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  1. When I originally reserved this cruise it was supposed to be TBA interior cabin at Allure Of the Seas. Later royal changed ship to brand-new Wonder Of the Seas and at same time price dropped, because of lower local taxes (could it be because Wonder might have lower emissions because newer technology of engines?). Lastly Royal assigned our cabin and we got outside balcony cabin at a price of inside TBA!
  2. Our Meditarranean cruise on Oct 27th has changed from Allure to Wonder.
  3. I have a change to get OBC due the price drop for our coming cruise. I am wondering if it's possible to use some of this non-refundable OBC at NextCruise office onboard?
  4. Thanks for the info. How was the debarkation process? Do you know what was earliest possible time to get off the ship? We will have return flight leaving at 10 am and I do have stress about it a bit. Was there mandatory daily temperature checks and if so how those were conducted? Did you have to linger on your cabin and wait for staff to check your temperature?
  5. Our Check in opened today. Now we are checked in and going to port at 11am. Woohoo!
  6. I will definitely try that out! Handing down my written request and sitting down and having some nice drink while waiting booking process to be made. Sound like a good way to start a cruise! ??
  7. Thanks! Have a pleasant cruise! Btw, have you been able to do online check-in or any entertainment bookings yet? Neither of those are not open to our booking so far...
  8. That explains why prices have been going up lately on Cruise planner.
  9. Is there any consistency when to expect next Cruise Planner sale? I am sailing on OCT 3rd and I am wondering will there be any sales before my cruise? On Labor day perhaps?
  10. I am going to Harmony Mediterranean cruise on October. I am figuring out if UDP will be worth of it's price since we have only one sea day on our itinerary. If I have not been misinformed we can use UDP for lunch on port days as well if there is any specialty restaurants open. My question is which specialty restaurants if any are typically open during port days?
  11. Replaced this cruise with Harmony OCT 3rd 2021 Mediterranean cruise.
  12. Replace OCT 2nd 2021 Anthem, with OCT 3rd 2021 Harmony.
  13. Harmony of the Seas. First and only so far. Waiting to be onboard Anthem of the Seas on Oct 2nd (fingers crossed)!
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