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  1. @LogicallyLazy…great video! Makes me even more excited for our eventual return to cruising!!
  2. @rshov...thanks for an entertaining live blog! I just booked on the Oasis for way out in 2023 and your insights and humor were fun to read! Congrats on the engagement!
  3. @LogicallyLazy…Thanks for the live blog! It has been fun traveling along with you! If you don’t find a way to stowaway on the ship, I hope disembarkation goes smoothly!
  4. I booked the Transatlantic on Anthem OTS for 2022 and really looking forward to it. One of the things I am looking forward to as my first Star Class is that there aren't many ports of call and I can enjoy the ship and all it has to offer!!
  5. My first Royal Caribbean cruise is more than 590 days away...so this just adds to the anticipation!! I have three other cruise before that, boys so looking forward to my first SC experience!
  6. WOW! That In Suite Spread was amazing! That can only add to the Food Coma!! Thanks for sharing!
  7. @LogicallyLazy Loving the blog! Thanks for continuing to allow us to cruise along with you! Ribeye is my favorite, so I'm really looking forward to trying that when I finally make it out. Though I know I have to try the Filet night at CK to stay on @Lovetocruise2002's good side!
  8. Happy you are on board! Looking forward to being on the cruise through you. The lunch looks great!
  9. Loved it and I agree with @WAAAYTOOO, I could never keep a secret like that!! Great job and touching story!
  10. @Lovetocruise2002…Sabrina, I just managed to finish this wonderful novel! Thanks so much for a wonderful blog about the great experiences. I still have a lot more reading to do, but am so thankful for you and the many other for posting this. While trip is many, many, many days away, I may have to consider doing my own live blog when the time comes…if I can make the time between all the fun to come!
  11. Thanks @Lovetocruise2002! We will try to book O class next and see what we like. Looks like Suite placement/location will be major considerations, but I’ll worry about that when it comes time for booking.
  12. @WAAAYTOOO…I sure the answer is somewhere that I just haven’t gotten to yet (or read and forgot), but which did you like better…Star Class in O or Q class ships? I’m thinking of booking our next cruise on an O class, since I currently have Anthem OTS booked.
  13. Steve, great question. That is one of mine, too. I think I am going to have a bit of on board credit and it is going to be hard to spend it. Update: I guess I should have scrolled down a bit to @DJsMrs post. Sorry.
  14. Thanks! Not the answer I was hoping for, but what I was expecting!
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