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  1. steverk, Thanks for the input. We are sailing from Tampa. I hope we have no issues! Happy Holidays!
  2. We are leaving January 3rd on Brilliance of the Seas. We have some questions we can't seem to get an answer to from the facebook pages. 1) Does the ship give you masks, or should we pack a bunch of our own? 2) I have read on some facebook pages that all the ships have not been enforcing the mask wearing as we hoped they would, especially in the buffet area. Will Brilliance of the Sea be enforcing? 3) Is there any way to find out if their freestyle has diet caffeine free coke? We have called and every time they say they have no idea what is on the ship and we need to find out when we get there. However, we wouldn't get a refund on the refreshment package if we get there and they do not. 4) Our flight comes in at 1130 and our check in is at 1:00. We have never had to set a check in time before. Will this be ample time to get there? What happens if we are late because of flight issues? Thank you in advance for your answers. Happy Holidays! Anthony
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