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  1. The one time my bid was accepted I found out 4 days before the cruise. The time my bid was not accepted I found out at 6:00 the night before the cruise.
  2. April 7- Freedom of the Seas- Southern Caribbean June 21- Ovation of the Seas- Alaska November 23- Jewel of the Seas- Western Mediterranean
  3. Its $199 on my April Freedom Cruise, $249 on my June Ovation Cruise but nothing listed for my November Jewel Cruise. Makes me wonder if changes are coming this fall.
  4. mikebarr


    I would suggest https://www.sailcalabaza.com/ They only take 12 people max and provide a great lunch and beverages.
  5. Liberty Of The Seas- November18, 2018
  6. I am going to give it a go periscioping from Librty of the Seas From Galveston starting July 24th. Hopefully they will not be terrible. :) periscope name @mikebarr63
  7. I think so. Go into your cruise planner and look at photos. I had looked at this a couple of weeks ago and I think it was priced at $299. I wasn't sure at that price but at $99.99 I couldn't pass it up.
  8. July 24th 2016 on Liberty of the Seas. Periscope @mikebarr63
  9. Received an email today offering The All- inclusive photo package for $99.99. Is this a new discount Royal is offering or have they been doing this a while and I never noticed? Either way seems like a good deal to be able to get all of the photos on a USB drive so that I don't have to stand there while my wife decides which photos to buy. This is on the Liberty of the Seas.
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