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  1. So its official! After two years Dynamic dining is no longer on board Quantum Ships. http://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2016/09/12/royal-caribbean-abandons-dynamic-dining-anthem-of-the-seas I am on Ovation in January 9 and will definitely be hoping that they can nail whatever they replace it with with a very full ship. I understand people were giving it the option a bad wrap but I quite liked the option, although getting different menus each night does sound promising. What do you guys think about the change?
  2. Hi guys, Been trying to book some dining etc for an Ovation cruise in January. but all I get when I select dining is a never-ending loading icon. It has been like this for about a week and I am starting to get a little concerned. In the past the loading time was short and options appeared promptly. Also, I managed to get access one of the restaurants via the toolbar at the top, and when I tried to choose a reservation time, same thing happened and just never loaded. Thanks Lachlan
  3. Got a cruise to New Zealand coming up in January and just wondering that if you make dining reservations in advance via the cruise planner, are you able to cancel for a refund and/or change your reservation time? Thanks Lachlan
  4. How to conquer towel leaving chair hogs? Post your best solutions please!!
  5. Hi Guys Sorry I feel a little dumb asking this, but what exactly is the STREAM voyage package and what are the benefits? I see it does not cost much more than the regular Voom, but I would love to save if I could? Also, it seems on the online cruise planner I can only book internet for the whole cruise or not at all. Thanks for your help Lachlan
  6. Hi I'm embarking on Ovation in January, and have dynamic dining with no waiting lists selected. If we decide that we prefer classic midway through the ship is it possible to change?
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