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What's one thing you will never do on a cruise?


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I’ll never disrespect a crew member…and I’ll never NOT go out of my way to show my appreciation for my cabin attendant, my servers and every other crew member who work their butt off for months at a time, away from their families, without a single day off. I believe that the crew really does make the cruise.

Oh, yeah……I’ll never do karaoke (I think there’s an international injunction against me singing in public, something about crimes against humanity)…I’ll never do the belly flop contest (I’d feel guilty causing so much laughter-induced pain)….and I’ll never NOT love cruising!!

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I will Never do the Rock Climbing Wall .... I'd probably look like a Spider Monkey, and that just wouldn't be pretty.  

I agree with many of the other folks, I'll never remove tips, in fact, I usually add to them, I'll probably never do the Flowrider, however, I DO love Zip Lines, so, I'm good there.

I'll never be in the fray of the T-Shirt Sale (although my wife loves them)

I'll probably never have a Suite, unless it's HUGE and we split it with another couple.... we are totally happy in an Interior or Ocean View.... even a balcony is considered an "extra" that isn't a requirement.

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53 minutes ago, coneyraven said:

I agree with many of the other folks, I'll never remove tips, in fact, I usually add to them,

I always leave the automatic gratuity the way it is on my account.  Then on the last night (or day) of the cruise, I'd give my waiter, the assistant, and my room steward additional tips.  I make sure to get gratuity envelopes from customer service.

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14 hours ago, teddy said:


Just a hairy dude walking around with a cup of coffee. 

We met someone about 8 years ago who only packed a carryon for a 11 day cruise.  He and his wife always asked for robes the first day and that is all they would wear the rest of the cruise.  We did see him talking to someone just off of the cruise ship in one port with only a robe on.  WOW.  His name was Todd and we call him "The Todd" to this day.


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2 hours ago, Ampurp85 said:

@alamode123Super funny about the gym.  My brother is a gym-a-holic and the first thing he asked was does RCG have a gym. I cancelled my membership over 3 years ago at home but will hit every gym on vacation. That 30 mins makes me feel better about everything I am consuming.

I've got until January to lose the weight I will gain on my next cruise, 8 nights on the Odyssey.

Not doing well so far, but I'm trying.

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1 hour ago, Sharla said:

Order a drink at the Bionic Bar (I have done it, but I no longer drink hard liquor, plus they aren't good drinks anyway, real people make better and more creative ones!).

Willingly book an inside or oceanview stateroom

Wait in line at Starbucks

Ill never book a cruise through Sharla and everything goes smoothly. Royal chartered our first cruise 6 months from sailing, then 2 cancelled for COVID. Just yesterday Virgin Voyages cancelled my January 2022 cruise.

I think I'm the reason Sharla gave up drinking, or maybe why she'll restart soon.

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On 7/7/2021 at 4:52 PM, Matt said:

Get a drink at the bionic bar? Pay for a suite? Go on the FlowRider?

What is one thing on a Royal Caribbean cruise that you will never, ever do on a cruise (that you haven't already done)?

What is the bionic bar? ha. Never been on a RC cruise. Have one planned for December!

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Let's see.

  1. Not on the cruise but I'll never fly in the day of embarkation.
  2. As long as I drink alcohol I'll never not get the drink package and never pay onboard price. (Is that a 2 for 1 never?)

Otherwise, I hate the word never, life's too short ... look like an arse at karaoke, the flow rider, or anything else. I have no interest in doing the belly flop, but hey, sometimes you just end up in situations ... enjoy that moment. That's how we ended up being team leads in the quest one cruise. While I'd love to say "never do that again" honestly, if it happens it happens LOL.

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On 7/7/2021 at 4:03 PM, DJsMrs said:

Buy Art - I don't understand this aspect of cruising at all... it's very strange to me.

Other than that - never say never... especially after Covid.   There are things that I said I would never do on a cruise and after missing cruising for so long I've warned they family that we're doing ALL OF IT!  lol

Except cupcake making, sushi, and guacamole classes.  ?

I know I will not go to art auction.  I will also not go on flowrider as have lifelong issues with my knees, and I only drink 1 or 2 drinks daily.  The rest is usually water or maybe a coke. But you are right, never say never!

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23 hours ago, Floski said:

I would never sign up for the "Friends of Twangster" club.

Ummm....y'all did smell what I was cookin', right?  Am I right??

I got two "sad" reactions, so I'm not sure.  Nothing at all against the bot - 

I love the bot and can't wait to meet him.   

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On 7/7/2021 at 4:58 PM, mook1525 said:

I would never go to specialty restaurants  to pay extra money for a meal.

WindJammer, solarium, dog house, park cafe, MDR… all free meals are delicious enough to me.


Hard to argue with that for the price, and after an awful experience we had at Jamie Oliver's.

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On 7/8/2021 at 2:54 PM, Yo2slick said:

I'll never get my teeth whitened.  

I'll never forget that I'm on vacation and none of us know how many more cruises we have, I'll stay in a suite, buy the Drink and Dining package.  

I'll never forget my 2 rules onboard.  

1. Don't be an A--hole

2. Make it back to my room under my own power.

LOL - loved your two rules.


1. Never forget to be grateful to be able to cruise

2. Never get tired of the ocean

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