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  1. I will be up early Saturday morning to see the Symphony turn around before docking. We can see the ships turn around from our room at the Marriott. EDIT: Saw the Symphony making its 180 degree turn at 3:15 this morning.
  2. I was on the Ovation in August and the Symphony next Saturday. While I prefer the newer ships, the Explorer is a classic. I did the ABC islands in February 2020 on the Explorer before the shut down and have her booked for December 2022. I don’t think the planned amplification took place but rather a limited refurbishment.
  3. We moved from a 1:00 to an 11:30 checkin. I’m happy to have the earlier time since our hotel checkout time is 11:00.
  4. I was on the Ovation last August and called guest services the first day and was able to get a case of Evian liter sized bottles. They were not shown online before sailing, just the canned water
  5. I originally had the earliest checkin time 1:00 on Symphony December 4th. A few days ago, earlier checkin times opened up and I was able to get 11:30. See if you are able to modify the time.
  6. I will be on the Symphony December 4th, the same night as the Big Ten championship game. I’m hoping OSU will be there! It will also be aired on Fox
  7. I just got mine today, they expired 9/21/2021 (December 21, 2021 with extension). I was hoping to get a later expiration date.
  8. I’ve used Sunshine limos before. We usually ask for the Escalade but rode by limo once. They met us in baggage claim holding a sign.
  9. I have brought an 14” fan in my suitcase for over 20 cruises. One time they held my suitcase in security but let me take it anyway.
  10. I had a similar situation in Bayonne before a cruise. We ended up just booking an additional night so we would be guaranteed to have a room. The manager of the hotel did give us a break on the room rate.
  11. I paid my final payment and checked in for the 12/4 cruise on the Symphony but appears I’ll have to check in again.
  12. What is your sail date? Just curious how far out it was before they made the 12:00 checkin available. We sail on the Symphony December 4th.
  13. We were on the Ovation a few weeks and met up with CruiseGus from this site. We had a great week and hope to meet other cruisers on this Symphony sailing.
  14. Thanks or the info from another Buckeye (Westerville). Our public library has test kits also. I may go that route for our December cruise. For our Ovation cruise two weeks ago, we had a Covid test scheduled at CVS. They canceled our appointment the night before so we had to scramble to find another place.
  15. Yes, passport is required. We just sailed on the Ovation last week. The White Pass train is not able to go into Canada since there are bridges being repaired. Our excursion was shortened by 45 minutes.
  16. I’d never pick an inside cabin, reminds me of my Navy days on an aircraft carrier. We always get a junior suite or above near the rear elevator. Back when we cruised on Carnival, we were ok with cabins with just a porthole. Once we sailed on the Mariner in a junior suite on our first Royal cruise, that spoiled us.
  17. Mariner of the Seas in 2004. Prior to that it was all Carnival cruises. We haven’t sailed on a Carnival ship since ?
  18. Ocho Rios and Fallmouth Jamaica. Dunn’s River Falls was fun 25 years ago but is so crowded now.
  19. I also avoid the casino due to the smoke. I wish Royal Caribbean would follow Celebrity’s lead and ban smoking in the casino.
  20. We started out on the Voyager class but have been on the Freedom, Oasis, and Quantum classes too. We like them all and choose based on who is traveling with us (kids) or itinerary (scuba/snorkeling spots).
  21. Once the bid is made, you can only modify the bid amount. You will have to cancel your bid, then re-bid with the new payment information.
  22. Yes, I bid on a Grand Suite but later retracted my bid. I decided to try to Royal Up on a 12-day cruise on the Anthem in December instead, although there is probably a better chance on this cruise with reduced capacity.
  23. We are on the same cruise and have a 11:45 flight. We were planning on getting Clear and using luggage valet but we might just book a later flight. I hate to do that because we get home pretty late with the current flights.
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