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  1. I keep looking at a sailing to Bermuda, but there are 2 full days there. What activities have you done or tips for the island do you have? Trying to decide if it would be a relaxing trip or worth the time. Thanks
  2. Thanks everyone. After reading all of the comments, I think I'll just skip the stress and book it when I can really look things over and watch the promotions. I was looking at the Sailing to Bermuda but I'm not sure if we want that yet anyway. Happy Sailing. 8 weeks to go!
  3. We are new to sailing RCL but this will be our 4th cruise ever. We've never been able to book another trip while still onboard but are in the position to do so now. I'm wondering if it is worth the savings or if it's a hassle when you get back home? Tips, things to watch for, etc would be appreciated. Thanks.
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