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  1. My go-to's are the Renaissance and Hilton Marina, both on 17th. Plenty of eats and shops within walking distance.
  2. Did a b2b on Allure in June. Looking aft it was very obvious that while the center and portside pods were functioning normally, the starboard pod was limping along. It most definitely affected our top speed.
  3. St Maarten is about 1150 nautical miles to Port Canaveral. At 21kts, that takes about 55 hours to sail. Leaving St. Maarten as scheduled only left about 60 hours to be back for Sunday morning.
  4. I was on this sailing as well. Oasis class ships have a limited number of options for ports. It was simple math. Time vs. Distance vs. Speed simply would not allow for any other option, either before St. Maarten or after.
  5. Did this on Oasis last year. Very well done and informative. i thought it was well worth it.
  6. Been soooooo long since I've been here... looking forward to following along Karah!
  7. I loved sailing from Galveston before retiring to Florida. This would be a great thing for everyone involved. The biggest question mark? The port of Galveston Authority. If anyone can mess it up, they can!
  8. I've used all the places on 17th street (Pier66, Hilton Marina, Renaissance, Embassy, HI Express, Extended Stay). No issues with any. All (except Pier66) within walking to all the shops and eateries in the area. That said, my favorites are Hilton Marina and Renaissance
  9. Wow. On another note, retired over here in '16 from Baytown...just up the road from you!
  10. I return from Oasis the Sunday before, but I'd drive down to Miami any day that week! We'll see...
  11. Barrachina's has an awesome menu also! A must for me every visit to OSJ!
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