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What is something you'll never do again on a cruise?

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The Escape Room.  I've never done an activity that made me feel so incredibly stupid in my life.

We will never get off the ship with all of our luggage WITHOUT getting a porter again.  What a nightmare lugging it all through customs.  Then, in 2019, in Tampa, we used a Porter.  SMARTEST MOVE WE E

I will never tip the cabana attendant in advance again.  We were on Labadee in a cabana a few years ago.  We thought it would be easier to tip the attendant up front in case we got busy and forgot lat

The 'Learn to play' session in the casino. I'm not a gambler and never been to Vegas but I thought it would be fun to have a 'play'session to learn. No one else was there and the staff were not very enthusiastic so they only explained some rules to me very quickly. Not exactly the fun session I had envisioned!


Also, the art auction! It promised champagne that never materialised and was painful to watch as an art conservator! Haha. 😂

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Never going to take a pain med when rough seas are forecast and maybe not at all. They always make me a little nauseated but no matter what I did I couldn't get it under control. And I had some motion sickness stuff but had left that in Jamaica with my dive gear. Had two pretty I miserable days heading back to Galveston.

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I'm not sure if this qualifies since we will most likely do it again, but the one thing my wife and I wish we had done differently on all our cruises is stay up later.

We tend to keep our normal schedule of up by 3 or 4 am....which means we follow our normal schedule of going to bed early.  

It seems like every day we see things in the cruise planner that we want to go to that night, but we fall asleep.

On the flip side, the ships are pretty much deserted that early in the morning.

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14 hours ago, cruisellama said:

Good for a quick nap..

Power nap or "American Adventure at Epcot" nap?

For one of our cruises we had way too much OBC so used it for an "island tour" in Roatan. The tour was fine, but it wasn't worth the cost. So I'll be making better use of my OBC from now on. 

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