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  1. One more thing that I thought of: I feel very safe on a cruise ship. Years ago when I was a cute blonde 20-something-year-old, I would go to land-based resorts and be "propositioned" (if you know what I mean) by the local resort staff. Made me feel very uncomfortable and I wouldn't go anywhere on the resort property by myself. Contrarily, the staff on RCL ships have always been extraordinarily courteous and polite and not leering in any regard. Now that my nieces have grown up to be beautiful young teenagers, I am thoroughly comfortable with them walking to/from the cabin by themselves without worrying about them being approached in an inappropriate way.
  2. I like being pampered as much (or as little) as I am willing to pay for. I also like that my daughter loves Adventure Ocean so it gives me a break, and I can actually have a conversation with my husband without being interrupted 1000 times. I like that my extended family all enjoy cruising, so it's an easy, easy way for a large group to enjoy a vacation together with someone else doing the cooking, cleaning, etc. and not having to worry about where to stay, where to eat, how to get around.
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