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  1. Today is a lazy day on the ship, sea day, ordered pictures, took care of the casino account, @Lovetocruise2002 or someone is organizing a group picture, maybe a pub crawl, lunch at Izumi, packing at sometime! All in all this has been a great cruise, meet up with old friends, made new friends, there have been issues, but all in all the crew has been very responsive and tried their best to provide a great service. The poor aqua show, I hope they can get things ironed out, being in 8730 we have been watching them train all week, this morning it looked like the safety divers were in the water training with SCUBA gear, so maybe they are all healthy now. Thanks to @Lovetocruise2002for organizing this unofficial GC and including the old folks in the group. Wife and I are sitting in the suite lounge and relaxing, she just made an observation, they went to a new type of straw, its a type of renewable, it works like the plastic but it's not, definitely better than the paper, also we were on Odyssey in December and they had switched to aluminum cans for water, Oasis still has the plastic bottles, so not sure the aluminum can are fleet wide or were just Odyssey.
  2. Pretty much echo the feelings @Neesa had with Labadee yesterday, the cabanas look good, we were invited to share the cabana with one of our Star Class friends, the adopted us for the day, the cabanas look good, we were in one of the overwater, W5, we did have some issues with service later in the day, but that was rectified by management. Two of the group echoed the issue with the zip line, seemed it was very disorganized and people jumping in front of people in the line, then we were reminded that Labadee has only been re-open for a short time, so maybe growing pains? Food is good, but we usually go to the Beach club on Coco Cay, so it is not up to that level. All in all a great day at the beach, to much sun, which the wife and I are feeling today.
  3. Jaye and I felt the same after eating at 150, we thought 150 was good, but CK was better.
  4. @bellemiche, @Neesa, we will see you at Barefoot Beach, bellemiche's downstairs neighbor has offered us to be with their family today in one of the overwater Cabana's
  5. A continuation of the Giovanni's dinner, the Giovanni's Manager found the Wife and I eating at 150 last night, apologized and said if there was anything from Giovanni's that we wanted for dinner he would bring it to us. I appreciate the initiative but we are having dinner at 150, so we declined, told him we are good and thanked him
  6. Raye, the Genie totally went to Management for us, we still need to meet with the Operations Manager, like I said, I not mad, just disappointed in the level of service
  7. So I feel you have to report the good and the bad, usually I don't have any "bads" on cruises, we are pretty easy going, but Tuesday night the Genie had us at Giovanni's for dinner, 6:30, we show up at 6:25, our Genie promptly shows us to our seat and off he goes. We sit there for 5 minutes, no one shows up, a little after that a waiter comes by, fills the olive oil and balsamic, bread gets delivered, etc., water glasses don't get filled, matter of fact I don't even have a glass, we finely get the attention of an assistant, and ask for water, he eventually fills my wife's glass, then figures out I don't have one, gets me a glass and fills it. 5 minutes, 10 minutes, a total of 15 minutes from when we first sit down, no waiter, no one as a matter of fact. This is something I can tell you that we have never, ever done since we started doing specialty dinning, we got up and walked out, the Manager asked what was wrong, so we told him, he wanted us to come back in but by this time we were both seeing red, so felt it was better if we didn't. The manager stalked my wife in the elevator! With that said, @Lovetocruise2002 was in Giovanni's at the same time, at the opposite end of the restaurant from where we were sitting and she didn't have any issue. We went straight to Coastal Kitchen, got in with no issues and had a great dinner, when we left the Manager of Giovanni's was in Coastal waiting for us! I really don't know what he was expecting to accomplish. Last night we are in Izumi having dinner, I'm mid bite of fried rice and an officer comes in and makes a bee line for my wife and I, "Restaurant Operations Manager" doesn't want to bother us, during our meal, but would like to talk to us about what happened. I don't think there will be any happy ending to this, we are not mad, a little disappointed, but it's over now, I think we all have certain expectations when we go out for dinner, we are all a little different as to what those expectations are, but we have them, we told the Manger that we are Diamond Plus and our expectations of RCCL are high. My Wife keeps joking now that we are on some black list in the computer system, that every time we check in, we get funny looks. lol. Tonight is 150 Central Park, Dress your Best and St Patrick's day, so we'll see, the service at Izumi last night was great BTW, @Neesasaid it was loud, must have just been her table!
  8. Well, we haven't been in the room yet when they have been practicing or during the show last night, but I would imagine that if you were trying to sleep the music would be loud, but overall the room is quite, we can't hear the rock climbing wall antic's at all.
  9. Today was San Juan, got off the ship early, didn't really have a plan, DW and I were just going to walk around and see if some of the old places we used to go were still open, before we completely walked off the dock we saw Alyse and her family, they are in 8330 and have been part of @Lovetocruise2002 Facebook group, #majorstarclasstakeover, anyway, we ended up walking around with them, took them to the red doors, the old church, etc., found the cigar store I usually go to, Paul C was there this week, The Cigar House, ended up heading back down closer to the water front, stopped for some beverages and to cool down a little. We have been asking the crew if they have been able to get off the ship, those that have not been able to get off we try and get them something they might need, so we stopped in Walgreens and got the things we thought our Suite attendant might be able to use, when we went to check out the line was about 50 people deep! It went fast and we were probably out of there in 20-30 minutes. We got back on the ship about 1, went to Johnnie Rockets to get some hamburgers and milk shakes, saw @Neesa and her family, obviously they had the same idea.
  10. Little bit slow on my responses, there is no way I can keep with with @Lovetocruise2002 and @Neesa, DW and I had a great day on St Thomas, went to the old down town area to shop and go to on of our favorite restaurant in the Caribbean Cafe Amici, since we haven't been here since October of 2019, we had the thought that somethings my not be open, but it seemed like a lot of places were open, but you could tell some had changed names.
  11. So, from the vantage point of 8730, the performers redirected the stream of water with their hand especially for the front row, lol
  12. @Neesaagree about the room, we had 1720 on Allure in October, little tight upstairs, we prefer 1718, but @Lovetocruise2002 already had it, DW and I will trade with you guys though.
  13. Agree, last night was rough, today is better to me anyway, still rocking and rolling back here at the A** end of the ship, 8730, but as @Lovetocruise2002says, the sun came out and it is a beautiful day, windy, but beautiful.
  14. Wish we would have know, we usually carry enough chargers and cords for the whole ship!
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