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  1. I just came off 11 days on that ship and I loved it. They kept it fanatically clean, the crew were friendly and amazing, it was fun, she purrs like a kitten, the food was good, (wasn't particularity fond of the dinners but loved the buffet) and I've got four years on you, so just go have a great time!
  2. Maybe flying through a rainbow is what we seek to achieve when we cruise?
  3. Yep, I buy the polarization theory completely.
  4. Thanks teacher, you made me smile broadly!
  5. Sure, why not! I captured Dorian lightning in a cloud coming into Miami...
  6. Hmmm, I don't know! They are vivid but might be due to distortion from the thick airplane window. Thank you for checking out my blog!
  7. Wow, thanks! It sounds like your time spent there was enjoyable and that makes my day!
  8. I've got more pictures from the cruise on my blog if anyone is interested: https://www.oldmanjim.com/
  9. Thanks! I've been looking over that Fleet Guide pdf, very informative. My next cruises will be based on price of course, itinerary, time of year (although hurricane season worked out really well for me :-) and then work my way up the fleet classes with an eye on the amped ships. Thanks for the advice everyone!
  10. You're right, I can't just book future cruises on nothing but the Empress. I will expand my horizons...
  11. Huge is a relative term for an old guy in a small Tennessee town. I saw lots of bigger boats along the way on that cruise and I imagined what it would be like on one and concluded that the Empress was huge enough. I don't need a water slide or a city within a city, I just want a limber little boat that I can walk from one end to the other easily.
  12. Thanks! I have never had a bad day at sea so I can't compare.
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