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  1. Maybe look at your order history to see if you booked the correct thing or not
  2. Good point! We are going on our first cruise and are 28 and 25 so the rock climbing and flow rider times will be good for us since we will want to do those activities.
  3. We ended up buying it for a little more than we wanted to but in the end we think itll be well worth the purchase ?
  4. I know having The Key grants you a special section at some shows but I'm not sure if a general reservation is still required?
  5. First time cruiser here - we have The Key and the first 5 entertainment shows are up now and available to book. I am wondering if we need to book a time slot even though we have The Key? I'd love to hear from anyone who's had experience with this!
  6. Room service is $7.95 + 18% gratuity - you can order 1 thing or 20 things, it costs the exact same.
  7. Cheers to whoever can afford the over water cabanas... they're going to have a great time! Just a little too expensive for my taste. It's going to be a fun day on the island nonetheless
  8. LOL cheers to the people that can afford those... I'm sure they'll be a ton of fun!
  9. Wow this is awesome since I usually get up relatively early. Do you know what the earliest time that room service will drop off coffee?
  10. If you get The Key, you get to have the Chops menu for lunch (in either the MDR or Chops). Looking forward to missing the crowd on lunch first thing.
  11. Thanks for the review. We just booked it for our Allure of the Seas cruise in Feb 2020 at 39/pp Canadian. Hoping to price drops. It started at over $50/pp.
  12. That was the price I was hoping to see. I think they're trying to recoup some of their losses from the drink package catastrophe. It's disappointing because I was looking for it. I'd be surprised if they sold out of The Key at that price point.
  13. The Key is now available for our sailing at the cheap price of $50/day Canadian. ??? At this price we unfortunately arent going to buy it and dont think it's worth it. The total is just over 700 for the two of us.
  14. 157 days until our sailing and it's still not available.....?
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