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  1. tiny260


    Pinging @twangster on the solo sailing, I have no idea.
  2. tiny260


    That is great, it appears to be a really good room and great location.
  3. That's why I usually miss it, I've already bought it so I really don't pay attention to those lines in the letter. Thanks guys.
  4. tiny260


    Please let the blog know if the room was a good one or not. Can you tell the blog where you bid? I know they give a range, did you bid low end, middle or towards the high end? Thanks. Thanks.
  5. Someone smarter than me, @CGTLH and @twangster , I keep seeing mention of this D+ discount on the drink package and I go over to the C&A web site and I can't find it. Your assitance is greatly appreciated. If I'm going to buy a Ultimate Drink package I usually do before hand as @Matt says, that way I can pay it off at me pleasure before hand, or I just don't buy it and use the D+ happy hour drinks. But my wife had a taste of Star Class and the Ultimate Drink package and she got spoiled to walking up and ordering anything she wanted (Kraken Lava flow), I asked her if she wants it for the next cruise (July 4 group cruise, Grand Suite) and she says no, but once we get on board I think she is going to change her mind. Hence my question about the discount. Thanks.
  6. tiny260


    Below is some general information from different people on RoyalUp, I believe there is more if you add RoyalUp to the above search window. I know there are people that have stated they have won their bid, but I don't remember anyone that has won, actually saying they have been on their cruise yet. So we need to hear from people that have won their bid and have gone on their cruise!
  7. tiny260


    I have stayed in Junior suites, Grand Suites, Owners Suites (O class and Non-O class) and finely a Star Loft Suite (1718 Allure January 2019) and the Star Loft Suite is the best of them all. I even had a bum knee from Knee surgery so climbing the stairs was no picnic. It's wasn't just because of the Genie, it was the room the deck and the view. I will do it again as soon as I can afford one. You are kind of centrally located, lets say back of the middle, the back bank of elevators is only a few steps away from most rooms. So I agree with @WAAAYTOOO , very convenient IMO.
  8. If the child's last name is different than your last name (Since you said you were remarried), then yes you have to have a document from your ex agreeing to/approving the travel. If you have a legal document that says you are the legal guardian of "Child's Name", that should be all you would need, but I would have both just in case. You don't want to get to check in at the port and your daughter not be allowed on the ship. Think of this from the cruise lines perceptive, if the rolls were reversed and it was your husband taking her on the cruise and his intentions were not nice, he could take the cruise to another country and then not get back on the ship and disappear. You would be very upset with the cruise line for allowing this, the legal document CYA's them and you.
  9. tiny260

    Independence Cruise Compass

    Here is one from December from the cruise compass page, should be pretty close. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/cruise-compasses/independence-of-the-seas/mon-2018-12-10-0000
  10. tiny260

    Labadee zip line GoPro/camera question

    Yes, they have lockers at the starting location for the zip line, I don't know how booked up they were because I didn't use one.
  11. tiny260

    Sint Maarten - Car Rental

    Someone one here has recently posted about renting a jeep and how much fun it was. Their experience sounded pretty, easy and enjoyable. I don't think it was a live blog but it might have been. The only reason this registers is because I was in St. Maarten in January and contemplated the same thing until our plans changed. Found the thread, scroll down until you see "Wednesday July 11"
  12. tiny260

    Mobile Passport

    I think this is correct, but it has been since 2012 that I cruised out of Port Canaveral. Going out of there on Harmony in October though.
  13. tiny260

    WOW Is Back !! Come & Get It!!

    That's what she said, careful planning, wink, wink.
  14. tiny260

    Voom Pricing

    You just described Star Class, granted it includes other amenities (The Key, UDP, behind the scene tours and the rooms themselves), so if you ever look at Star Class, remember you are already including pretty much everything.