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  1. Only one I know of is the Poop Deck but you will need a taxi. About $4 per person. Make sure its the one on east bay street. http://thepoopdeck.com/
  2. I've done the snuba in St. Thomas. Won't do it again. Now that could be that I am a certified diver and this just didn't cut it. I did it because my wife and brother in law wanted to try it. We were tied to a single take with 6 hoses. The person doing the excursion was in scuba. They wanted everyone to keep up but the person running it kept way ahead of everyone and kept signaling for them to catch up, I was in the lead and was pulling everyone along. Not fun. The air lines were about 10 feet at best so don't think you're going deep. And yes, I think we only had about 15 minutes maximum, other than that we had snorkel equipment to keep you occupied while the other groups was doing snuba. Actually, my wife and I did a discover scuba excursion in Cozumel and that was better. Don't know if they offer that in Nassau.
  3. Sorry, don't agree with the "sterile" comment. It looks like a nice boat. The indoor gym might be a good idea to get more people involved. Less wind and heat for those who might not like to be out in the sun. Overall, I wouldn't mind trying a cruise on her.
  4. I think the Arizona is closed until sometime this year.
  5. We did the same one but with Holland America I recommend it, if you go, tell Gouda we said hi. She is a retired sled dog whos only job is to lay around and get belly rubs...
  6. We did an excursion to George Inlet Lodge for all you can eat crab. This was on Holland America so not sure if RC has it too. And I mean ALL YOU CAN EAT!!!
  7. In a word, no... All you can do is ask and all they can say is no. But they usually try to accommodate when possible and since your cruise is for 2020 I think you stand a good chance of getting something different.
  8. Just saw on Bay News 9 that Tampa isn't allowing anyone from the Orlando area in for the next 3 weeks........................😎
  9. I don't know for sure if you have to buy two like the deluxe alcohol package. Someone will be along shortly with the correct answer. But if you don't buy the package, they can get drinks any place that serves, at a cost of course.
  10. most likely two, they will get their own cups which they will need for the free style machine. But since they are 5, I don't know how much they drink or how much you want them to drink.
  11. Don't really like red velvet cake. But I have caught them putting out fresh hot apple cobbler.
  12. I go for dessert after sometimes, it has a better choice.
  13. It should have been an option when you paid for the cruise. I think its default unless you specify other.
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