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  1. I just got off the Allure 2 weeks ago and there was no testing on returning home.
  2. I saved $1400. Went back to my CC. I did it last night around 4pm. Was hoping for OBC
  3. This first came out on Aug 9th in the UK. As for the cruise planner when I was on the phone with my TA or her boss anyway and RCI I was told the excursions will be release 60 days out so in about 10 days or so. Time will tell.
  4. That is very close to my findings as well
  5. Yes it is! Myself and the whole group of 8 of us also got the 1 pm check in. Any idea what time boarding will start?
  6. OK so I am going to upgrade my room on a cruise to a JR Suite, from a balcony. This is on the Harmony OTS. With the JR suite I can do the Coastal Kitchen for dinner. My question I have already purchased the UDP, Is this a waste since now I can do the Coastal Kitchen? Should I keep it or get rid of it and instead use it on my cruise in march on the Mariner, that does not have any fancy Coastal Kitchen like places to eat? I guess the real down and dirty is the Coastal Kitchen better then having the pay restaurants. I could just change it to Chops + 2. Your input please Thanks
  7. Ok so I do not get the points but do you get all the other benefits of the new cabin? So if I upgrade my balcony to a suite do I get the suits treatment?
  8. Well that sucks. Other than the bigger room it does not help me get to Dimond... Well that will help in my bidding decision. Thanks
  9. So if I or anybody wins the bid and upgrades from a balcony to a suite do you get the C&A points for the suite or do you only upgrade the cabin?
  10. Is it difficult to get reservations? Has anyone purchased the UDP and not been able to get a seat at the specialty restaurants? Does this happen often? Thanks
  11. Is it true that suites earn double points? So a 5 night cruise in a balcony gives 5 points x2 for the Covid boost giving a total of 10 loyalty points. Now if it is a JR suite I get the for mentioned 10 X 2 for the suite giving my 10 loyalty points. Is that correct? Thanks Paul
  12. Is there a site I can go to to find an easy list of RCL ships and rooms with obstructed views. I know cruise deck plans has a very limited list, but it does not list any RC ships. Thanks
  13. I never thought about it but, Yes I guess I am. I am not sure why but I am. So let me ask this question related to that. After the March cruise I will be Platinum. I am also looking to do a cruise in Oct 22. I read that the pricing is better the higher loyalty rank you are. Should I wait to book my Oct 22 cruise until I achieve Platinum? If I do not and I book before to get a better price would I be able to get the credit for making Platinum after I book and maybe get a OBC or something?
  14. I guess there is an agreement JR suites are NOT worth it! Just kidding. Thank you all for your input on this!
  15. Is it wrong or bothering at TA if I am in the "Just thinking about / Just getting prices" phase of planning a cruise to ask a TA to get you prices. I am only 60% sure we are doing the cruise I am wanting prices for. I hate wasting peoples time if I am not 90+% sure I am moving forward. As always Thanks
  16. I Thinking of booking my next cruise and am wanting some input on the JR suite vs a balcony on the Mariner OTS. I know there is about 64sqFt of room difference. That may be a lot of room I am not so sure it is worth the $500. I don't mind spending an extra $500 if it is worth it, just not sure. It is a 5 day cruise. I might enjoy the UDP in stead. Any way anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks
  17. international waters are 24 miles out from the coast. You are under the state / federal laws until then.
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