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  1. I tested positive two days after returning from a cruise. Would I have changed anything if I had known I was going to come in contact with covid... no, because I don't believe it was from the cruise lines, I believe it was most likely from the airport (it was packed).
  2. I want to thank everyone for your insight, it is greatly appreciated!
  3. To those of you who have cruised many times and fly to the port city: My flight is scheduled to arrive at 8:30am in Miami the day of embarkation. Would you feel confident with an early flight the day of embarkation or would you still consider arriving a day prior? Your experience is greatly appreciated.
  4. I received my credits also (01/22/21).
  5. I received my cruise planner refunds approximately two weeks after receiving my FCC this past fall.
  6. Thank you for the recommendation. RCCLs post cruise department replied by email this afternoon with the details of my FCC.
  7. Thank you for the input! I will call them. ?
  8. I have been waiting for my FCC before reserving another cruise. I thought we were suppose to receive the FCCs by 01/15/21, however, I have not received mine yet. Has anyone else not received their future cruise credit?
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