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  1. That was a thing I was little concerned of. I definitely won't want to go there if they are abusing dolphins. I would like to hear experiences if someone from this forum has visited dolphin excursion on Jamaica.
  2. Thanks for your help. Our tour is 1.5 hours and it is private for our group of six. There should be only one crew member, the captain of airboat. I have seen few videos of the ride from that company. There seems to be label "If you enjoyed the ride, please tip the captain".
  3. Thanks for everybody for your advice. Some part of me would want to go out from the gated area even more to see what kind of place Falmouth really is. I am though traveling with my family so it probably wouldn't be good idea. I just booked swim with dolphins excursion instead through cruise planner sale. Have someone here done that before?
  4. We are going to spend one week in Florida before our cruise in October. I have reserved private airboat tour for my family on Everglades. We are from Finland and we are not familiar for US tipping culture. I don't have a clue what would be appropriate amount for tipping in this case. What kind of tip would you suggest?
  5. Anyone visited chocolate factory at Cozumel? Is it worth visiting? Would 9am tour be too early? Harmony of the seas is scheduled to arrive port at 8am. How long it will take to disembark and get a taxi? Drive should take about 10mins what I have read about. I would appreciate any recommendations and hints.
  6. Has anyone here any experience wandering by own at Falmout town? We are considering exploring the city by just wandering there by ourselves. I have read from various sources that Falmouth is not considered to one of the best places to explore without any organized tour and many consider it even dangerous. I would like to hear have anyone from here done it and what are their recommendations? I have read that some vendors might be very pushy and kind of aggressive for selling their products. We are not going to go any shady side streets or any other areas that obviously are not good for tourists. If we are going to stick at “main streets” and market areas and practice normal safety manners is there any real dangers more than any other cities?
  7. Correction to my date of departure. I am sailing from Port Everglades on Saturday 13th of Oct. Not 18th.
  8. Thanks! We will do that. I was checking couple of old Cruise Compass and that seems to be at from 8pm to 9pm when Teens Meet & Greet happens? So it will be first seating at dinner for us, at least for first night.
  9. We are going to sail on HOTS with group including two teenagers 14 and 16. I am little confused to we need to register them into Adventure Ocean Youth Program or is that registration meant only kids under 12?
  10. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!
  11. I have reserved cruise on HOTS boardwalk balcony cabin for my wife and myself. That cabin includes soda packages for up to two passengers. I have however bought drink packages to both of us from cruise planner. How many tumblers totally should there be waiting us in our cabin? 4 (2 from included soda packages + 2 from purchased packages) or only 2?
  12. Just called to RCL and rebooked my deluxe package as well. Just told to agent that my wife doesn't consume alcohol due to personal preferences and I was able to keep her package as refreshment. Rebooking my package I saved 85€ more. Total savings by rebooking both drink packages was 142€!
  13. Thanks for the tip! Saved 57€ of my wife's refreshment package by rebooking. I had already bought us drink packages (deluxe for me and refreshment for my wife) before this new rule change. I only cancelled and rebooked my wife´s package and kept my already booked deluxe package without any problems. I did not dare to cancel my deluxe package because I was worrying that system will enforce me to book deluxe package to both of us. My wife will not consume alcohol beverages that amount it could make any sense for deluxe package.
  14. Is there any alternative options near the airport? Our flight is leaving at 9pm and that luggage storage in the airport seems to be open till 5:30pm.
  15. Correction to my cruise date on member cruise list. I will be departing on Oct 13, 2018 on Harmony of the Seas.
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