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  1. May the force be with you Princess Leia, (Married to Young Skywalker).
  2. Booking on board usually gives you lower deposits, and then transfer to your TA.
  3. I still do my research and then let the TA price it to me, I always book ASAP, if the price goes down on Black Friday, I have the TA reprice the cruise.
  4. Live blog and pictures would be interesting.
  5. Have not been on Symphony, but it is the same on any Oasis class ship, the Trellis Bar on deck 8 Central Park neighborhood. It has to be one of the most laid back settings on the whole ship, especially at night under the stars listing to live music.
  6. @WAAAYTOOO, trying to figure out if that is a compliment or not?
  7. Have not been but will be there in about 4 weeks. I would say the vest would depend on how good they swim and how well you can keep up with 3 kids. The best snorkeling is supposed to be off of the Chill Island areas and yes you can walk out, the water is supposed to be calm and not to deep.
  8. Only possible place would be El Loco Fresh, I have not seen anyone mention them though. On other ships with a Sabor restaurant serve them as a desert.
  9. You can try using a user name instead of email.
  10. Agree with @twangster , call Royal customer service and ask.
  11. They keep some back for Star Class and the Suite Concierge also. Both get the dinner request about a week before the cruise, so there has to be some seats left available for them.
  12. Just go to the Diamond lounge and ask, usually they have water to give you.
  13. Yep, same thing I was told, I'm not going to get in to the free discussion, about you pay for everything somehow some way. But this is a perk, not something I have paid for like a deluxe drink package. I don't drink anyway, so my 3 go to my wife, is that also worng?
  14. I'm a rule breaker, sorry can't help myself.
  15. The only place I remember this being asked was when I cruised the Mediterranean, never in the Caribbean.
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