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Embarkation Lunch


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1 hour ago, arebee said:

Us poor people go to the windjammer for a cheese burger.

Team Windjammer here too! When sailing with friends it's a great meeting spot. Also, there is a man with a beer cart who wants to be my friend. 

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4 hours ago, WAAAYTOOO said:

Yes.  If you don't mind paying full price, you can purchase Chops for lunch on embarkation day on the Cruise Planner.

So you can get the Chops Embarkation lunch cheaper when you board? I bought it for 21.99 for my Sept Mariner Cruise through the planner.

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1 hour ago, Vacation Crazy said:

For my Symphony sailing in August Chops shows they are closed for lunch on embarkation day.   I hope the app is incorrect.  We were planning on Chops for lunch on Day 1.  

It wouldn't surprise me at all if Chops is closed on embarkation day.  Chops is closed on embarkation day on Oasis.  I think they just couldn't handle the crowd of both the Key people (who dine in the MDR) and a restaurant full of UDP people.  They just don't have the staff.  We had to eat at Giovanni's when we were on Oasis in December.

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1 hour ago, Traveler said:

I am  considering the UDP for the next cruise , it says that lunch included on sea days , as far as I know embarkation day considered as port day so UDP still get to eat lunch at a special restaurant on this day  ?

For the past year or more (I think this basically started when they changed the "Ultimate Dining Plan to the "Unlimited Dining Plan"), there has always been at least 1 specialty restaurant open on embarkation day here in the US.  I have never been turned away from using my UDP on embarkation day.  It is easier when you are in a suite, as the Suites Concierge can make your reservation for you, but even when not in a suite I have been able to get in.  If you are sailing from the US, I think you can assume that you will be able to eat in a specialty restaurant on embarkation day if you have the UDP.

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2 hours ago, WAAAYTOOO said:

As a matter of fact, we sailed in a D6 Ocean View Balcony on 8 April 2018 on Allure !!  If it hadn't been cancelled, we were going to sail in a <heaven forbid> Oceanview room on Majesty in May.  We are sailing in a JS in August on August.  So there !!


We tease you because we love you!

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