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  1. The drive down is usually beautiful and fun, best done at a lesurely pace. KW is a lot of fun, and is definitely different when ships are not in port. I was scheduled to drive down tomorrow and stay a few days but TS Eta had other ideas ?
  2. For me, the single most valuable perk from C&A came at 340 points: the reduced single supplement. That said, if I didn't feel happy sailing with Royal, all the C&A perks combined wouldn't have enticed me to continue this far.
  3. Relaunch could be their terminology for when they start sailing again. I think I recall reading somewhere where Norwegian was going to phase ships in slowly, just a couple or three from each brand at first. Some ships lasting into 2021 could be due to where they sail from or to. I'm just guessing.
  4. These are all ships belonging to NCL holdings. Norwegian Cruise line, oceana cruises, and Regent Seven Seas cruises. I have no idea how the propulsion type for each ship and the date listed correspond to each other.
  5. Not Navigator of the Seas, but Regent Seven Seas Navigator. She does use CPP's
  6. Not concerned about a vaccine, my deciding factor will be what the "new" onboard experience is.
  7. the garage will be open anytime. You could pull in then if you wanted but give folks a chance to empty some spots...maybe 9am. in reality, they will start accepting luggage and allow you into the terminal around 9. most times the ship starts boarding new passengers about 11. The arrival time on your setsail pass is a "suggestion". Feel free to arrive and check in before or after, no one will question it.
  8. All that is refunded is the port fees...the price per head that that particular port charges the ship to dock and land passengers. it's normally not too big, Alaska and Europe are higher than most all Caribbean ports.
  9. Best i can offer is to follow the green path in the attached map. If that exit is blocked (it frequently is), then continue along the red path. Walk out the gate and there will be tons of taxis waiting. plenty waiting to return also. The Lobster is a great place. You'll enjoy it!
  10. I have always enjoyed Costa Maya (and Mahahual even more), but the owners of the port complex do have a history of playing hardball. You must walk the convoluted path completely thru the complex in order to get "outside" (they want you to stay in the port). There are a couple shortcuts ive learned over time but its still more difficult than it should be. You must walk outside their fence in order to get a taxi, as they want you to use their shuttles. They do allow the taxis to come in to drop people back off, but they can't let someone get in. They extended their concrete fence all the way to the water. On the southside this was to keep people from simply walking to town (relatively short, straight shot). This means a long walk thru the streets of "new town". On the northside it was to prevent people from heading to the little beachbar that used to be there, Chach Chi. you can still see the remains of it. nice little place, good food/drinks/service. 10 -15 years ago there was a whole section on CruiseCritic devoted to letting people know where the latest hole in the fence was to a path thru the brush to get there. Taxi drivers, if caught by port owners taking people there, were blackballed from business with the port. It is what it is, just another day south of the border. I still get out as fast as possible, grab a taxi to town, and hit one of my favorite places depending on which is less crowded if multiple ships in port.
  11. The "new" procedure is to have it waiting for you at your cabin door. Some ships may not have changed over yet. just a mater of time.
  12. The "studio" cabins are designed for a single occupant only and receive single points, as there is no supplement charged.
  13. Oasis Class ships, just like Quantum Class, have been light blue from the very start. Its not always obvious in photos, but it's always been there.
  14. An "urgently needed" response to 9/11 Not passed till 2005 Not effective till 2008 Overhauled for lack of participation in 2014 October '20 is probably the 100th "deadline" 19 years in the making...doesn't sound very "urgently needed" to me...
  15. Sailed Adventure many times, most recent being a b2b last month. She is very well maintained and the crew is really one of the best. Back again in April !
  16. Just like Voyager received the blue hull at amplification. This will likely be standard going forward to match things up to the Oasis and Quantum (and Plus) ships.
  17. The convenience and security of Terminal A are well worth the extra cost.
  18. If you do no more than the prepaid gratuities and the 18% billed on your charges, then you are doing exactly what is expected and nothing more is necessary. Unless they are an actual, current crew member, no one in that group can tell you what monies go where, anymore than they can tell you how it works at your local Red Lobster. Anything at all you leave is above and beyond, and people trying to one-up each other by throwing numbers around are just making noise. You do what you do and consider it none of their business ?
  19. There have been instances where Royal has awarded additional points for additional days caused by the ship staying out because of a hurricane. (And the subsequent shortened sailing still got the original number of points).
  20. Adventure b2b last month, both legs GTY. First assignment made 2 days after booking (but I booked only 3 weeks before sailing). Second leg I wasn't notified until 3 days before, when already aboard on leg 1. However my cabin attendant found out the day before my formal notice, as they had the data already on their lists. He looked in order to know where I was moving to so he could coordinate with the other cabin attendant.
  21. Made Diamond January '08, Diamond Plus January '13, and Pinnacle November '19. As a solo cruiser since 2011, the reduced supplement at 340 points was HUGE. There is an additional welcome gift at 175, another at 340, and another at 525. 700 adds a few bottles of wine/champagne. These are a variety of things you can choose from. D+ gets 30% off the deluxe beverage package (sometimes offered to all in Cruiseplanner), and Pinnacle gets 40%. Pinnacle also adds free Voom surf & stream. Bottom line for me is that if I wasn't happy sailing Royal, no C&A perk would make up for it.
  22. Balconies are decks 6 thru 10. Lifeboats are tucked underneath at the deck 5 level (you walk under them on deck 4). No obstruction from lifeboats on any balcony.
  23. 99% of the time it is cheaper to book ahead of time via Cruiseplanner. That said, D+ gets 30% off onboard price, and PIN gets 40%. If you are one of those, it's usually better to wait until onboard. As stated above, always do the math, as things change constantly.
  24. I started missing Tejas the day I left. Even after 4 years I still miss her. But, Florida was the right choice and I don't regret it ?
  25. That's ok. I've been called things not fit for print before by people that don't know me from Adam, still sleep pretty well.
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