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  1. Correction to my last statement, as @WAAAYTOOO points out, you would have to go to the MTD dinning room verses the main dinning, they are different on most ships.
  2. No, you are not penalized, you just have to wait for a table like a land based restaurant. The first thing I would do when you board the ship is go straight to the dinning room and work out what you want.
  3. I know it's not what you are asking, but I do know that Costco travel allows you to see what rooms are available on each deck.
  4. Plus 2 on the Marriott, really liked this hotel and it proximity to things to do.
  5. I have bought multiple watches on board ship, you do need to know approximately what they are online, the plus is you get them adjusted right then and don't have to take them to a jeweler at home. I've never saved a bunch, but what I have saved plus no tax makes it worth it to me.
  6. You will have to pay the change fee I think, $100 each, so figure that in and if there is still a significant savings, go for it. You might also lose other perks that you might have gotten on the other promo, IE., OBC. If you used a travel agent have them do it for you.
  7. I would keep trying back, I already had the refreshment package when I called in to buy the UDP for my wife, and they were about to give me grief when I pointed that fact out they stopped. It really does depend on the person or supervisor you talk to. Just dealt with this on Friday (4th time calling in) with a completely different company, non-travel related and had to end up going to a second level supervisor to get the situation resolved. Are you a Crown and Anchor member? If so you can call to that toll free number verses the other.
  8. This is important because depending on the itinerary you could have a sea day or 2 right up front before ever getting to the first actual port, so by that time you have already missed a large portion of the cruise. Fly in the day before, sometime this can really be trouble some, if the cruise leaves on a Saturday you have to take a Friday off work, not always easy for everyone, cost of a hotel night, etc.. But in the long run it is worth it.
  9. Same reason I booked the Marriott, lol, The restaurant was really nice, looks like it is further from the Hilton, so no walk. Do a Google map of the Hilton and then have it show nearby restaurants, look up the coast towards where the Marriott is, I saw a dozen different restaurants. Not saying they are all good but you should be able to click on them and check their rating.
  10. We stayed at the San Juan Marriott Stellaris Casino, which is also on Candado beach, we ate at the Oceano restaurant and would highly recommend it, great food and service, we were able to walk to it from the Marriott. Also the beach at the Marriott was awesome,
  11. I think that would be something you would have to check when you got on board. I remember one person posting that they won a Royal Up bid, but they had a lot of Casino perks that didn't automatically move to the new room number.
  12. Agree with everything provided so far, the room may be tight, but you don't spend a lot of time there, getting cleaned up at the end of the day seems the worst especially with a teenage daughter, a trick here is to possibly have your husband gather his stuff and go to the health club and shower, saves time and space. My wife also had motion sickness, check with your doctor, but putting on the patch a day or two before the cruise gets the medicine in your system so when on the ship it is already active. Good thing to know is that my wife and I are getting ready to go on our 18th cruise and she no longer needs patches or anything, she has grown out of the motion sickness, does not seem to bother her any more. She still keeps them with her just in case though,
  13. I love her, but I don't think so, the Royal didn't show to me but the Grand loft did, holy cow.
  14. We felt like something that supported our local economy and would remind Charlie (Our Genie) where we were from would be a nice touch, like @Lovetocruise2002 said, they don't have much room so they were relatively small gift, IE., I think one was a pencile, lol.
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