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  1. I've used this place 3 times, never had an issue, it's not covered, but 7 night cruise in 2018 cost me $70. https://www.ezcruiseparking.com/
  2. It's not really rigid, it's based on when your flights are, early flights get early disembarkation, late, late, etc.. You can self disembark any time you want. If you are in a suite the Concierge will escort you off the ship at specific times.
  3. We are staying at the Embassy Suites, but our flight doesn't arrive in time for the meet up so we will not be going.
  4. Mine has just the USB ports, 6 of them, camera has to plug in like you say, you just have to rotate things through if you are in a small room with just 1 plug.
  5. Sorry, miss read what you wrote, complementary restaurants on Anthem always get good reviews.
  6. Yes, you probably should, trying to get a table for 8 every night with no reservation might be difficult. The specialty restaurants are all very good, but they cost extra unless you purchased in advance (Still an extra charge, just paid in advance instead of on the cruise).
  7. Another vote for Lava Flow with Kraken (Per my wife, she thought she would hate the rum floater but loved it.).
  8. Renaissance or the Embassy Suites, both excellent hotels close to the port.
  9. Was wondering if this was available for this sailing?
  10. https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/category-detail.php?c=806, here is a picture and if you back track the web site and go to the actual floor plan, you can see as @WAAAYTOOO says, hover you mouse over the room 7321, Central Park view interior. Go down until you see room category 1S and there are more pictures.
  11. Agree, $8-10pp January of 2019, it will be a shared taxi with 10-12 of your closest friends that you don't know. http://cruisett.com/forum.php, go here and find you cruise and the date of your cruise and see how many other cruise ships will be in port with you in St Maartin, that would directly influence my decision to go to Maho Beach or not. If there are 3-4 ships in port at the same time, I would not go again. it is just to crowded for the benefit of watching a plane land (No more 747's). I looked it up, it looks like Harmony is the only ship in port. To answer your question the bar is ok to good, the service seemed really good considering the number of people, food had good flavor, drinks were ok. Here is a picture of the beach with 3 cruise ships in port.
  12. Yea, I get it, but I've been in this situation before, I was on the phone with Royal after an online booking, and I was just trying to move the room closer to the elevator bank and the agent kept going on about 2's, 3's and 4's and what I wanted was a 6 and there would be a $100pp difference, WTF, all I want to do is move closer to the elevator, so we went through it again, finely I stopped them and said, what are you talking about with the numbers and letters? They explained the designations to me, explained that some are valued more than others due to proximity to things, etc., at that point I said give me the room and I'm ok with the $100pp. I'm not bashing anyone, but I'm hoping some future cruiser reads these blogs and figures all of this out before they get upset and start bashing Royal. We all have to be vigilant with how we spend our money and make good educated choices, otherwise we'll be giving our bank account information to a Saudi Prince...
  13. I think what is obstructed is the view below your balcony, the life boats will be below you on deck 5, so when at sea you would not be able to look directly down at the ocean. https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/youtube.php?id=3882, this is supposed to be 6598, you can actually see the obstruction on the video.
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