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  1. Carnival Corp was also successful is selling some old P&O and Princess vessels. I think Royal would rather keep their assets close at hand, as they're all paid off by now. They just have to keep costs down as much as possible on Majesty and Empress, which is why they're warm laid-up in Greece. So long as daily running costs are down, it's really no trouble for them to keep them. NCL is sorta doing the same thing.
  2. So what they'll do is the yard will sell them to a reseller that will then scrap it for parts. They will then resell the parts that are in high in demand. The same thing happens with the bridge electronics. There's alot of old mechanical and electrical equipment out there. Shipowners will rather buy second hand spare parts than buy brand new complete systems.
  3. I'm trying to come up with how to pull that off: All entertainment shows would be via a private Zoom link. All meals are preshipped to your house a la Blue Apron You receive bedding, toiletries, and chocolates for the pillows each day via UPS. You also get an inflatable pool sent to your house that you have to fill up. What else can everyone come up with...
  4. @TannerGood Question. For the most part when a ship is scrapped, all the furniture is pretty worn and can't really get a chance at a second life. Some of the surrounding villages will just take them and use them. There's video of them boxing up the Sovereign and there really isn't a whole lot left onboard. There was a guy back in the day, Midshipscentury (which I think was Peter Knego's website) who would go over to India when they were scrapping the historic ocean liners and fill up a shipping container of whatever he could find there.
  5. Just saw this. Keep in mind that's not an official RCCL account, just an enthusiasts.
  6. Remember Oasis can now call at Cape Liberty as well. And it's not just Miami. Oasis class can call at Miami, Port Everglades, and Port Canaveral.
  7. Also just out of curiosity, I calculated that route too. Here's how that would work: 21.49kts there and 23.19kts back. (pretty much the absolute max they can run at.) ...now I probably should get back to work, but I'll consider this as part of my work
  8. I was bored so I did the math on that one; You would have to go at 66.28kts from Barcelona to Cococay And then 72.22kts on the way back from Labadee to Barcelona.
  9. Royal just updated their Itinerary Updates to include this blurb: HARMONY 8/25/19 & HARMONY 9/1/19, ALLURE 8/25/19 & ALLURE 9/1/19, EMPRESS 9/1/19, NAVIGATOR 9/2/19, MARINER 9/2/19, MAJESTY 9/2/19 Once we have a better understanding of the storm’s route, we’ll confirm if alternate ports are needed and share your final itinerary changes with you by 6 PM EST on Thursday, August 29th, or sooner.
  10. @Ditchdoc And that's actually a smaller Azipod compared to the models on the Oasis class. On those, you can actually climb into the pod itself.
  11. Took this photo of the Empress docked in Miami just now. Thought I’d drop it in this liveblog.
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