due to flight connection timing problems. There was a flight attendant in the hotel shuttle with us who we chatted with, and this is gist of what she told us. Most airlines are now using automated ticketing systems (ie computer programs). The programs don’t take anything other than raw data into consideration….so if the minimum connection time is 50 minutes, then you get 50 minutes regardless of which airport you’re connecting in. The common sense that a human booking your flights would bring is gone…..so your minimum connection time in Atlanta is the same as it would be in Portland, Maine.
  10. I bought it for two cabins....one package for each cabin (two different reservation #s). Each reservation # now has $50 obc. The packages show up on my order history, but that will work itself out over time. The $177.98 still shows as "pending" on my credit card, so it's not really a charge against my limit. I'm pleased with the outcome.
  11. Oh. I screwed that up. it’s in March 2025. 8-night Southern Caribbean on Adventure
  12. Lol We booked a cruise for March 2025 in March 2022. edit: I had the wrong year
  13. It blows my mind that I can still see it in my Cruise Planner (albeit "sold out") as well as in my Order History as "Booked". I know it's not going to happen, but you'd think there would be some communication from RC, at least within the Cruise Planner. I don't do Facebook or Twitter, so I've only seen the copy/paste of their communication with other people.
  14. We had US domestic flights cancelled on two out of our last three cruises (over the past 13 months). Thankfully they were flights home on disembarkation day, although we flew to the cruise two days early for both “just in case”. Those experiences were the reason we changed our third cruise to a port we could drive to and ate the change fee. We’re flying to Europe for a cruise in October of this year and are leaving the US four days early. Our flight times have already changed a bunch, and we expect more changes as we get closer.
  15. Damn. I thought the $3899 I saw for our Anthem cruise next February was bad. It’s like they said “ Hold my beer”.
  16. I just came across this thread...sorry for not finding it until now. We are taking our son, daughter in law, and our two granddaughters on this cruise. It'll be their first cruise. My wife and I went on Anthem for the first time last month and we really enjoyed it. We especially enjoyed not having to fly to the port. Since it was our first time on a Quantum Class ship, the first thing we did when we boarded was tour the ship (on our own). We started on Deck 3 and went up deck by deck to the top. We ate a big breakfast so we weren't hungry right off, which allowed us to avoid the crowds at the various food venues. Our favorite places on the ship were (in no particular order): 270, The Music Hall, and the Solarium.
  17. @NotPayinExtra You are coming across like I am arguing against good customer service. I’m not. I have more customer service experience than you may realize, and I understand the need to make things right when you screw up. I also understand that things have changed over the past three years, and Royal Caribbean may not care. I would love for the two packages I booked to be honored, but I’m not going to lose sleep over it. While it’s way down on my priority list of concerns, I do understand it’s important to others.
  18. So here’s the kicker….scroll down to #18 https://www.royalcaribbean.com/terms-and-conditions/digital-terms-of-use-and-end-user-license-agreement
  19. I’d rather them just cancel everyone than honor the mistake, and jack up the baseline price of all cruises to recover their losses. I knew it was too good to be true, and I’m pretty sure most everyone else did.
  20. It shows “Sold Out” for the Feb 2024 Anthem sailing we night it for. Cancellations incoming??
  21. If nothing else, this added some excitement to the weekend. A change of pace from the regular subjects.
  22. On the cruise I just booked it for, the Key is $41.99/day. I wonder if the VIP pass is supposed to be $88.99/day. It’s nice to read that people who called in are just booking it in one name per cabin.
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