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  1. As I understand it, for a 3 n pkg., RCL "courtesy books" you first specialty restaurant and then you have to wait until you're onboard to make the rest of your reservations? This sounds like it could be a stressful endeavor on boarding day! Is this true. Sorry for mentioning another cruise line but, on NCL I can buy a dining package and book all my restaurants before i cruise. I would like to get all of my planning done before boarding. Shows and dinning could easily conflict if I schedule show but have to wait to book dinning. Arrrrrg!
  2. Confused. I was booking a Bungalow for my upcoming Majesty cruise. The Cruise Planner showed a price of $149. in the "important Notes" it says "Pricing is per bungalow, not per person." however when I tried to make the purchase, I was asked the # of people (4) Now Cruise Plannner says the cost is $596 or 4 x$149! what's up with that? Does anyone have any ideas?
  3. It should be a fun and exciting day at Port Canaveral on Sunday 11/13. the Port Authority is holding a special celebration at Jetty Park from 3pm -6pm. I'll be there. I hope to see some of you crazy blog people there too! :)
  4. Does anyone know if there is a spreadsheet view on Cruise Planner of all the Oasis Entertainment? I saw one for an Allure cruise years ago. I want to see everything so I can more easily make my selections. The display options that I see Cruise Planner don't really work for me. I'm sure all of the planning nerds can appreciate my predicament ;) I may have to create my own Excel document. Thanks! Hunt
  5. You are going to LOVE this cabin type! I was in 1864 on FOS deck 12 in Jan. it was one of the two corner cabins. gorgeous floor to ceiling windows. stunning views. Enjoy. Oh and See you onboard FOS sept 4th!!
  6. Who has stayed in a promenade cabin on a Freedom or Oasis class ship? Are there any noise issues? I can accept music intrusion during the parade. Can the background music they play on the promenade be heard in the room? Walking on the promenade it looks like the speakers are above and below the bay windows. I have the feeling that it must not be a big issue since i don't see comments about it. But, I thought I'd ask the questions hoping someone might have firsthand knowledge.
  7. The Solarium Cafe is a great place to grab lunch on boarding day. It's so much nicer that trying to navigate the Wind Jamier. It's also my favorite place for breakfast. It's such a relaxing way to start a day. It's peaceful, with beautiful views of the Solarium pool and sea beyond.
  8. I'll be on Freedom of the Seas January 17th 2016. The wait is excruciating! I may have to find a shorty to hold me over :) Hunt
  9. So, If I'm in a Mini Suite, am I entitled to any of the sweet suite perks? I mainly wondering if I would be able to pre-book a cabana rather than rushing to the excursions desk upon boarding? Thanks, Hunt
  10. I just booked 1864 on Freedom for January 2016. Yeah, it's a long wait. So, here is what I've found. Navigator which is a different class but almost identical in size, had the same cabin configuration added during it's drydock last year. I found a pano pic on cruise critic. https://www.icloud.com/photostream/#AU532ODWtiszmz it looks amazing. 20ft wide of floor to ceiling windows. Matt will be on FOS later this year. I asked him to do some recon on cabin 1864 to confirm that it's identical to Navigators. you'll be on Freedom before me. so, let me know what you think.
  11. has RCI or when will RCI announce the 2016 schedules. I'm most interested to find out if they will home port another ship at Port Canaveral since the new Terminal 1 just opened with RCI as the primary tenant. Thanks, Hunt
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