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  1. its quite easy if someone is very fraudulent for them to see if there are a ton of credits added manually through C&A. I would imagine they would just periodically scan or check. I just got off Oasis of the seas and like Traveling Mike mentioned, the C&A rep on ship is useless and discouraging. I have photos, even bought the photo when you get on the cruise ship, and the rep wouldn't even look at it. The experience does leave a sour taste in my mouth and honestly I've been quite loyal to royal. But with MSC entering the market and many cruises not booked out you would think they would want to increase loyal customer's satisfaction. This has made me a bit more apprehensive to book my next cruise with them. I actually booked a non-royal cruise next (disney, since I have young children) Takeaway: I'm glad some people were able to work with C&A online, I just know the ones on the ship are pretty useless. So if you do have a request, don't bother asking on a ship, better off just calling and email.
  2. I had a similar experience of them only accepting old seapass card. So I was unsuccessful. I have the welcome photo that says "song of norway" and know it was 1993, and pinpointed the date to roughly within 3 days (as my birthday was aboard the ship) and they wouldn't give me credit. If you get any success, would love to know. or find a way to look up old sailings. you would think they would give credit for very old cruises easily, as recognition really doesn't cost them anything, yet happier customers are more likely and willing to spend more money and share the positive experience with others to entice onto RCL cruises.
  3. Does Blue Lagoon have multiple times for the same excursion? We are cruising with another family and they booked dolphin encounter for 2pm. And we booked a week later, but just noticed the time was 330pm. Are they very strict on times? I can't see 2pm as an option and the other family can't see 330pm. I would prefer to go at 2pm, just don't know if they actually stick to these separate times, or is there flexibility
  4. Hi All, I have a cruise leaving out of Cape Liberty Bayonne on 7/8/22 on Oasis of the Seas. I currently have a check-in time of 11am with a daughter that is only 3, so she needs a covid antigen test. How early will they let me in? I wanted to get on boat ASAP to book activities and was thinking of going to the terminal at 1030am, but I read on other messages that they are pretty strict on times for check-in at Cape Liberty Bayonne. Has anybody been able to check-in and get the test early than 11am? I heard it can take up to an hour to get results and there is no cellphone reception to receive results. thanks for any help,
  5. I was fortunate enough to get a repricing and because it was after the final payment, received onboard credit. Does anybody know if you can use onboard credit for the deposit for the next cruise booked on a ship?
  6. actually, just realized that since it is a sea day, Adventure Ocean won't be open (sea days it closes 12-2pm, and the lunch is at 1130), so I guess I will book and bring kids
  7. thanks for the info. i think i will just book w/o kids and see about adding them. worst case I'll just take the OBC if we need to cancel
  8. Hi All, Some questions about booking Taste of Royal Lunch 1) How long is it? -considering leaving kids at AO if it is a longer meal and if kids are comfortable away from parents. 2) add kids on cruise to pre-purchased easily onboard? -ideally like to leave kids at AO, but if we need to add them to Taste of Royal Lunch - is it difficult? 3) if we need to cancel the pre-purchased lunch, will we get a refund/OBC? if we change our mind during the cruise but before the lunch? thanks for any input
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