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  1. A note about the Freestyle machines...there are not that many on the ship (at least on Harmony of the Seas). There are two side-by-side in Sorrentos Pizza, and one in the largest complimentary buffet place Windjammer (and you have to hunt for it). We asked if there were more and were told only 3 places have it and I don’t remember where the 3rd place was. Also, the cups you are supplied with the package has a chip in the bottom with an expiration date (people used to use old cups from previous cruises and they are trying to stop that - this also stops people from using the free water/lemo
  2. Are you allowed to lock luggage during embarkation time when the cruise line has your luggage until it is delivered to the room?
  3. Are GoPros allowed on all water slides on HOTS? Or any limitations on what kind of mount is used? Same Q with Coco Cay slides and even jet ski??
  4. There is no size for the Rob & Slippers in the online gift shop. Will they fit a child (girl/11 yr old)?
  5. I understand ships have a liquor store, correct (HOTS)? If so, can you buy it to take to room and drink and if so, how is it priced vs the Liquor Gift Packages available pre-cruise?
  6. LoveDOS, you sound too much like my wife. In fact, you probably are and just trying to get there at the time you want sneaky thing My stress has just increased Love, DOS
  7. I see a lot folks state to be there early for embarkation, but don’t define early. so, if my time is 12, what time would be recommended to be there? also, how does it work? Do I stand in line for hours?
  8. What has been others experience on how far out from sail date they had their bid accepted? It seems most people don’t find out until within a week of sail date. i know it can be “at any time” per the program, but curious if some had it accepted much further out from sail date.
  9. Thanks, very helpful info! one clarification...it seems to be tied to dining. Does this formal attire apply to anywhere for that night (dining or other) or only for the specialty cost-based dining options? Another way to ask...if I don’t have any cost-based dining planned for the formal nights, is it not applicable to me,
  10. I keep seeing people post about packing for formal night. I can’t find anything about there being formal night on my cruise (Harmony). What are we missing about this?
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