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  1. Galapagos on Celebrity Flora or Silver Origin.
  2. Can you book with Travelocity and still receive this benefit?
  3. I completely agree with you. It seems they are trying to recoup their entire investment this year!
  4. Completely agree. My parents are shareholders as well and are just hoping for the best. From a shareholder point of view you have to question cancelling the Independence 2020 UK season as well. With Empress and Majesty itineraries effected how many ships need to make Cococay runs?
  5. We gotta meet up @twangster and talk about this crazy first day.
  6. Will be on this cruise with my wife. So excited!
  7. So sorry @twangster and others. I don't purchase additional travel insurance but I use my Chase Sapphire Reserve travel card that has a lot of similar benefits. I hope they treat me better than it seems Allianz treated you. :(
  8. By chance if you still have your cruise compasses can you upload them to Matt? 🙂
  9. Is this a fun activity? Is it worth paying for? My wife and I don't have any experience with wine but are open to an adventure. What do you think? Have you done this activity?
  10. We chose to book Whales, Wildlife, and Brown Bear Search when it was on sale last weekend!
  11. I use EBATES (Travelocity) and book cruises when cash back is 10-14%. I usually save about $150 per cruise that way.
  12. My wife does want to do an excursion with sled dogs but we don't know if we should do that in Juneau or Skagway. Here's our itinerary: 11 NIGHT ALASKA GLACIERS CRUISE Vancouver , British Columbia | Sail Away 5 PM Sea Day Sea Day Icy Strait Point , Alaska Arrive 9 AM | Depart 8 PM Sitka , Alaska Arrive 7 AM | Depart 6 PM Cruising Hubbard Glacier , Alaska Juneau , Alaska Arrive 7 AM | Depart 9 PM Skagway , Alaska Arrive 7 AM | Depart 8:30 PM Endicott Arm & Dawes Glacier , Alaska Sea Day Sea Day Seattle , Washington : Disembarkation 😞
  13. My wife and I are going on the 11 night Ovation of the Seas sailing on May 13, 2019. We only have 4 port days! I want to get the most out of Alaska but excursions over $400 per person are out of the picture. Don't worry we will definitely be back to Alaska (just after Hawaii and Europe according to my wife LOL). We aren't super adrenaline junkies but can handle some adventure. We just rode the Dragon's Breath zipline in November so we aren't leaning towards the zipline. I'm stuck right now on the Whale and Marine Mammal Cruise for $189 and the Whales, Wildlife and Brown Bear Search for $255. What do you think? Do you have any experience with either excursion? At first I was tempted to just walk the nature trail in port, visit the cannery museum, get souvenirs and walk into Hoonah. I'm coming down with FOMO though because this is a big trip to only have 4 days on land and I want to do it justice.
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