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  1. How do I see the BF sales I am Dimond C and A is there a place to go other than the cruise planner? Is it automatic once I log in to see the BF deals?
  2. I can not believe my TA did not see this information as important enough to inform me!!
  3. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! You are correct the Next cruise desk OBC is NOT removable when re-pricing. Called up RCI and got my OBC back!!! Thank you all again
  4. What do you think is it worth calling them up and complaining? Do you think it would help?
  5. Wish I new then what I know now.. lol.. Live and learn! Thanks for the info
  6. I did that on my last cruise for a cruise in March 2023. I got an OBC of $150. and a reduced deposit. Not a lot but I'll take it. The problem is that the cruise price dropped so I called RCI and repriced the cruise. They took the OBC back so I ended up with not real benefit for booking on board or for that matter for booking a year early. I will not waste my time doing the next cruise desk again.
  7. I just got off the Allure 2 weeks ago and there was no testing on returning home.
  8. That is very close to my findings as well
  9. OK so I am going to upgrade my room on a cruise to a JR Suite, from a balcony. This is on the Harmony OTS. With the JR suite I can do the Coastal Kitchen for dinner. My question I have already purchased the UDP, Is this a waste since now I can do the Coastal Kitchen? Should I keep it or get rid of it and instead use it on my cruise in march on the Mariner, that does not have any fancy Coastal Kitchen like places to eat? I guess the real down and dirty is the Coastal Kitchen better then having the pay restaurants. I could just change it to Chops + 2. Your input please Thanks
  10. Ok so I do not get the points but do you get all the other benefits of the new cabin? So if I upgrade my balcony to a suite do I get the suits treatment?
  11. Well that sucks. Other than the bigger room it does not help me get to Dimond... Well that will help in my bidding decision. Thanks
  12. So if I or anybody wins the bid and upgrades from a balcony to a suite do you get the C&A points for the suite or do you only upgrade the cabin?
  13. Is it difficult to get reservations? Has anyone purchased the UDP and not been able to get a seat at the specialty restaurants? Does this happen often? Thanks
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