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  1. The US government does not allow for foreign flagged ships to do a cruise to nowhere. They would have to stop in any non-US country before returning to the States.
  2. Mine is the 24th out of Canaveral on the Allure
  3. We are out of Orlando in Oct on the Allure.
  4. Tring to convince the wife to take the transpacific back from Tokyo to the US in Apr 23 but I am getting a lot of fight on this. I think it will be pushed to Apr 2024... Although NCL has a much better itinerary on the Tokyo --> US cruise.
  5. I had the same issue with my C&A number but only if I pasted it in. What I figured out is if you want to paste the C&A number in you will need to backspace the last number then type it in. This will fix the issue. It is an issue with a "key pressed" javascript. Any way try that.
  6. Interesting. I never would have guessed that.
  7. The floating cabanas look great but the price tag $1600 is just waaaaay to much for me!
  8. A fact? What is a lot? How can a "fact" be based on a subjective term like "a lot"? I will agree that there are always people out there that take the extreme view on almost everything, but to say it is "a fact" that "a lot"... show me your numbers, and sources. Facts can be back up with number not just your feelings.
  9. I think @Mike.sis right on this any currency will work
  10. So you can speak for all the people who decided to not take the vaccine. Are you a psychic and know why these peope are not taking it? Please stick to the facts. If you do not know why then do not make blanket statements based on nothing!
  11. Well said!! I would add a number 3 and state that we Americans have let the younger generation been trained to stop thinking for themselves, and common sense is extremely un-common. I do not know how other countries are but I really think this is true here in the States.
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