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  1. @FionaMG This is amazing. Thank you so much for putting this all together!
  2. This is awesome. Thank you so much for the insight.
  3. Looking for any and all recommendations or insights for excursions or things to see when we are on our 7 night cruise via Celebrity Apex out of Barcelona. We already have an idea of what what we want to do for our first two stops in Valencia & Ibiza. However, not entirely too sure what to do or even where to start for our remaining three ports: Nice, Marseille, and La Spezia. Anything is really fair game. We have no oppositions to looking to travel out of any port to say Monte Carlo when in Nice or to Florence when in La Spezia. Having never been to Europe, really just trying to
  4. There is a courtyard marriott that was just built across the highway from the cruise terminal: https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/bwics-courtyard-baltimore-downtown-mchenry-row/ As someone that lives in Baltimore city (yellow star is the neighborhood where I live and the red star is the terminal in relation) I will say McHenry Row would be my best recommendation. I have no idea what the situation for parking your car would look like, but if we are talking about ease of access to the port and being situated right off of I95 (and only 15 min away from BWI airport, you cannot
  5. @Lovetocruise2002 your feedback has always made my day. I’m glad you enjoyed the blogs (and my poor grammar + ‘misspellings)!
  6. And here we are, the last day... which just happens to be a sea day as we head back towards Miami. Similar to our second sea day, we had no major plans. I think the morning consisted of breakfast at park cafe, hitting up the t-shirt sale and heading to the next cruise desks to talk to them about options for slipping in a cruise when we go to Europe for honeymoon in 2021. Other than that, we planned to just veg out at the Solarium, make a few last rides on the water and dry slides, dinner in the Solarium Bistro and wrap everything up with the headliner comedian. During breakfast we were tr
  7. Day 6 has brought us to Cozumel. On tap for the day... ATV excursion + lunch & snorkel Impromptu trip on our own to Paradise Beach Portside BBQ 20 Minutes of Cats Cruise Ship(s) gone wild We had our excursion booked through a third party and it was pretty much scheduled for right when we got into port. So Rebecca and I needed to get up even earlier to make sure that we could be in the first wave off the ship and get to our meeting location in time. After navigating through the endless maize that is the Cozumel port terminal, we made it to our meeting spot.
  8. Day five has now put us at sea steaming towards Cozumel. At one point, which was pretty cool to see, we sailed just off of Grand Cayman and could see all the ships anchored off shore. Random comment, I know. There wasn't much happening today so thought I would throw that tidbit in. The day overall was pretty low key and quite uneventful in comparison to that of the other four, which for us, was a nice change of pace. However, Einstein (what my dad use/still calls me when I do something stupid) decided to book a 830 haircut. So much for at least trying to sleep in an extra hour. I have thi
  9. Day four now has us in Jamaica. ***Let me just note one thing. As the title of this blog infers, it is in fact not live (SpOiLeR!!!). So as I write this, I am (was) watching love at sea (started piecing this recap together on Saturday night). So, for your own quarantine pleasure, please just picture a 28 year old guy on his couch at 11:30pm on a Saturday watching a hallmark movie. Ok, now back to our regular scheduled programming. So for Jamaica, we originally had nothing booked. Leading up to the cruise I was looking at a bunch of different excursions both through Royal and ext
  10. And we are back with Day 3, which has put us in Labadee. Out of all the ports on our itinerary, I would say this was the one we were looking to the most. While we were excited for Cozumel (we had an ATV excursion planned), Haiti for some reason had us the most excited to visit (and it doesn't hurt the food and drinks are included). So like I previously mentioned, needed to get up rather earlier (not for any fitness classes) to grab breakfast and make our way off the ship for our early morning jet ski ride. We originally had this excursion booked a little later in the day, but last minute
  11. Best advice for the flowrider is finding someone other than me for pointers...lol. In all seriousness I would say not to over think it, listen to the crew members... and not caring what you look like. Next thing you know you will look like a pro. I can say all dogs, sausages and brat's that I consumed at the the doghouse were delicious. It was bad cruise to be on if you were an encased meat... We did! We had the three night package. But we then ended up booking izumi (hibachi) one night and then venturing to portside bbq another. We probably just should have gotten the unlimited. Now
  12. So Day 2. Let's think back. Ah it started with the alarm going off at 7am. And then again at 730. Why you might ask (and so did Rebecca, but not so nicely)? Well you see - and this became a trend over the course of the week; each night before going to bed and after maybe one to many vodka soda... I had this preconceived notion that I was going to get up and go to the fitness center for the sunrise yoga and core/ab class. Keep in mind, I purposely do not bring sneakers and in my two previous cruises I could not even tell you where the fitness center was. And this trip was no exception. Nee
  13. There's that pretty lady... Well before we get to the good stuff, figured I would mention the lead up heading to the terminal. We probably got up sometime around 730 and headed out for quick bite to eat and to grab some coffee. That was then followed by one last trip to CVS. At around 930/945 we decided to get an uber and head to the port. The hotel to the port it was probably about 10 minutes. Easy peasy. So like I mentioned above, from our first cruise to now, we have learned a bunch of useful tips, one of which is getting on the ship as soon as possible. But given we are mer
  14. For everyone's entertainment and reading purposes (because I know we all need some kind of live blog material in this hiatus)... here is what my live blog would have been if I knew of this message board prior to my cruise back in December. But I do have a disclaimer that it would not have been "live". Once I am on the ship, phone goes into the safe and the laptop stays home where it should be when you are on vacation. So who am I? I am Ryan (28) and my travel buddy is my now fiance Rebecca (27). This was my third cruise, her fourth, and already looking forward to June 2021 when we will be
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