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  1. Thanks, I'll let her know. I'll make sure to read the paper in the room for now on.
  2. Since I turn off all electronic devices when I cruise I never paid any attention to voom. But we have an 11 day (maybe) in october and the wife said we get some free zoom as diamond. I looked at the tier benefits and didn't see it and don't remember seeing it in the state room paper. Any help?
  3. My 11 day canadian cruise in october went down to $41 too.
  4. Don't think they can do that but hey will give you two keys.
  5. You can always get Invicta watches cheaper online. I have several, never bought one on board. But some people have to have it now.
  6. Sorry, fat fingered this post and can't figure out how to delete one...
  7. Make sure you reserve any shows that need reservations. The escape room is fun. I recommend the Dog House on the boardwalk.
  8. We went outside the gate once, less than 5 min later we were back inside the gate. Didn't feel safe and there are a gauntlet of vendors to deal with along the way.
  9. Yup, same thing last week for Brilliance out of Tampa.
  10. I finally hit diamond last week. After 7 years. Not planning to go to D+, just taking cruises and see what happens.
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