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  1. Unfortunately 2 members (so far) of my 8 person group that boarded this sailing have tested positive for COVID since our September 11th return date
  2. Thanks Matt I love all ur videos on YouTube i went on Majesty of the Seas 9/13-9/20/1992 The only proof I have is a souvenir photo I bought from the Photo Shop along with RCL paper frame it came with. RCL says they don’t have records that go back that far so they can’t validate my claim that I was on board and won’t award me the 7 C&A points that I’m entitled to. I’m asking for any suggestions on how to proceed. Thank You - Dan S LI, NY
  3. Thanks for all the feedback people !!! I’m amazed that they can track people on Boats from the likes of the Mayflower as well as the millions through Elis Islands centuries ago but in the computer age not me n my wife in 1992
  4. Booked & just today registered information for boarding pass Cant Wait !!!!
  5. Hi Guys Does anyone has any suggestions for getting R&C Credit for a 7 day cruise I took 9/13/92-9/20/92 on Majesty of the Seas. Unfortunately I do not have any remnants like a Sea Pass or Booking number as RCL would like as proof. I purchased some photos on board but RCL will not honor it unless it has a time stamp. Apparently RCL does Not keep passenger data from that long ago. I remember getting a “Passenger List” (remember those ?) at the end of the cruise but I don’t have that anymore either. Any suggestions will be Greatly appreciated Thanks
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