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  1. Save me from reading.... What date is the group cruise? I MIGHT be able to make it...
  2. February 3, 2020... Brilliance
  3. Well, trying to figure out which port too. Baltimore, Cape Liberty or Boston. At least I have about a year..
  4. Just looking but is it better to fly into Newark, JFK or LaGuardia? Thinking of a New England run next year. Keep in mind, I hate to fly. Not afraid just hate dealing with airports.
  5. Harmony, December 15, 2019
  6. Thats actually a woman in the costume.
  7. Full body costumes are ok. Here is someone we ran into a couple years ago.
  8. I know, been stalking here and reading the live blogs. Been over a year since my last cruise and that was a Holland American to Alaska. Just been to crazy lately. Retired, remodel parts of the house, now have 5 grandkids and one the forks on my motorcycle has a bad seal. Oh well... Life goes on.
  9. We've done a segway excursion a couple times. Takes you to the lighthouse then down the beach on a paved path. Its ok, you go through some of the tourists areas and will stop at the beach where you can get something to eat and drink. For the trip back, if you're lucky, you can take the segways. We were the last on one trip and got to ride them all the way back. If not they pay for a taxi back to the port. It was something different.
  10. We did one in Juneau last Sept but not with Royal. If its like ours, the team pulls a sled on wheels that hold about 8 people. It was fun and they can pull. We also got to hold several puppies from 4 weeks old to several months. They do this to socialize them. If yours is the same, there should be a dog there named Guda (like the cheese) he is a retired sled dog and just lays around now being spoiled. If hes there, give him a scratch on the head for me. As for clothes, since it August I'd say a light jacket. No need for hiking boots but no flip flops either. To be sure you can check the weather to see the history at Juneau for you week. Thats what we did.
  11. Nothing you have to worry about, some also have 70's and 80's night but its usually a party on the pool deck or promenade . No reason to dress unless you want to.
  12. Best thing you can do is either call RC and see if they can make it happen or as soon as you can when you board go to the MDR and talk to the maitre d . They can usually accommodate you. If you have some time before the cruise, I'd call. We were able to get a table for two a couple times when we did.
  13. Pizza.... At midnight after exercising the drink package.
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