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  1. Great. I gave one for my daughter so I only have one. i am going to make a reservation for a rapid test at CVS just in case!
  2. Wow, thanks for info! Now I have to find excursions !
  3. Has anyone heard of a Western Caribbean itinerary changing on any of the cruises these last few months? I am on Dec 5th Allure and wondering if I may get a change.
  4. Wasn't the PHE extended for another 3 months? Wonder if CDC goes by that. I just want the masks gone for vaccinated people!!
  5. Hey Matt. I am going on a Dec cruise. Mexico and Honduras. Is there ever rain or cold weather in December that you can remember?
  6. Ok so I bought my two last month for my cruise in 12/5. Are these things expired and I won't be able to use?
  7. Oh I didn't know they had complimentary food etc. Thanks for the info
  8. Silly question but if someone just wanted to lay out on lounge chairs on the beach vs water park stuff, can you do that on CocoCay and not be in the beach club?
  9. Hello all! Does the RC app have the compass or is it paper every day that you need to have with you to see what is going on all day?
  10. I din't think the signature will matter. It would be an esignature anyway. To be sure, I would call E-Med and ask them if it was missed or nobody gets a signature. I would like to know myself.
  11. I follow Marc on FB and he confirmed he is going dry dock for awhile as of 12/5. Anyone know who it could possibly be that would replace him? Are all directors equally awesome like I read Marc is? I just love his personality on FB, never been on a cruise with him! Just curious
  12. Sort of like a "stay up until midnight" kind of deal? ha
  13. Is the test free at CVS? Was it Rapid or PCR?
  14. My sister just called RC. It was a glitch and they lost all of our check in info. We have to start from scratch apparently on 10/21. Even lost our check in time
  15. Thanks. I sent an email so hopefully will hear back. So odd
  16. How long did it take you to get it? I ordered on Tues and they said it should be here by now but hasn't even shipped yet! I have time, but still.
  17. Thank you for the info. Hope you are having a great time. I love the idea of having reduced capacity.
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