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  1. When I checked in for My December 6th, Liberty cruise out of Galveston I was given an 11::30 check in time.
  2. You could each book online on the casino royale site and never even have to talk with them.
  3. Most recent from Motley Fool https://www.fool.com/investing/2020/03/23/should-i-buy-royal-caribbean-stock.aspx
  4. i would have waited to cancel the cruise out of Barcelona. You are still a long ways out and a very good chance there will be an airfare sale before then.
  5. I just got back from that cruise last week. I would get there early as it is quite congested and boarding was the most unorganized I have ever seen. They are boarding 2 ships ( Celebrity is boarding on one side of the room and Ovation on the other side)at the same in that terminal and it can be difficult to hear the announcements. Celebrity started boarding first but it felt like 90% of the people on the Ovation side got up and headed for the doors. They just stood there for about 15 minutes and then they opened the doors and people just started going no matter the priority level.
  6. The one time my bid was accepted I found out 4 days before the cruise. The time my bid was not accepted I found out at 6:00 the night before the cruise.
  7. April 7- Freedom of the Seas- Southern Caribbean June 21- Ovation of the Seas- Alaska November 23- Jewel of the Seas- Western Mediterranean
  8. Its $199 on my April Freedom Cruise, $249 on my June Ovation Cruise but nothing listed for my November Jewel Cruise. Makes me wonder if changes are coming this fall.
  9. I would suggest https://www.sailcalabaza.com/ They only take 12 people max and provide a great lunch and beverages.
  10. Liberty Of The Seas- November18, 2018
  11. I think so. Go into your cruise planner and look at photos. I had looked at this a couple of weeks ago and I think it was priced at $299. I wasn't sure at that price but at $99.99 I couldn't pass it up.
  12. July 24th 2016 on Liberty of the Seas. Periscope @mikebarr63
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