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  1. Next month is my first RC cruise. We are leaving out of Port Canaveral and have an arrival time of 11:30 am. Is this the time we are to arrive at the parking terminal? Or the time we get on the boat? We are driving in from Orlando that morning and I do not want to get to the parking garage too early and not be able to get in because it is still closed, but also not too late as to miss our 11:30 time. Thanks in advance
  2. I will be going on Mariner of the Seas next year and looking for information on the kids club. We have previously been on a Disney cruise and it was basically a drop-off for the kids and pick-up when we wanted and the kids were busy doing what they wanted. So, my question is I found an Explorers (6-8 years) and Voyagers (9-11 years) groups. My kids will be 8 and 10 at the time. How strict are the age restrictions? Will my kids not be able to do stuff together if they went to the kids club? Also, is tipping expected? Thanks
  3. We have March of 2020 booked and the South Beach Cabanas were listed at the same price. I was checking regularly for a possible sale or drop in price and then from a Monday to a Wednesday in the same week it jumped to $499. So, I would suggest getting them ASAP and can always cancel and re-book if there is a price drop. Also, just as a reference, Oasis Lagoon and Chill Island Cabanas are currently listing on mine as $799 - they jumped up a few hundred during the same week as the South Beach.
  4. We have a special needs child and he will be 20 on our first RC cruise next spring but will be 21 for our second RC cruise. He will not, and cannot, drink. Do we still have to pay for him to have the drink package when he is 21 if my spouse and I get it? It would be a complete waste of money for someone how literally cannot use it. Thanks in advance.
  5. I'm not irate at this, and will have no problem if it is cancelled and refunded. However, I, for one, did not know it was an error. This is the first RC cruise I have booked and I have read everywhere that prices change and fluctuate and I check, usually, before bed if there are any new activities added. When I saw this, I booked it. Just last week I looked and cabanas for my trip were still available but I was waiting for some possible sale. The next day some were up $200 and others $100; I booked immediately. So when I saw a drink package dropped in price, around the 4th of July holiday, I jumped because I did not want to miss it. I can see how some people can be upset. One item can unexpectedly jump in price by about 40% overnight and it is ok; but if it drops by too much, it is an error / glitch. A good way around this would be to have a single set price that never goes down.
  6. I am seeing Cabanas on South Beach, Oasis Lagoon, and Chill Island available for my upcoming cruise. Is there really a difference between them, other than location? Also, why is the South Beach one $50 cheaper, it looks like a quieter location. Thanks in advance
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