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  1. The link to check-in is usually right below the names on this screen. I know a few of the features on the app vary by ship so it may be possible that Brilliance doesn’t offer app check-in yet? Not sure. You should still be able to check-in online.
  2. I use the CruiseMapper app too. Especially the live maps feature - if I am on a cruise and see another ship on the horizon and want to be able to identify the ship and know where it is going / coming from.
  3. Grease on Independence is a production show. However, I did learn from the backstage tour that it was changed and abbreviated slightly with the approval of the Broadway producers to allow for a shorter runtime on the ship that wouldn’t require an intermission.
  4. Depending on your sailing, the menu may be available in your Royal Caribbean app already and the menu in the app shows the price for each item.
  5. 1. Columbus Cove 2. Labadoozie 3. Repeat step 2 as needed. Labadee is great - very beautiful and relaxing. You'll love it, I am sure!
  6. Yes! It’s on my bucket list so I’m searching pretty regularly. An easy way to find them is to “search by port” on the RC website. For instance, here is a link to the page on Labadee (https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-to/labadee-haiti) that shows all of the itineraries to Labadee and you can scan through and see there are a couple of “& Perfect Day” cruises which also stop at CocoCay.
  7. Good advice because flight prices change by the minute and it will drive you mad if you’re so concerned with getting the best possible price.
  8. That’s what I do and look at booking the flights about 60-90 days out.
  9. Now that you mention this, I think you are correct. In GS on Vision, I was right below the pool deck but was only an issue for us in afternoons with pool deck live music and pool chairs being dragged around.
  10. Sounds like a great cruise and what an amazing price! Have fun!
  11. I know how this feels. I’ve made a rule for myself to not even check the price of the cruises I have booked once I hit that final payment date. While disappointing I’m sure, Junior Suite on that transatlantic itinerary still sounds like one incredible trip! Enjoy your cruise!
  12. The Radiance class ships are some of my favorites. Perfect if you enjoy relaxing and more of a connection with the ocean. Also the decor has aged better than other ships around that age in my opinion.
  13. I wish I lived closer to a port for this reason. The 3 nights are a little harder with a full day road trip or flight to work out. Maybe one day!
  14. Oh, me too. Haha. I’m ALWAYS looking what cruises I can fill in the gaps with.
  15. Yes... once you start booking those short cruises to hold you over until your next cruise, you know you've gone too far. Have a great trip!
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