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  1. I finally hit diamond last week. After 7 years. Not planning to go to D+, just taking cruises and see what happens.
  2. emsff02 is correct. My wife does the class, nothing but tennis shoes..
  3. Thanks for the help, hope to get this on the books soon....
  4. I was just looking at that. Now I'm more confused. It leaves from Montreal, Quebec. So I must be leaving from Montreal? Is that the port at 200 de la commune? Guess the problem is I don't know much about Canada, only been to Vancouver.
  5. Found a direct flight from Orlando to Quebec, only 3 hour long. I looked at your blog that Lovetocruise2002 posted. Don't think I want to drive 3 hours but who knows. I'm a hilton honors so the hilton you stayed in would work. I have a lot of research but its still 11 months away. We want to start the booking by next month. I'm trying MEI, we have one with them now for February. They haven't done anything for us yet but figured we'd give them a try on this one. I'm used to doing everything and haven't had any issues.
  6. Don't know, thats out of my league. I'm lucky to get a window. This is the Empress, doesn't even have balconys.
  7. Sorry, forget to mention. The cruise leaves from Quebec.
  8. I thought about calling RC but figured I would try here first since this is the all knowing Star Class people. We are looking at the Canada\New England cruise next October. Confused to which airport and which port the ship would be in. Can ya help a brother out?
  9. Save me from reading.... What date is the group cruise? I MIGHT be able to make it...
  10. February 3, 2020... Brilliance
  11. Well, trying to figure out which port too. Baltimore, Cape Liberty or Boston. At least I have about a year..
  12. Just looking but is it better to fly into Newark, JFK or LaGuardia? Thinking of a New England run next year. Keep in mind, I hate to fly. Not afraid just hate dealing with airports.
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