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  1. tiny260

    Taking a non relative minor with us

    @LandstromCruise , the form that @mworkman , provided is the same form I used this summer for my Grandson, he was 11 at the time and also had his passport. You have to have some document giving permission for the minor to travel with you, otherwise they cannot board the ship. Mine was signed by both parents and notarized (No custody issues). When you get to check in, go ahead and have a copy made for the agent, just saves time with them having to leave and go make a copy. One mistake I made was that I thought the notarized copy was for them and the copy copy was for me, it was the other way around. We never took the copy with us on shore excursions, only his passport. One place I probably should have had it out was on disembarkation day to show to the customs agent, but he was really nice and asked my Grandson if he knew who we were (He had to say it), and if everything was alright and if everything wasn't alright he knew he could say something (Basically Safe place protocol), he had to verbally acknowledge these things. Hind site, if I had the letter out he probably wouldn't have asked. This was at Galveston from cruising on Liberty
  2. tiny260

    Suite perks on LOS

    The Suites restaurants is Giovanni's, lunch and breakfast, it is no charge, so included in the perks, Suite lounge on Liberty is very nice, it is up 14 by Oliver and twist (Or what ever the name is) has one of the best views in the fleet, Diamond lounge is directly on the other side. For breakfast and lunch you can order off the menu (In Giovanni's) or you can go to Windjammer and get what you want and take it in and just use the seating, that way you are not fighting for a seat with everyone else in Windjammers, a lot of people did this on our last Liberty cruise.
  3. tiny260

    Southern Caribbean Cruises

    We have cruised out of San Juan 2 times recently 2015 on Adventure and on Freedom in October, I have no complaints, I find the people and the island very refreshing. We will be stopping there in January as a port stop and i have no doubt we will have a great time. The people of Puerto Rico are very festive and lively, go with the flow. We hired a driver to take us from the airport to the hotel in October, good to the companies word the driver was waiting by the baggage claim waiting for us, we had a very nice conversation about the island and the recovery from the hurricane, anyway our bags came and the driver didn't appear to want to help and I didn't hire a porter, so I'm a big strong guy, no problem, off to the car we go, as soon as we crossed the street the driver grabs the bags and hauls them down to the car and loads them, he explains to us that he couldn't touch the bags in the terminal or he would have been black balled by the porters, different culture, different rules. Long story short we liked the guy so much that we hired him to drive us from the pier to the airport, we told him to be down stair at 9, we made it through customs really fast (I hired a porter this time) and I was worried that we would have to wait on the driver, so I was in the process of texting him when we walked outside, about 8:40, the driver was right there waiting on us. Needless to say but I tipped him extremely well. So take the reviews for what they are, someone else's opinion...
  4. Just got back from Salt Lake City an hour ago, so I understand...
  5. The bliss of married life, lol...
  6. tiny260

    Is Sabor Worth The Cost?

    The 8 weeks was the online form you fill out, I thought I had been contacted direct by the Genie, but was mistaken. So I don't know yet.
  7. tiny260

    Is Sabor Worth The Cost?

    Thank you, I will tomorrow.
  8. tiny260

    Is Sabor Worth The Cost?

    Yes, the first contact at 8 weeks , but nothing since, 2 weeks would be around December 30th, the only thing I'm truly worried about is the cabana at Labadee, any of them are great, but would prefer one up front.
  9. tiny260

    Short Caribbean on sale now!

    Just emailed MEI for a reservation On Symphony for fall of 2020.
  10. tiny260

    Is Sabor Worth The Cost?

    Dhhhh, it's been so long since I have been on a ship with a CK I forgot. We were on Allure last October, but it was such last minute cruise that the only thing available was a balcony room. All my cruises since then have been on a Freedom class, so no CK. 33 days to Star class on Allure and then I will remember again, last time we were in CK was 2016 when we were on Harmony in the Mediterranean in a JS, so it's been a while.
  11. tiny260

    Allure TA

    @mworkman , I mistook what you were asking, I thought in general you meant there were no ships in the Med for the summer of 2020. Heck, I just pulled all of the Transatlantic up and I can't even see where Allure is going over, i see Oasis, Anthem, Indy and some other smaller ships. I do know that Allure is supposed to be AMPED in 2020 though, so it makes sense, that she has to go over to Europe.
  12. tiny260

    Allure TA

    Anthem will be out of Southampton in the summer of 2020, I have a 14 night Mediterranean booked on her, Indy is also running basically the same itineraries during the same time. Celebrity has some 7 night cruises in the Med., summer of 2020 on Edge and Apex, longer ones also.
  13. tiny260

    Is Sabor Worth The Cost?

    @stevendom57 , just saw this post so thought I would add my input, living in Oklahoma we are not shy about what we think real true Mexican is, with that said, I would not pay $30 PP to eat at a Sabor (Only on Freedom class and Voyager Class, O class are different completely and are not part of my reasoning), but if I pay for a 5 night or Ultimate DP Sabor is a restaurant I will eat at. This summer I took my 11 year old grandson on a cruise with us (Liberty OTS), he is a self proclaimed steak fanatic, I bought the 5 night package, assuming we would be eating at Chops most nights, but the 1st night we went to Sabor, long story short we ended up eating at Sabor 3 times that week because my Grandson liked it so much. As far as our food quality or type, our waiter all week was from Mexico City, he told us that what we were eating was more like what he would eat in Mexico City verses what he might eat in Galveston or Houston, they have some dishes that are just ok, but they have some that are really good, short ribs in mole sauce is on of my favorites. Food is subjective and everyone has their own thoughts, the last time we mentioned eating at Sabor above my 5 night package was out, so I asked one of the waiters I saw walking around that I would come back and eat again but he would have to discount the price, which he did by 30%.
  14. tiny260

    Is Sabor Worth The Cost?

    @Lovetocruise2002 , just saw this post of yours, at the price point of $152 for the UDP why would you cancel if you upgrade to a GS or above? Just curious.
  15. Not that I know of, the Ultimate DP is the only one that I know of that can be redeemed for lunch. When you get on board they will usually start offering specials after the first day (If not on the first day). One cruise this year I had a 5 night DP, when I got on the ship I was almost immediately approached about buying a specialty dinner, I told them I already had one and they walked on to the next person, by the next day they were back again, so I told them if they would give me ?% discount on 1 meal I would take it, they did. They were also doing this on the Chefs Table by the 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, night but schedule was already full.