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  1. Yes, If I didn't say it, that was my meaning, it varied by server.
  2. Yes, no issues, as a matter of fact, in Geovanni's and Sabor he was ordering 2 entrée's and they didn't say a word. We ate at Sabor 3 times (Mt Wife's favorite) and they never even charged me the $10, that why I said it depends on the server. This was when it was still the Ultimate instead of the Unlimited as it is called now (July 2018).
  3. Jamie Oliver went bankrupt, don't know if that is why, speculation on my part, plus Jamies is only currently on Q and O class ships.
  4. Actually, what I did was not buy the package for my 12YO Grandson, there are two age categories here, quote from the UDP fine print, " Children ages 0-5 dine for free and children ages 6-12 will be charged a $10 cover at the restaurant" so don't book anything for your son, don't even be worried about the table being big enough, they were always able to accommodate, Myself, my Wife and the Grandson, even though the reservation should have only shown 2 people because I bought 2 UDP. The other thing was that some of the restuarants charged me the $10, some did not, it seemed like it was determined by the server. Yes, when the Concierge contacts you, tell him what night and time you want and what restaurant you want, being OCD I already have a day by day list of what I want including CK so that when I get the email from the Concierge all I have to do is hit reply and attach my document. Yes, this is what we did, even though we ended up changing it for a few nights, for that we would just stop by the Concierge lounge and ask the Concierge to change our reservation.
  5. Have not done this yet, put this is my plan for my Harmony cruise in October, followed @WAAAYTOOO directions and have everything booked.
  6. Looked at plans on "cruisedeckplans.com" and they are still on there also.
  7. Here is a list that is compiled, it's under browse, people connect, master member cruise list.
  8. Go to the very top of this page, look under events, those are the official, anything else is well, unofficial.
  9. Oasis 5, as of yet un-named as far as I know, due out in 2021.
  10. I saw CK on the Anthem GC and booked online for a couple of the nights, but I don't see it on my upcoming Harmony cruise so I plan on having the Concierge make them for me. Have to have the Filet that first night.
  11. You and DW can debate that after she's had El Loco. When you want some real Mexican food come to Oklahoma or South Texas, IMO. (Get some of the Texan's excited now)
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