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  1. We did one in Juneau last Sept but not with Royal. If its like ours, the team pulls a sled on wheels that hold about 8 people. It was fun and they can pull. We also got to hold several puppies from 4 weeks old to several months. They do this to socialize them. If yours is the same, there should be a dog there named Guda (like the cheese) he is a retired sled dog and just lays around now being spoiled. If hes there, give him a scratch on the head for me. As for clothes, since it August I'd say a light jacket. No need for hiking boots but no flip flops either. To be sure you can check the weather to see the history at Juneau for you week. Thats what we did.
  2. Nothing you have to worry about, some also have 70's and 80's night but its usually a party on the pool deck or promenade . No reason to dress unless you want to.
  3. Best thing you can do is either call RC and see if they can make it happen or as soon as you can when you board go to the MDR and talk to the maitre d . They can usually accommodate you. If you have some time before the cruise, I'd call. We were able to get a table for two a couple times when we did.
  4. Pizza.... At midnight after exercising the drink package.
  5. When ever you get there... Usually you won't be allowed on board until about 10:30 or 11:00. Those times are a "suggestion" so its your vacation, get there when you want.
  6. There are two types of sun passes. One is a sticker that is attached to your windshield and the other is plastic and uses suction cups to attach to the windshield. They can both be attached to any car but the sticker is destroyed once its removed. I have two with the suction cups and have loaned them out to family when they come into town. So, yes you can link it to a rental car. You will have to log into the account you create and add the tag number just in case the reader doesn't register. They'll look to see if you have a transponder and just charge your account. The sticker is sort of free, you pay like $5 but it gets credited to your account, the plastic one cost (I think) about $10 but don't remember if its credited to your account. That information should be on the package.
  7. I don't know about finding info on nutrition, sometimes things will say stuff like sugar free or what ever. Don't worry about asking, you aren't the first. I promise. The workers are usually very good at helping. If they don't know they will find out. There are several venues that are free to eat, biggest is the wind jammer. Only the specialty dining cost like Chops. Some will have lines like the Cafe promenade but the wind jammer is just crowded. If you like to eat at traditional times you will be with hundreds of your closest friends. We always try to go early or late just to avoid crowds. Don't worry about the cruise, it will become second nature by the second day.
  8. We stayed in the Fairmont on West George street for a week last September (straight up the road form the port). We walked down the hill to the port for our cruise on a HAL ship. I agree with you about the crosswalk thing, its nice they respect it but if you are in it when the light changes they start blowing their horns. I also liked the embarkation, it was smooth but you do a lot of walking to finally get to the waiting area.
  9. Its warm water lobsters. I can get them (and do) at the grocery store for about $4 each. Lobster night doesn't mean anything to me. If you want Maine lobsters, it will cost you, but there is no guarantee they will be fresh.
  10. That brings back some memories. I served on a ship that was commissioned in 1944 and she served from WWII until the 90's. Nothing like haze gray and underway.
  11. Only one I know of is the Poop Deck but you will need a taxi. About $4 per person. Make sure its the one on east bay street. http://thepoopdeck.com/
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